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TK 82278 Requesting ATA Stormtrooper ANH Stunt EIB Status (1063)

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Name: Tyler Smith

ID: TK 82278

FISD Name: iSmilebak

Alpine Garrison


  • Height = 6'1
  • Weight = 180lbs
  • Boots = Imperial Boots
  • Canvas belt = Trooperbay
  • Hand Plates = Trooperbay
  • Electronics= UKswraths
  • Neck Seal = OEM on Amazon
  • Holster = Self





I have had this armor since 2019 so it has been used quite a bit. The changes I have made to my suit came much after I was first accepted to the 501st to try and make it better.

I noticed that the endcap of my blaster had also broken off. A replacement is currently on its way and I will update as I get feedback on other fixes I will need to do as well. Thanks

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Hi Tyler nice work, you will however need to post each of the images into your application, copy the "direct link" of each image or right click select copy then paste directly into your thread.


Also have a read through the application requirements here: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/22583-expert-infantry-application-guidelines/


You may also want to check some measurements on your TD clips are HUGE and your control panel plate is not quite straight on the sides





Good luck with approval




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heres my 501st record I believe https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=32937





































































Hopefully this worked:) Looking forward to hearing back what I can do to improve.

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Hi Tyler , and THANKS for your submission for ANH Stunt Expert Infantry!  That is an nice and well "trooped"  set of armor there, sir, but unfortunately there are some issues  you need to correct before we can get started and put that EIB badge under your name.  Some of them are from Basic level and others are EIB requirements.



Starting from your Helmet, 


Looking closely at your helmet's right ear, looks like some j=kind of repair was made in some moment cause the surface  looks rough and some sanding and polishing would be needed, also you can see a small gap that will need to be applied some abs paste to seal it. 



                                                                                                                                          Reference Images

15XjKFS.jpg          9Ycjsev.jpg       2W0xECk.jpg      2KpvOZG.jpg     



"CRL Basic: Frown is painted gray and does not leave the teeth area" Easy fix with some paint remover (non acetone) a toothpick or cotton swabs.


                                                                                                                                                                             Reference Images


m8jKbWJ.jpg        I1lhUgG.jpg




As you can see there are a couple of buttons that need a paint session to make them look the same size . One needs a paint remove and the other a little more blue color.



QMRPxoZ.jpg        LV9bApI.jpg?2     UzU1W3j.jpg?5



As mentioned by another trooper, please check your TD end caps and general measures , the control panel should be rectangular all around and needs to be rotated a little to face the rear as the CRL states for Basic Level. You will need to change the screws for the correct type as well and paint them black color.


"Basic: The white control panel raised ribbed pad faces the rear, with the controls/round washer style detail closest to the right end cap.
The total length is approximately 7.50" (190.5mm).
End caps are approximately .78" (20mm)in width.

L2: Clips shall be attached with slotted type, flat or dome top style screws, and be black (two per clip)."









8sEdcq3.jpg    fzPNp2m.jpg    lUO82io.jpg



BTFgl3V.jpg                           XlNKKrL.jpg?1



Looking closely at your Canvas Belt it looks to have an inserted section. Since it needs to be a single piece, I should recommend to replace it .



du3sEOG.jpg    1WdWRlD.jpg



                        Reference Images








Your Sniper Knee needs some more trimming to match the screen references and removing the button return edge will allow to get it close to the shin. Bellow you can see the screen references and some examples of ATA approved EIB Sniper Knee , so yours will match in a great manner.  


DnPhtL0.jpg  rJmITKO.jpg



xLQp7xW.jpg       GwngjcP.jpg


EIB Approved ATA Armor Sniper Knee


a5zcfvu.jpg  eJC0WU9.jpg   GP3lmI8.jpg




Finally I'll need you to please, add an additional photo of your AB/Kidney side rivets like the example bellow. 






Even though it looks like a lot of work ahead, we are confident that you can do it Trooper. :salute:

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I didn’t see any mention on this, so if it was mentioned forgive me for repeating it.

Looks like the rear cap of the blaster is missing or incorrect.

And at level 2 the D-ring mounted on the rear.

Your image



Here’s a reference post as well


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12 minutes ago, FN1313 said:

I didn’t see any mention on this, so if it was mentioned forgive me for repeating it.

Yes, the Trooper mentioned that  is waiting for the end cap to arrive.  Thanks  :salute:

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On 4/21/2023 at 12:23 PM, iSmilebak said:


I have had this armor since 2019 so it has been used quite a bit. The changes I have made to my suit came much after I was first accepted to the 501st to try and make it better.

I noticed that the endcap of my blaster had also broken off. A replacement is currently on its way and I will update as I get feedback on other fixes I will need to do as well. Thanks


@FN1313  Here's the note.  ;)

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  • 3 weeks later...

I have made the adjustments. I decided to make all new pictures since a lot was changed.



*I realized my TD was sticking straight up in the air. I just bent the metal and now its fine. Im happy to upload a different picture than the one above if needed. (my wife doesnt want to help out with pictures anymore for today XD)








Edited by iSmilebak
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9 hours ago, iSmilebak said:

Thanks for looking this over and helping me out everyone. Looking forward to centurion approval eventually:)


Thank you Tyler. I'll be with you soon.   Centurion eventually? No, Centurion will be your next goal Trooper !  :jc_doublethumbup:

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Hi Tyler, 


You made an outstanding job with the requested fixes !  :th_AnimatedBravoSmiley:  I have started to work on your review and there are a couple of fixes we need you to do prior we can place that EIB badge under your name.


1- Your TD white control panel:  the crl states for basic  that it "...faces rear "  and yours still faces up.    A proposed solution for that would be to Take off and trim a little the lower section of the Control panel  and Trim a little more the metal clips end , that match with the control panel . 






2-  The TD screws, they're correctly slotted as requested by the CRL but as you can see bellow, they look V head and the Crl for EIB states that they need to be:


"... flat or dome top style screws, and be black (two per clip). ... V head screws are not permitted."


DPLXxtO.jpg   h67RU6X.jpg   




FeRh64B.jpg     ljR0qNu.png



Almost there Trooper ! :salute:


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  • TKSpartan changed the title to TK 82278 Requesting ATA Stormtrooper ANH Stunt EIB Status (1063)

Hi Tyler , and thank you for your EIB application! 


CRL and EIB Application Requirements:

All required photos have been submitted, and on behalf of the entire D.O. staff we are pleased to welcome you to the rank of Expert Infantry.  Congratulations!  :salute:


Other-Armor Fit/Assembly;

In this area we review observations made by your fellow troopers and the DO team.  Some observations may lead to suggestions to improve the overall look of your armor, and please keep in mind that  we consider both text (CRL) and pictures (screen caps/reference images) when reviewing submissions.


You have made a great job with the requested fixes Trooper!!  Well done.


Let's start from top. It looks like you may have a bit too much padding in the top of your helmet.  It is sitting pretty high and for a much better overall look should sit a lot lower.


EGXGzKj.jpg  pcfhrLV.jpg   



 iu7Ibyv.jpg?1      KmZEqda.jpg?1




For accuracy, you may want trim the back tab of your shoulder bridges and remove a little more of the return edge as the references.


vh1JFrD.jpg  kD5F0h2.jpg



E7HPgjY.jpg   z4FXqB6.jpg?1  uG4pEd5.jpg



For accuracy, we suggest to trim a little more the small ab buttons panel .


                    b1ay6Mx.jpg                                UzU1W3j.jpg?5     wFB6j8I.jpg?1


Yours forearms look uneven, adjusting a little the  right one's strap could help and let you carry your weapon more confortable. 



CB08ghB.jpg       809cWJb.jpg?1





Centurion Requirements:

In this section we prepare you for our highest tier of approval.  Because Centurion photos must show more detail than EIB, items pertaining to Level 3 might be seen there and not here and additional photos may be required. We try to point out all that we can from what we are able to clearly see, but the final accuracy is the responsibility of the trooper.



CRL L3: There should be a minimal gap between the shoulder armor and the chest/back plates.

This looks like a simple strapping issue.  shortening  the shoulder strap and  a bit could reduce the gap. 


lGPH4vX.jpg          qjjhL1B.png?1   pMU3r05.jpg?1




Looking closely to  the large ab-button panel , it must have at least a small flat edge around it.  We see this a lot, and it's honestly not to difficult to remedy in your case.  You can add an ABS plate behind it, touch up the edges with some ABS paste and sand/polish it. The other solution is to replace it with a new one.


ArFh5Fk.jpg            mqTEnrf.jpg?1       ET34PuR.jpg?1




Glue a piece and fill the seam with ABS paste                 Sand and polish

                DAylugo.jpg?1                G45DIai.jpg?2




CRL L3: Ideally there no gap between the abdomen and kidney armor. Abdominal and Kidney Plate align horizontally at top.


This looks like a simple strapping adjustment and take care when taking the pictures.


NCeb9cI.jpg   Cu9Sa8h.jpg       ieF7xdu.jpg?1    9Ktw7FD.jpg?1



CRL L3: The top of the ABS ammo belt should sit at or just above the bottom of the central and vertical abdomen button panels.

In your case, you're almost perfect, you could use a piece of velcro to allow the right side of the belt to come up a little more.



unERMwD.jpg          10Xqwf3.jpg?2 8DGr9Tm.jpg?1





CRL L3: Drop boxes are vertically aligned with the end of the ammo belt with minimal gap between belt and box.


Easy fix here Trooper . Just reduce the right drop box strap to get closer to the belt and you can add a dab of E600 behind the strap to  keep it aligned 



DO00riF.jpg  uNOziEm.jpg        tm7wE8T.jpg?1     618t4ij.png






This issue is not specifically noted in the crl but the centurion level if all for accuracy. Your butt plate is overlapping too much your kidney armor and canvas belt.

The V tabs method can help to fix it. 



DwRMxin.jpg  Gefnu4p.jpg    dMfsPME.jpg?1 6AQSNWS.jpg?2



V Tabs Method

Mold 2 pieces of ABS plastic and give then the V shape and glue one side to the butt plate and leave the kidney section free to move.


trUoRxC.jpg      vewlgSP.jpg    Q4cKwUF.jpg



Looking to your Thigh Ammo Belt , It could be a light effect but it looks to have a different shade of white. If you apply for Centurion (we hope) we'll need you to show a very clear photo showing the same color or if it's different you will need to replace it for the correct one. 



UZQx8uM.jpg    Ecf9EV4.jpg     E9tbfaG.jpg


Finally Trooper , 


It looks like you have a mobility cut just on your left thigh. You will need to make the right one and give them a rounded shape . Just take care to do not extend beyond the top of the raised ridge and every time you suit up your shins check the closure . 


zlyeHHt.jpg             HFDLdi6.jpg?2




That's all  Tyler, welcome to the EIB ranks and we are confident that you're going to continue to the finish line with your Centurion application soon!! 




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On 6/2/2023 at 11:20 AM, TheRascalKing said:

Congrats, trooper! May I ask who is the maker on your blaster?

Tracker has been updated.


I got it on etsy from QuestDesignCanada

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Congratulations and welcome to Expert Infantry and the EI Honor Gallery 



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