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  1. Yes i was talking to him on a recent troop and it's his own sculpt which he is constantly refining.
  2. Rwa by Ross realy nice bloke and a realy good kit.
  3. Maker of things is a recaster of RS props as i understand it.
  4. Humbrole model paints No 5 gloss grey,14 french blue for tube stripes and black either satin or gloss for details and vocoder
  5. Mcott65

    Nobody home...

    Hi mate I can tell you that the dent under the hovi is actually on all the helmets as that is how there original is. As for the rest that is quite a list of issues.
  6. Mcott65

    Nobody home...

    Looks real good on the photos apart from the legs.
  7. Mcott65

    Nobody home...

    Sorry to hear that you have an issue with the legs on your armour are you going to have another trip to rs or do them yourself?
  8. Thanks for the link Kev those fans are 10mm ×10mm smaller than the ones I have at the moment
  9. Right back at you AWOL
  10. Hi Tonny welcome to the fisd. Have you checked in on the uk garrison forum yet mate. The guys over there will help you with finding armour as there is more choice than just RS, but RS is a great set of armour.
  11. That looks very similar to the one that is on Toche traders Facebook page.
  12. Yes you do have to let the part you want to reshape get really hot and it does take a few minutes. As I said I have managed to reshape some parts and I have TM 2MM
  13. I have had excellent results using a hairdryer to re shape parts heat gun sounds a bit overkill to me .
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