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  1. Here they are in use during an arrest of a suspicious character exited a blue box that seemed to appear from no where.....
  2. After doing laundry I decided to stop off at the new local bar..... Met some very nice citizens.... Stopped off at the local news paper office.. Some got out of hand and I had to issue them a citation.
  3. Now the big scavenger hunt is over for this year, I can share my Laundromat photos. I took these to help out s few friends who were taking part of the GISHWHES 2013. "The damn washer ate my left sock!"
  4. Excellent photos and looks like a great time, well done troopers
  5. I had the pleasure to troop the Weird Al show on Saturday evening, it was a blast. here are a few pics and the link to the full album and video of us. I am the third trooper in from the right (second on the right of Vader)..my damn shoulder bell snap popped on stage Lord Vader was not pleased with us breaking ranks Here I am showing of my dance moves Here is Al sing to me I am the TK on the right next to the snowtrooper Photo Album http://www.flickr.com/photos/mooseymeena/sets/72157634923185131/
  6. Once again awesome job and excellent photos
  7. Excellent job. Always appreciate your photos. Thanks for sharing
  8. Thanks. I kind of made them up as I went took the basic look from others I have seen but designed the latch and hinge myself. And used a different material for the padding, I think that really finished them off.
  9. Finished my binders tonight. They were primed and then coated with about 4 coats of enamel gloss white paint and finished with a satin clear coat. I used foam for the inside of the binders to make finish them off and make them more comfortable for those rebel scum. I really like they way they turned out. I just have to finish the belt clip for them and I am done with this project.
  10. I did most of the sanding and filling last night also installed the magnets to the latch. I finished the spacer which turned out cool looking. I will take some pictures later and add them here.... Things left to do. cut hinge pins, final sanding, undercoat, spray gloss white, clear coat and assemble. I hope to have them finished by the week end if all goes well. I then just need to fab the belt clip and they will be ready to troop with.
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