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  1. The uk garrison will be hosting the 501st involvement in this event , keep checking their forum and social media for announcements . Early days yet , but my hotel is booked .
  2. Rs props had a genuine crate , although they never discovered what it originally was , it had holes in the sides, and maybe childrens school playground equipment was considered . Unfortunately a mould wasn’t taken , and it was lost in the fire of 2021.
  3. Rs use humbrol enamel paint , maybe remove all your spots with white spirit and start over.
  4. They have regular updates on their YouTube channel. They are full on busy at the moment, and in full production .
  5. Great to have you in the " club" Tim . Centurian wont be far off ....
  6. A couple of years ago I made an ESB conversion kit for my RS props new hope armour . My garrison trooped at a live orchestra screening of the movie ESB , so I quickly sorted an ESB costume . the main thing was the helmet, and as a helmet collector I luckily already had an RS ESB helmet , that would have been the expensive part . I picked up some cotton gloves and ESB handgards from RS , leaving just the holster issue . Luckily the RS holster is attached by Chicago screws, so I unfastened the holster straps , ( ok, it left holes in the belt on the left... but hardly noticeable) then with some offcuts of leather ( a cheap black leather belt from the cheap shop) I made two ESB loops to fasten to the holster with the original Chicago screws , allowing the holster to loop onto the belt on the right side. It was a quick and simple conversion kit that was completely reversible , and I've got it saved for another event one day . The whole " kit" is stored inside my ESB helmet .
  7. Forget the colour discrepancy, no one will ever notice , just build your new belt and troop on . After the first troop you will have forgotten there's a colour difference .
  8. Hi Tim , great to meet you at the studio this morning . Your enthusiasm for trooping really shon through . Im sure you're clearance will be straight forward now your latest tweKs have been carried out . Look forward to trooping with you when the world starts returning to normality .
  9. That's an amazing rescue job you have done there Dan . It really looks the part . The green really mimicked the pp green of Simons helmet . And the very brave black on grey paint job really works well . Good job .
  10. I have those boots , I don't think they need breaking in , I collected mine at an RS props open day a few years ago, and simply wore them for the whole event ...broke in nicely lol . I've trooped regularly in them for four years at least before lockdown , and have never cleaned them , they still look smart . Not quite " like new" but no real marks scuffs or creases . The leather they use is good quality , and is coloured well .
  11. I don't understand why you didn't just order the blaster from RS . Theirs are super accurate , and unlike others, have a hollow alloy tube down the middle, making them super strong and infinitely customisable if you go that route .
  12. Threads on the r.p.f have discussed and identified these , I believe on the promo picture and hero blaster . Not all the blasters though .
  13. No one was hurt , and all their master moulds were stored off site , so they can get up and running soon . The giant vac former was unfortunately damaged , so they are awaiting on the insurance company. Obviously there will be a delay with all current on going orders , so they have asked people to be patient . One thing is for sure , they will deliver all orders and come back better than ever .
  14. Well done , another RS and Centurian, and probably the most unusual one ever !!!
  15. When you order a commission build from RS , they send you a sizing form . You take loads of measurements , fill in the form , and they make the armour to fit you . If you want armour that looks like it did in the movie, RS is the only choice . Every comission build is custom tailored to fit the customer .
  16. Phone RS Propmasters , they have the belt material in stock .
  17. A true legend ! Well done Glenn
  18. Handle detail of the RotJ blaster . MGC made an all metal replica Sterling machine gun ( goodness knows what for) and these were used to create all the hero weapons for RotJ . Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  19. Best if you delete these last couple of posts to tidy up this thread I guess . It's a reference thread really . Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  20. This photo from the first post needs removing and, if it's not there already, moving to the esb page . Everything else is RotJ . Glenn you are doing a great job with the photobucket retrieval project Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  21. I notice that in the first lot of photos, there's an esb blaster , And an esb pugman resin copy , from esb .. do we have evidence that they were re used in RotJ . Or is it just a photo mix up due to the loss of photos . Photobucket has a lot to answer for .
  22. I posted the above photo just so that I could screen shot it and send it to my legion buddies. Yes, sad I know . lol.
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