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  1. You’re the man! Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a million!
  2. Thanks, will check those links out.
  3. Hey guys! I'd like to trim the tops of my thighs on my ANH Stunt as I'm fairly short and don't like my cod or butt plates overlapping the top of my thighs. Has anyone come up with some sort of printable template that ensures the right shape is kept? I've looked at this thread... but it only shows the front of the thighs. Anyone able to help a short TK? Thanks!
  4. I need some of these to stop my butt plate flaring out. Any idea what they're called? Thanks.
  5. Hi all! Trevor from Gibraltar. I’d always dreamt of owning my own Stormtrooper outfit (or at least since 1977!). And now, after starting the process in October last year, I finally have not one outfit but two! I am now the proud owner of a TK Commander and a ANH Stunt! Was originally going to apply via the UK Garrison but seeing as it’ll be easier to join events in Spain (Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory connected to Spain via a land border) I eventually applied via the Spanish Garrison and, on the 26th June, I was accepted and given my long-awated TKID!
  6. Hi all. Just received my TK ID tonight! Absolutely thrilled to be part of the 501st!
  7. Please update my status https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=32670
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