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  1. Excellent photos and looks like a great time, well done troopers
  2. Once again awesome job and excellent photos
  3. Excellent job. Always appreciate your photos. Thanks for sharing
  4. The tie/x-wing shoot got a lot of attention lol
  5. We were invite up to a con in Duluth this last week end. This was there first year and it was a big hit. I am looking forward to doing it again next year. There were 10 troopers there ranging from a Jawa to Tie pilot scouts and everything in between. There were 4 Tk's on Friday and and 5 on Saturday. Myself and another did our TK's and Biker Scouts. I also rocked out my Officer and ..... cough cough my X-Wing Pilot cough. Here are a few of the photos.... Enjoy I am the TK on the far left I am the Biker Scout on the far right I am the Officer on the left Arresting a Star Fleet officer for... well being a Star Fleet officer The Tie and X-wing Pilot stand of playing the X-wing miniture game
  6. Looks like loads of fun excellent work troopers
  7. And so it begins, looking forward to watching your build come together.
  8. excellent built there, one thing I would recommend to do is raise your belt to just under the ab button plate. I use snaps to hold mine in place.
  9. I just heard that our photos from the shoot a few of us did on Sunday have made the cut for StarWars.com. I am not sure which shots they will use but these were my favorites. The third one I doubt they will use as its blurry but it gives it that 70's rock era look lol
  10. LMAO... well at least you could get in the car, I wouldnt have a hope, I cant bend down like that or bend my knees that far lol. Nice job.
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