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  1. What files were they? Costume? Helmet? Greeblies?
  2. Who cares about the armor...let’s talk about the car!! how fast have you gotten that bad boy? I was the first to get my old man’s C5 over 100MPH. I am never allowed to drive it again and its willed to my sister.[emoji38]
  3. I have a MCT kit... Push in the mic area so the screw can fit...
  4. I used Tarrago dye to help change the leather color, then I used a rattle can leather paint from a saddle shop to even the coats. then polished with white Kiwi polish. Good luck!!
  5. Awesome job! You looked good next to Cal's Speeder! You have to figure out how do drive it while in costume!! What did yo use for feet? Vac formed covers or rubber shoes?
  6. The baby is due on the 13th so I'll be a no show.
  7. Sir, damage report: -The pool cannot be drained properly, someone poured JELLO mix into it. -We are having a difficult time wrangling the chickens, but we should have them all by this afternoon. - some of the troopers refuse to remove the lingerie from the chandelier. -we are still trying to locate that smell. -no one is fessing up on the graffiti that is on your shuttle. -and last but not least... playing, "Turn Down For What" and House of Pain's "Jump" back to back was my idea... I will have the floor boards replaced right away. On a good note, we found Paul. The jawas didn't find it funny that we wrapped him in aluminum foil and sold him to them. There's a small return fee but we put it on Vader's Alderaan Express. Welcome back, Sir.
  8. I sell jewelry at Jared. I sell mostly colored gems and watches... Great job except I miss out on most weekend trooping events.
  9. My last name is Garber. My high school buddy Mike "Raz" Rasbach, out of the blue called me "Garbz." He said "Garbz ends in the letter Z, because only cool people have the letter Z in their nicknames." Been using it since 1992!
  10. If someone edits your posts, they should send you a pm of why. Our poor CotG has me on speed dial. We sometimes fly off the handle with emotional posts. When threads get heated, walk away, calm down, re-read comments. Sometimes people feel the need to be cheeky, but without hearing social tones and vocal pitches, one cannot "hear" the message and s#%* goes south, fast. Perhaps your editor will send you a pm soon to clear the confusion.
  11. I trailer trashed mine by cutting out a zippable pouch from a Kroger recycle bag and used sticky Velcro. Mine looks so ghetto compared to these. LOL I need to start taking notes. Looks amazing!
  12. Someone should recreate the costume with real Armour and include all the craptacular details!!
  13. Blaster "inside" the thighs... Brilliant idea!!!
  14. I'm gonna derail for a second... I never heard of The Sword before... But now, thanks to this thread, I have found something that's "iTunes gift card worthy!" Aaaaaannnnd... Back on track!
  15. I'm gonna say 5/4/15 at 11:38am is due date and delivery time. You deserve a Star Wars baby! Congrats!!
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