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  1. Welcome to the ranks trooper
  2. Atrejias

    TK 85751

    Gratulations trooper
  3. How is your Build going, man?
  4. Welcome aboard, Trooper
  5. Atrejias

    Slow starter from San Diego, CA

    Welcome aboard. You‘ll find all the support you need here. Good luck for your build!
  6. Atrejias

    Hi from the UK

    Welcome aboard. Nice Pics. Good luck for your approval. Only one thing: no Blaster ever pointing at a child
  7. Atrejias

    TK 29462 Bluegrass Garrison

    Welcome to the ranks
  8. Atrejias

    TK 51238 Reporting For Duty

    Welcome to the ranks trooper
  9. Atrejias

    Introduction - Matt Wilson

    Hey Matthew, welcome and good luck for your TK.
  10. Welcome to the ranks trooper. Had my first troop two weeks ago. I really know how you‘re feeling
  11. Atrejias

    What do you have?

    Jeeez this is incredible, ladies and gentleman. Never thought one can have that amount of costumes! Im really impressed I just started so here are my modest belongings: ANH TK Stunt (501st approved) Kylo Ren (just a really cheap costume for carnival) but it is still enough that children want have taken a picture with me a monk‘s habit my future projects: HWT biker scout imperial staff officer
  12. Atrejias

    FISD batch as jpg?

    Thats too bad...
  13. Atrejias

    Hello from Austria (no Kangaroos)

    cheerio miss Sophie
  14. Atrejias

    Greetings from Australia

    Welcome from Austria to Australia. Good luck on your armour build
  15. Congratulations trooper. Welcome aboard