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  1. Michael "Highway" Culp, TK-1636, assisted me with my TK build in Arizona. He assisted me with the process of joining the 501st (DuneSea Garrision--Arizona) and modified the armor to standard. His detail and knowledge in Star Wars greatly assisted me in the process. He put in long hours and got the armor done within a seemly fast period. Thanks for all your hours of help Mike!
  2. Jeffrey Gilliam 9113 requesting EIB certificate
  3. Ok worked on the blaster, got the t tracks flush and the scope rail down in the rear sight.
  4. Sorry my friend went to the LFL shoot in California so once he gets back and settled in I am going to fix the canvas belt width, the blaster T-tracks and the metal scope rail. Once I have those things fixed I will post the finished products and hopefully everything will be good, so give me a week and this will be done if life does not get in the way.
  5. Yeah I just noticed the number I had copied his info so I could put my own stuff in and forgot to put my number in instead, but I went through and changed it. Will work on my scope rail.
  6. Yes it is ANH stunt sorry I forgot, here are those pics of the ab's and the paint.
  7. Name = Jeff Gilliam ID = TK 9113 Garrison = Dune Sea Garrison FISD = waffen5 Armor = AP Helmet = AP, hand painted Blaster = scratch built Height = 5'8 Weight = 155lbs Boots = TKboots Canvas Belt = Trooperbay Hand Plates = AP Electronics = none . . . yet? Neck Seal = Trooperbay Holster =VERN
  8. The holster Vern made, and I can make the lines smaller for the bucket. I don't really understand what you mean by the greave. I am going to trim off the excess plastic on the top and bottom of the right greave, I think that is what you mean. I used the elastic and hook technique so it clam shells together very tightly.
  9. lastly the helmet which is repainted with humrol paint along with the ab buttons And lastly a inside bucket shoot
  10. Ok now to me wearing the armor, please let me know if you think anything is wrong or out of whack. My buddy TK1636 is a EIB and he is going to be submitting his Centurion very soon. So I am sure this armor should pass very quickly just wanted to get some extra eyes that we might have not seen.
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