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  1. Started working on the right bicep again. Figured out that it needed to be trimmed down by ALOT hence why they were loose. Eh, better that kind of mistake than, well, something worse. So I trimmed the sides down and went to test fit that. Much better, not too tight, not super loose, almost in the Goldilocks zone. Better to know now to check around for measurements than screw up later. Then one snafu I ended up hitting was with the outer shell of the right bicep. There's this corner that must've been bent while it was warm and it's just sitting there sticking up. Question is, how do I get it to form back to where it needs to be? I feel like a heat gun would mess up the armor.
  2. Thanks Shawn! I started to use flickr but I'll keep Imgur in mind just in case flickr decides to kick the bucket. You never know with these sites nowadays... So here's the first progress photos. Started on the right bicep as I mentioned before, hopefully I'm going down the right path.
  3. So far, I've been trying to following RS props tutorials cautiously so I dont mess up anything. Measure ten time, cut once. So I started on the right bicep as per the tutorial setup. So I trimmed down the top of the bicep, left a little bit of the return edge on the inner bicep and tried to trim the outer to match up with the end of the inner. I left the bottom of the bicep alone since it just seemed to line up just fine and fits alright. Gives me a little room to move around too. So I just sanded the rough edges down for comfort. Also, trying to find a good way to post these dang photos. Cant upload them due to the data restrictions here. Any suggestions before I go further into the build??
  4. Its finally here! BBB day has come at last! I left work early at 12am so I could get my weekend started early and came home to find two boxes behind the screen door of my house. At first I was in disbelief and thought the neighbors may have ordered something. I inspected the labels further and saw " RS Propmasters" written on both and immediately the inner Star Wars fan went wild (mind you, its 12AM and I didnt want to wake the neighbors lmao). After my quiet celebration, I took the boxes inside and up to my apartment to inspect what was inside. Both boxes on the floor, I decided it was fitting to play the "Imperial March" as I opened them up. The first package I opened up contained the chest, thighs, forearms, gloves, strapping pack, etc. Inspecting the pieces briefly, they all seemed to be fine, but I'm a tad worried at one of the thigh pieces and a set of the forearm armor. They seem a tad too big, I'm not too sure if they just have to much material on them or if they're big in general and I have to contact RS Propmasters. It may be that I'm too tired and the fact that its 1AM at this point now. The gloves that were sent were waaay too small, so I may have to buy a set that are the right size. Going through the box even more and more, I feel like a kid on Christmas. At this point I see that its 1:30AM and I need to hurry and try to get some sleep. Big day tomorrow. After I put away the pieces from the first box, I opened the second to find the helmet. It's in great shape and comes with all the fixings that I need to assemble it. At this point I'm definitely one of the happiest people on Earth. I decide to put everything to the side, and get ready for bed. It's been a long day. I'll inspect more of the pieces when I have a bit more time and proper rest. I'll edit in the pictures at another time, right now, its 3AM and its time for sleep. Cant wait to start on this armor and become a stormtrooper!
  5. Thank you for the forum links! I've started to check them out and I'm currently watching the RS Prop masters vids (Shears!). I've started to get an idea on the whole armor making process. Very careful work but it shouldn't be a problem, just need to be careful.
  6. Thank you for the resource Masked! I've been browsing the forums and have been gathering some of the tools and materials needed for the past couple of days. This will definitely come in handy when the BBB comes round! I look forward to following your build as well! We can compare notes and see what's what lol. Tbh, this is one of the best communities that I've been a part of. It gives me a sense of pride knowing that everyone is willing to help each other out here. I may be new, but if anyone needs help, I'll do my best and try to help out anyway I can.
  7. Thanks! Absolutely! Hopefully it'll be at the end of this month once I order it.
  8. Sup all! My name is Iman. I had joined the forums about 5 years ago, but due to some complications I had to put the dream of trooping on the back burner till I could get back on track. Now that I have things in order, I can finally focus on getting this ball rolling. Im in the process of saving up for a self build ANH trooper kit from RS Props. Hoping that I could get some help once I recieve the kit. (I have no idea what I'm doing in regards to putting the pieces together lol) Looking forward to my new adventure!
  9. Hi! My name is Iman. Joined the site in hopes of people helping me out or giving advice and tips on making a Stormtrooper armor from A New Hope. Wanting to make the armor so I can join the 501st Legion and put smiles on other peoples faces. I know it may sound kinda lame or weird but I'd like to make peoples day, even if its just putting on a costume, I don't know, I just like making other people happy. Puts a smile on my face
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