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  1. That’s one of the “wonky” ones to which I was referring.
  2. Thanks. I was a little concerned about the knee not meeting that bottom corner of the "return edge" area on the shin proper...but I hoped, from looking at screen caps, that so many of these were constructing in some really wonky ways that it wouldn't be a critical fail.
  3. Sniper knee question(s): Does this placement look "ok" for Centurion level approval? If you look closely, you'll see a faint pencil mark where I intend to trim down the thickness up to the corner. I assume that will help with the appearance as well.
  4. Ok...I know it's been a bit, but just because I haven't posted doesn't mean I'm not working on the build. In fact, I prefer to have significant progress on something before posting...so, here we go with the shins! First off, cover strips...now's as good a time as any to cut them. Measure once, cut twice...or something of that sort. Once they're cut, I mark the backs (hopefully ): And bundle them together: On to the meat and potatos (potatoes? Dan Quayle, is that you?)...matching up the lefts and rights: Marking them (I mark all the parts on the inside with a Sharpie): Then I determine the width of the fronts based on the 20mm (10mm each) cover strips. I'll cut the bulk off with my Lexan scissors first, and then Dremel sand right up to the tape: The areas at the ankle get no return edge at all, but the tops of the shins get a minimal one: Again, cut with the Lexan scissors and sand with the Dremel: All cutting and sanding is done...ready to glue. The front edge isn't pretty, but since it'll be covered by a cover strip () I'm not worried about it: The AM kits come with a healthy amount of extra material, which is perfect for the "interior" cover strips: Before gluing the other side to the interior cover strip, a quick tape job and "test fit" of the actual cover strips to check width: I'm a fan of bar magnets for long runs, but I don't want my shiny whiteness () to be marred...so wrapping them in tape to protect the finish on the ABS is in order: And glued: Once the glue has dried for both halves on the interior cover strips, it's time to mark the final length of the proper cover strips. I rounded the corners by eye with a file : And glue. I'm not worried about glue squeezing out the sides...I've got a plan for that (see below): I very carefully cut along the cover strip with an Xacto knife, and then rub the excess glue with a tongue depressor (saves the thumbs/fingers from friction burns) to get the glue to ball up: And voila...the fronts are more or less done! Still debating on how I'm going to do the backs...magnets or velcro. Also, see next post for sniper knee question(s).
  5. I’m not on Facebook...did away with it some 2 months ago (and haven’t missed it one bit). If you’d like to post them, please feel free (I’d just ask you to share any pertinent feedback here).
  6. So...an interesting "development" regarding the AM kits. As I mentioned previously, I have an AM2.0 kit that I built into a Sandy: As it's a Sandy, there are a few leftover bits. As I unboxed, unwrapped (Dave does an amazing job in wrapping and protecting all the pieces!...although I abhor the "packing peanuts"), and inventoried the new kit, some of the pulls seemed "off." So I dug out parts from the kit I purchased in 2016 to compare. In this pic, the top row is 2016, bottom row is 2020: Shoulder straps...2020 on the left, 2016 on the right: Belt...2020 top, 2016 bottom: Belt...top view...both 2020 with 2016 on the bottom: This isn't meant to slag off Dave, as I don't believe he actually does the pulls (as I understand it...I could be wrong). This is more of an informational/"isn't that interesting" post. Still, the quality of the ABS is great, there are a lot of extras, including plenty for cover strips. But, I'll be using my left over pieces as needed over the newer versions.
  7. YOU may have received the “Master Armorer” award...but I sure-as-heck haven’t. I promise nothing other than my best effort.
  8. Apparently FedEx was having me on...as this arrived a couple of hours ago!
  9. Well, what was supposed to be a Saturday FedEx delivery then turned into a Sunday delivery...and now has become (allegedly) a Monday delivery.
  10. Stephanie, if you’re doing the Hero TK, I think I might have some bubble lenses laying about. I’ll check when I get home in the morning. You’re welcome to them if they’ll work for you.
  11. Got a shipping notification from Dave today. BBB arrives Saturday! Build begins in earnest on Monday.
  12. Good luck with your build! I’m also awaiting my kit from Dave, and agree with you...he’s very good to work with, and responsive to messages.
  13. They certainly do look the part, but I’m hardly an expert.
  14. You’ll probably want to find a photo hosting site, such as Imgur. Check this thread for tips...
  15. Well...not a whole lot going on until the full kit arrives. I still have the left over parts from when I built my Sandtrooper, so I decided to get the Thermal Detonator out of the way. Gave the grey tube a quick measure to make sure it's not 2 feet long. Also, drilled a hole to relieve the air pressure when the end caps are put on (the hole will be hidden by the "control panel" plate). Then, I measure the end caps to 20mm. This photo is post "scribe" of the line...and the ruler isn't exactly in proper position. To give a consistent line around both end caps, I "scribed" the pencil line using a compass. I double checked the measurements at a couple of points to ensure nothing got too wonky. A quick cut with the lexan scissors. Scrap/waste goes right into a shoe box to save for ABS paste down the line. Then, a quick sand on a flat surface to even them out. That's the backside of the sandpaper...I did turn it over. Quick test fit. I'm using the belt clips from @ukswrath, and numbered them so I knew which one went where after marking the holes for the screws. Instead of the screws that come with the belt clips from Tony, I'm using the screws from @justjoseph63...and securing them with some self-locking nuts. Belt clips secured, it's now time to glue on the "control panel" and then the end caps. And finally, what do you do when you don't have your paints yet? Improvise! And hopefully I can cross this off the list as well.
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