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  1. Very nice work thanks to everyone that contributed.
  2. Nice job we did ours yesterday also, but will not be posting anything until after may 4th.
  3. looks great nice work and congrats on the approval trooper
  4. really coming together, looking good so far
  5. I have strapping connecting the kidney and ab plats also, In this picture I the clamps are holding the snap plates for them in place while the glues cures. I have two on each side.
  6. I have all of mine connected together and it clamshells around me and just rests on my shoulders, then the belt cinches everything in (for me) very comfortable, fast and easy to get on and off. This is the best pic I have that shows the strapping for both back and front on mine.
  7. HA-ha love it. You are making some great progress. Good work mate
  8. Last piece finished. I just received the name plate to finish my transport / foot locker for my armor.
  9. Looks fantastic mate, no need to weather it, just troop in it it will weather naturally
  10. you are doing some incredible work Glen.
  11. I just noticed on my EIB profile has me listed from United Kingdom, now I know I am originally from the UK but have been here in the USA for 13 year so shouldn't it be United States not United Kingdom? http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/detail.htm?tkid=11972
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