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  1. Just have to try and see. It will be different with every part But my rule is 1/2 the height is equal to the distance from one part to an other Obviously The taller part is the one I am speaking of
  2. Hi first. Take your time Go slow and really enjoy the ride your done when your done ( gino told me that ) anyway. You will need a tank for the pump. A pump alone won’t work all that well unless your CFM is way higher And as you probably Know now. The higher the CFM the higher the cost on the pump So with a tank added you will take care of that problem I don’t use wood molds just because where I live. Way to much moisture and the the heat from the plastic just splits them but what I did. Is instarted with plaster It’s cheap and you can form a few pulls off it before it brakes. But enough to get your sized up correctly You can add and sand down form that and try it till it fits. Then go in for your details And best advice I got from troooer master is go for accuracy Right off the bat Or you will find your self later on just redoing it to make it right most of all ..... don’t give up. It’s a lot harder to do then most people think oh. Also make sure your venting that area real good I run 2 to 3 fans to move fresh air in let me know now if you have any other questions along your way Walt
  3. Oh I am not the creator. You are! i am a simple sword maker. You are the Samurai !
  4. Well the rebels blaster does have a totally different look. That may be a good “level up” The lines that go down are just that. Lines That is not an opening area . Shoulder bridges and belt. Ya that is a fixed part of the armor and will need trimming to fit smaller/ thinner people . And yes they all are dirty to a point But then again so we’re the ANH Tk’s Possibly another “level up”? They look so cool clean. .... just my opinion
  5. I can’t find it on the main fourm
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