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  1. That's Awesome!!!!!! Thank so very much, It's been a long journey , a dream I had since I was a kid and I couldn't have done it without your help and all the resources of the FISD , this is indeed a great community and I'm honored to be part of it now. I definitely will try to make some abs paste, The only reason I didn't do it it was cuz I lost a bit of weight and I was hoping to get rid of the shim altogether , but that's wishful thinking hahah. Thanks everybody for the help and kind words Oso
  2. I got asked about the sniper plate , so here's a few photos Yeah the sniper plate is a bit problematic, but not impossible. What I did first is I took a long time to kind of ''present it '' like with your hands and a bit of tape, to try to place it where you think it looks right, now , the sides aren't going to fit, so try to see how far from ''ideal' you have to move, the less the better, then I said, ok the sides I can bend a bit, so I took a scale modeling iron and slowly started to heat and bend , it really softens the plastic so you can shape it for it to fit the sides of the shin, I even sanded the shin sides a bit, It's ok the plate is going to cover it , also I made marks on pencil so I could erase them, and I think I cut a bit of the side ends too, Also I added a couple of plastic squares of the same abs because I found that if you place the plate directly over the shin, the two sides end up too far behind.I hope this makes sense, So it's just a matter of patience and slowly heat and bend, here are some photos that I just took for you to see , I hope it helps
  3. I finally finished the Blaster, here are a set of pics, Thanks everybody for the help!!
  4. Name: Jose ''Oso'' Osorio ID: TK 50151 Canadian Garrison FISD ID: osothebear Armor: AP Helmet: AP (hand painted) Blaster: Doopydoo's full resin kit Height: 5' 7" (173 cm) Weight: 175 lbs (79 Kg) Boots: TK Boots Neck Seal:Darman Holster: Darman Handguards: Sonnenschein Belt: TKittell Thanks FISD, I couldn't have made it without your help!!
  5. Hi FISD !! Here Tk 50151 requesting clearance !! thanks http://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=16589&costumeID=124
  6. I have a bit of a gap on mine too, no biggie, the ones used in the movies had all sorts of gaps!
  7. Well I painted the blaster black and now I'm adding some weathering
  8. Sounds good,, I'm looking forward to finally get my tk number and EIB
  9. Ok, I worked on the few last details and I'm pretty happy with the result. I hope it meet standards, and if it does I'm a bit lost in terms of the next step, should I send the photos to the 501 first or request EIB?
  10. Yeahh, That was all I had hahah, I will try to give some brass accents with some scale model paint I have
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