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  1. Dude! Congrats!! Welcome to the club! Great to have you and great work on the suit. You've done an incredible job.
  2. Chicago screws you could potentially remove and replace...
  3. Wow, man, you are killing it with this rebuild. I love seeing it get the royal treatment!
  4. TB5K is an abbreviation of my old Facebook handle "Tardbot5000". It can easily be misinterpreted as a Biker Scout ID; "TB-5000".
  5. Hopefully this will rage into the night. I'm booked for the 501st Medieval Times dinner that night but you can bet I'm gonna rush straight back to drop in on this! Looking forward to meeting you all!
  6. Hey hitman. Awesome work! What exactly did you use for Bondo? You mentioned 'Microlight'. Are those two different products (bondo vs microlight?) Thanks for your time! -Aaron
  7. Hey Happy Birthday Vern. I hope the Hengstler worked out for ya.
  8. What's in the bucket... ???
  9. My girlfriend's cousin was in Scotland at some games event and she sent us this. No idea who it is. Just thought I'd share.
  10. This mission report was initially posted on the Golden Gate Garrison by my fellow trooper Breezy (AR-80108): Mission Report Event Name: The Empire Strikes Brass! (Brass Tax 2nd Annual Star Wars Nerdtacular) in SF on 5/4 @ 10pm [AKA SF Assault 2013] Venue: Public Works Venue address: 161 Erie Street (Off Mission St. between Duboce & 14th St.), San Francisco, CA Event Date: Saturday, May 4th 2013 Event Time: 10pm-3am Attendees -Nate Barsetti AR -David Bowen (Mole) TB -Aaron Farmer TK Details We commenced SF Assault 2013 at 3pm from Basecamp in SOMA, and headed to Powell and Market, stopping to take pictures with people along the way. It was clear early on that we were causing some definite traffic impact as people hit their brakes and even stopped cars to take pictures of us. We waved to buses full of faces aimed at us with mouths gaping open, as they pointed and craned their necks. Folks on the street were constantly telling us, "May the Fourth Be With You", clear indication of how much bigger this holiday has gotten year over year. At Powell and Market, we boarded the Muni Metro bound for Castro St. Station. Upon arriving in upper Market, we made our first unofficial appearance at Lookout for their May the Fourth/Cinco de Mayo party. It was fairly low key, but we were able to get the obligatory picture with Drag Queen Slave Leia (aka "Frida Leia") After a comped pizza for the troops and our escorts, we began the slow descent down Market St., stopping at various establishments on the way such as Lucky 13 and Blackbird. It seemed we were being stopped every 50 ft or so, and cars continued to honk and jam on their brakes as they spotted us. As a few of our crew went in to use the ATM at Safeway, we came across a motorcycle club, resting and resupplying at the supermarket. They absolutely lost it in seeing the TB. One guy even had TB themed leathers and helmet. Hopefully someone got pics of that moment, because it was definitely pretty awesome. At Church and Market we took a right down 14th St, eventually making it to The Armory Club. Both Aaron and Nate know the GM there, and he was happy to have us stop for a photo op and some complimentary waters. We killed some time until we were scheduled to be at the Brass Tax Event. We arrived at the Empire Strikes Brass! at 10pm, as the core Brass Tax crew was finishing setting up. Brass Tax originally was a Burning Man crew that has been going strong since the late 90's and has a tremendous following in SF) The BM creativity was clear as partygoers began to arrive. Most everyone of the ~500 people there were in costume, and some were really pretty inventive. The music was insanely good during the night from the DJs, but the real treat happened midway through the night during an epic set by the SF Cantina Band. Full video here Somewhere around 2 am, it was clear things had hit their peak, and the three of us had been in armor for 11 hours straight. We began the walk back to SOMA. As tired as we were, we couldn't help but indulge night owls wanting a pic with us and the occasional horn blast from passing traffic. All and all, a really successful event, and Brass Tax was very happy with our participation. I forsee them calling us again for the 3rd annual May the Fourth Party, and I can only imagine it will be bigger and better than this year. We learned some valuable lessons about rolling around the city in armor, which we hope to craft into an even bigger and badder SF Assault in 2014! So come out next year!!! Event Requester's Comment: ----- Forwarded Message ----- Hi Nathan and others! Please see the receipt below for our donation of $250 on your behalf to the Boys & Girls Club of SF. We really appreciate you making a presence at our "The Empire Strikes Brass" May Fourth event. You added a great deal of authenticity and imperial authority to our party. Somehow the rebel scum still infiltrated our dance floor. Oh well, there's always next year. Thanks again for everything and kudos on some amazing costumes and really great personnel. You guys were a pleasure to work with. Hopefully we will see you guys again next year as well. warm regards, Taylor Heanue and Brass Tax
  11. My first big troop with the GGG. It was great! I wish it lasted longer!
  12. TK-55321 requesting 501st access. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=15697
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