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  1. Looks good so far, sir. Pretty easy fixes suggested too.
  2. The build looks pretty great, man. Nice job. A small piece of advice (this has nothing to do with approval): Once I started trooping, I found that a lot of my strapping (especially elastic) would fail due to the snaps pulling through the elastic straps. I only had single layered straps at the time. I see you've done the same thing for many of your straps. I would suggest (or at least be on the lookout) that you double up the elastic straps. Use the same length, just fold them over once and put the snap through 2 layers of elastic. Things will feel more solid as well. Just a small tip from someone with an ATA, and a similar strapping setup. Good luck with the approval, sir.
  3. Really good changes here. I think that providing a clear list of expectations should calm applicants down a bit. If not, just point them to the list of expectations again. It's like having a syllabus in a college course. Great modifications. Here's hoping it works out for everyone!
  4. Nice work with the newsletter. Thanks for keeping us up to date.
  5. Maybe trim the inside of the eyes a little more. There seems to be some flashing left on the inside of the eye sockets. Especially near the bridge of the nose. Other than that, it looks great. Nice job with the hand-painting.
  6. I see them at Cons all of the time.
  7. Hey man! Everything looks good so far. You've got some of the best troopers on these boards helping you out. Painting took forever for me as well. Ally (my wife) painted everything by hand. She masked the top and bottom of the stripes (on the back traps), then freehanded the lines with a 8-0 liner brush. The tube stripes were the same way. Masked the tops and bottoms, then freehanded with a larger brush. Two strokes per tube stripe, one down, one up to create the bend. My S-Trim puckers too. I've not glued anything either. Holds up fine. The bucket is looking fantastic so far! Great to see another TK in the TBS!
  8. Great build! I, too, love the coloring on it. Yeah, it does seem a little heavy for trooping though. I get sick of holding up a Hyperfirm, hahaha.
  9. I've seen both TK Bondservnt's and Darmon's holsters, and I agree both are great! You could just make your own. The holster is a fun little project, but in the end you won't save a lot of money (if you don't have leather tools, dyes, etc already). It's actually a testament to how little $$ the vetted sellers make on these holsters. Troopers helping Troopers!
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