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March FISD Newsletter 2023


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Mrs Yang was a treasured member of the 501st Chinese Garrison. She is welcome to take her rightful place in the Hall of Eternal Legionnaires.

Her husband, Mr Yang (TK-6249) has written these words as her epitaph:
(Translation: Amidst the ocean of stars, wherever you are, we both are. May the Force be with you.)


"Buckets Off"







Anders SL 26790
Anders T Nielsen SL26790 joined the Legion back in 2008 or '09 as part of the Nordic Garrison, like many current Danish Garrison members, which then became Danish Garrison in 2017. He was very passionate about Darth Vader, and his love for the character did not only involve the costume. He attended all the conventions in the world that he possibly could, both in US and also Europe. He enjoyed trooping for kids, and especially in hospitals as it gave him a feeling of giving something special, to kids who had a hard time, which he deeply identified and sympathised with. He once said on a troop "Even though I'm tired to the bone, it gives me a special energetic boost to see these kids smile at me." He even packed his medical equipment for longer rides / troops, so he could do dialysis in his car and then troop with his Garrison mates for the rest of the day.

Unfortunately, Anders was diagnosed with Melas Syndrome and Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis in 2008. Focal segmental glomerulosclerosis is a kidney disease which will affect the blood cleansing process. Therefore he needed to have dialysis several times a day to stay in good shape.

These diseases did not stop Anders from Travelling all around the globe to places like New Zealand, India, Ecuador, Spain, Mexico, and many more. He was so determined that this should not ruin his life and HE was in control and not the diseases. He was always travelling with his good friend Anne, who helped him pack all the medical stuff and knew his entire situation. Anne was like an extra family member who helped Anders throughout his whole period of illness, from '08 til the last day.

Anders fought hard against the diseases but slowly this year his body started to give in. Although he clung on to life in the hope of getting in one last troop in his wheelchair, but unfortunately passed away on the morning of 4th May.


"Buckets Off"






Michael Linwood Shipp TK-7877 passed on 16 February 2023. He was a member of Garrison Tyranus, and his fellow Garrison mate, Alan Ibarra, has left these words to remember him by:


Michael was instrumental in bringing the magic of Star Wars to the Hampton Roads community through the 501st Legion and FanForce groups between 2004 - 2011. He held numerous building parties, gaming parties, and get-togethers at his East Coast Bicycles business. He attended Celebration IV and organized local Halloween Zoo Boo, Star Wars birthday parties, and Music of Star Wars events in Norfolk. Over the years, he continued to show his love for George Lucas' franchise through a personal fandom page called the Hampton Roads Rebellion.


"Buckets Off"






Tomasz Celej (TX-26186) was a member of Polish Garrison. He passed away in November 2022. He was a teacher, so he was always busy, always involved in thousand projects, but at the same time he never failed to make time for his friends.

He was always more than happy to wear a Death Trooper armour, especially when he was visiting children in hospitals (although he was confused with Vader almost all the time). His time in the Legion was similar to his life: over too quickly, but always involved. He had been planning to make a Mandalorian armor, and as he celebrates his life among his fellow troopers in the Hall of Eternal Legionnaires, we hope he will also complete his desired costumes there!


"Buckets Off"

Eternal Legionnaire Gallery: https://www.501st.com/members/memoriam.php




Welcome fellow members,


Last month we were lucky to start the new term ahead of most, so my entry today is more of an update on where we have progressed and whats to come.



As you will see in this edition, we have closed out the Celebration patch run and the FISD/legion 25th anniversary coin run, as they are required to have the runs paid in full before the 30th March.

We do still have an interest thread open for the FISD shield logo pin.

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response it has became clear this was a piece of Det merch that was yearned for by members, so we have held off on final approval on numbers. This way everyone has a chance to jump on this when it becomes an official sales thread.

Please visit the forums and state your interest so you do not miss out.

More merch is currently in the planning so do check in from time to time in order to get on interest threads and runs. We will continue to promote these in the news letter.


Detachment propaganda:

The sort after FISD Tri Fold brochure is also now available in Swedish adding to our growing collection (German, English, Spanish) but we are looking to keep expanding on these.

If you would like to see this in your native tongue and are able to assist with the translation please contact me to discuss.

It is important that we make this accessible to as many as possible.


There will be future announcements on some new Propaganda material currently being worked on by one of our PR team, so keep an eye out for those in the near future.



The first members only competition for the year has launched, where you can leave your mark on the forums for the term.

We are looking for a new forum banner, and we know the best designs come from our membership, so if you have some skills, please take a look at this further down in this months news letter.


New Forum sections:

We have officially launched our new women's section, Vader's Valkyries, created and being looked after by our very own Soulart (Teresa )

We would love all the wonderful women that wear the mighty costumes of FISD to come and help support and build up our female community.

We offers a safe space to come and interact assisting more ladies to come join our ranks.

We have some extraordinarily talented women here on FISD and it will be amazing to see these number flourish into the future.


What's ahead:

We are hoping to offer more competitions, add some new costumes to our CRL folio, and continue to grow our community with more platforms for you to engage with us. More on that last point very soon, but suffice to say, the team are always looking for something new and interesting for members old and new to be part of and excited about as we continue to evolve and keep up with the times.


Thank you for being part of our community, allowing us to grow and keeping FISD one of the friendliest places in the legion for all to spend some time.


Hope to see you on the forums soon.



With Unquestioned Loyalty

Andrew Franke

TK-11469 "Sly11"

Detachment Leader





Greetings!  Here we are in a new term, and this looks like it is shaping up to be a truly banner year for the FISD.


Lots of new Staff members who have gotten off to a FANTASTIC start, and I'm looking forward to working with them to make this THE place for not just seasoned TKs, but new folks as well.

A few of us on Staff have a crazy busy 2023 ahead of us (more on that later from Andrew) and we are chomping at the bit.  


In addition to working on the upcoming project, one of my main focuses this year will be on membership here on our site.  It has been mentioned a few times here that participation of TKs at troops is declining.  I find this sad but strange, as armorers are shipping TK kits like crazy.  Believe it or not, many future (and present) troopers are not even aware we exist!

I was at a troop a few years ago speaking with a few shiny white armor types and 2 actually read my racing shirt and asked me "What the FISD was".  Wow...

I have a plan in mind (more on that as it progresses) to get more of the armorers involved in spreading the word that we are here and ready to help.  Youtube videos, FB and social media are great, but for particular questions and expert advice with no judgement this is without a doubt the place to go. 

Know that all of you who take the time to answer questions from future troopers are appreciated.  We were all there once, and those seeking advice count on us.


Know that my door is always open, and if I can be of any service to anyone just drop me a PM.




With Unquestioned Loyalty

Joseph Pedigo

TK-10963 "justjoseph63"

Executive Officer




:trooper:Greetings Fellow Troopers!:trooper:

Friendly neighborhood Merch guy here! The rush to close out last term with a bang is over, and the Celebration Patch and FISD/25th Legion Anniversary coin runs have both been closed and are in production!


FISD Celebration 2023 Patch


We've posted an image of the Celebration patch in the sales thread so please check it out Here! As of 8 March 2023. the word form the vendor is that the patches are in post production and getting ready for shipping I will be sending out an email to those that ordered and checking to see if they are attending Celebration, as I would like to try and get the patches to those members first as we may have a small window to get shipping done!

FISD\Legion 25th Anniversary Coin


The coin run was thrown up and closed much quicker than anyone of use would have liked. The biggest reason was because I had to have the run close and paid for by 28 Feb 2023, so I apologize to anyone that didn't get a chance to order. I am happy to say that unlike another detachment that shall remain unnamed, we took care of the troopers that signed up on the interest thread first before opening the run up. I will once again emphasizes the need for folks to input their interest in our merch interest threads. While we always add an additional percentage to the number count in the interest thread, if you don't express interest, we can't meet the demand. We had 226 Orders for just about 1760 coins for this run. The vendor tells me as of 8 March 2023 that the coin mold was made and that they are doing the color now to send to me for approval. This item will most likely not ship to me until late March early April, (4 to 6 weeks after the run closed). So expect to see it hitting mailboxes mid April. Payment request for the shipping will go out later this month. Thank you again to everyone that ordered.


FISD Shield Pin Run


The interest thread for the Shield Pin Run is still open, but will be closing 18 March 2023. The demand has been rather high, thus we didn't try to run it at the end of the term. I have tallied up the current interest numbers and will be re-submitting this item to LMBO for approval from LFL after the interest thread closes. I will tell you that I've been told that the number I've suggested to LMBO might be rejected and we may have to limit the numbers. I will update everyone on the interest thread as soon as I hear back from LMBO. As it stands now, we are going to try and leave it uncapped as this is an inexpensive item that a lot of members have expressed interest in getting higher numbers so they have something to give to new members when they join their garrisons or squads.


FISD Future Items


As for the rest of the merch slots for this term, we have some exciting ideas as well as some merch staples that we are hoping to roll out. Be sure to follow to the Detachment Merchandise thread on the forum so that you will get an email when new updates are posted!



With Unquestioned Loyalty

James Silvius

TK-12953 "jsilvius"

Merchandise & Branding Officer





Might as well give it a go, when the Emperor is not here to tell you "NO!" :lightemperor:

Please welcome TK 96004 to the Stormtrooper Hall of Fame!

@Doggydoc Troop log can be found here.



Well done trooper and congratulations on your 11th troop! troopaward0.png And an additional congratulations on sitting down in the 12th!

Other HOF recipients can be found here.



With Unquestioned Loyalty 

Jonatan Östling 

TK-23592 "Nairy" 

Curator Hall Of Fame









Thank you to Luca "Morgi" TK-66744 for starting the FISD specific meme thread, you can find it here





 Vader's Valkyries

More information can be found here


With Unquestioned Loyalty

Teresa Nuthall

TK41307 "Soulart"

Special Unit Director-Valkyries


 - - - - - - - - - - - - 






Trooperbay is now password protected, . The password to get into the site is  - scruffynerfherder 


At this time, I only want people in our community to have access to the site. Please feel free to share the password with other members and new recruits that may need stuff.


My reasoning for doing this is simply to limit the google bots and...."general public" from seeing all the sites content. I made trooperbay for US and not the random person doing a search on google. By protecting the site, I hope to keep trooperbay going, and continue servicing our group. If you forget the password you can just go to the site and message me directly by clicking on "chat with us" at the bottom right hand side of the screen. I usually respond right away and will give you the password. Thank you for understanding and thank you for the last 16 years of patronage


Mike TK/TD-4510






Ever wanted your action image edited on a cool background, an awesome signature banner or profile picture made, well Jonatan "Nairy" TK23592 has offered to edit photos for our membership. For more info head to his thread here






501st Legion Group Photo

Time: 12noon - 1:30pm
Date: Saturday 8th April 2023
Location: The steps outside the west entrance to ExCel


Detachment Group Photos

Time: 11:30 Saturday 8th April

This means ready, in costume (if applicable) in the changing room.  The excel can get busy and this gives us 30 minutes to form up and march out to the photo location to start at 12.


The legion photos will be taken first, followed by the detachment photos, we are 8th so please be patient whilst those in front of us take their turns. Full running order below.   Staff and helpers will be on hand to try make this a quick process, we all want to get out and enjoy the show.  You can help us by keeping together where possible.


Traditionally the UKG do not remove their helmets when trooping, and this is to be honoured in the photos. I would request that our international visitors respect this choice but you are under no obligation yourself.



  • Costumers only, lids on.
  • Costumers only, lids off (UKG will keep lids on)
  • Costumers and non costumers 


Non costumers
If you are not costuming but a detachment member then your assistance would be appreciated in organising the troopers, guiding them to the location, clearing the location and generally helping out. Details on this thread https://www.501st.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=249&t=112007.


Running order

1. 501st + RL + MM + TDE + GA costumers
2. 501st + RL + MM + TDE + GA costumers + Jedi News + Fantha Tracks + non-costumed members of all clubs
3. 501st costumers
4. 501st costumers lids off (501st UKG will decline to remove lids for this photo)
5. 501st costumers + non-costumed members + Jedi News
6. Detachment photos - see below

1. Krayt Clan
2. Underworld Detachment
3. Jolly Roger Squadron
4. Pathfinders
5. Blizzard Force
6. Sovereign Protectors
7. Armored Cavalry Detachment
8. First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment (+ Valkyries)
9. Clone Trooper Detachment
10. Sith Lord Detachment
11. The Flagship Eclipse
12. Bounty Hunters Guild
13. Imperial Officer Corps
14. Spec Ops
15. MEPD
16. Imp Gunnery Corps


FISD updates here


501st group photo information here 





We have still not received confirmation of any changing facilities from ReedPOP and until we do we cannot fine-tune the details of this photo shoot unfortunately.


If we have a changing hall then we would like you all to be kitted up and lined up in the changing hall in the correct order ready to march out onto the steps at 12noon. This would be the quickest way to get everyone in place for the photo shoot to start.


If we don't have changing facilities then you will need to be in costume by the steps at 12noon and will be called to line up on the steps costume by costume. This will take longer.



We have been advised by ReedPOP/LFL that this photo shoot can only take place during show hours and that we will be responsible for politely asking members of the public to vacate the steps ready for the photos.


Donate Patches at Celebration for Make-A-Wish - more info/updates https://www.501st.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=249&t=112034

Over the 4 days of Celebration we would like to try and fill a big display board, that will be situated on our stand, with as many different patches as our 501st members are willing to donate 


After Celebration an auction for the entire patch collection will be arranged with the proceeds going to our official event charity Make-A-Wish. (Further details about the auction will posted after the event).


The patches can be posted to anywhere in the world and we will contribute up to £20 towards the cost of the postage to get them to the winner.

So please come along to our stand over the weekend and donate whatever you can spare and ..... let's fill this patch-board for MAW


Celebration Meet and Greet - more info/updates https://www.501st.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=249&t=111935

We would like to invite 501st Celebration attendees from around the world to an informal Meet & Greet at:

Fox Connaught, Lynx Way, London, E16 1JR on Thursday 6th April 7pm onwards


The venue can be found on the east side of the ExCel complex here:




Good news! It has now finally been confirmed that a changing area has been allocated to us for the event and it will be one-half of one of the big halls there.


The hall will be shared between the 501st and the adult Galactic Senate Clubs. Unfortunately due to safeguarding requirements we feel that allowing GA members into the changing hall would not be appropriate.


There will be 10 pop-up areas within the hall for those that wish to change with a little more privacy.



ReedPOP have informed us that the other half of the hall will be used for something else but at this point cannot tell us what. I have asked if we will have our own entrance to our half of the hall that we can man for security or will others need to use the entrance and if so would they have some kind of ID on them and they could not answer that either. However at this late stage we cannot wait any longer to post this so if we find out we don't have exclusive access then we will have to decide the best way forward at that time.


To ensure everyone’s belongings left in the changing hall remain safe we need to monitor who uses the hall. As such if you wish to use the changing hall at any time during the event please could you add your name to this register:




We also cannot ensure the safety of everyone’s belongings without some volunteers to man the door and check those wanting entrance against the register of those that have signed up to use the hall. So please could you volunteer just 1.5 hours of your time sometime over the weekend to help with this? Sign-up is here:






Want to leave your mark on the detachment forums this term? Well here is your chance. We are looking to update the FISD main forum banner which resides at the top of our forums above the menu Tabs.


Current forum banner supplied by gmrhodes13




This design competition is open to all 501st members staff excluded, and only has 2 requirements.

1. Must have the FISD shield logo.

2. The words "1st IMPERIAL STORMTROOPER DETACHMENT" must also be present.


We can't use LFL images so any graphics need to be your own creation, or composition of photos. The background can be any colours as long as our name and logos don't get lost.


All entries will go into a Poll which will be voted on by members only, again no staff. This is purely a members competition and the winner gets the Kudos and bragging rights. If you have a flare for design, and are looking to have a bit of fun, please post your entries in this thread.


Competition will close 18th of March, good luck and lets see what you got. Thread here for entries 




File:Lucasfilm logo.png

Retail Embargo Lift


For most of the year we are under an embargo from LFL and can not attend retail locations unless prior approval has been given by them. At certain times of the year this embargo is lifted, generally around Blu-Ray / movie releases, May 4th and Force Friday, the recent correspondence from LFL outlines the lift of the embargo:


"While there is currently a retail moratorium on character appearances in effect, it is being lifted during the following days: 29th April - 7th May

All fans, costumed or otherwise, can participate with venues of their choice within these windows with the restriction that costumed appearances must not be used in the advertising for the event. Although these appearances will be treated like an open invite, we’ll leave it to the fan groups to independently organize around these events as they see fit. LFL will not need to approve or coordinate these. Please note that retail locations should not include restaurants, bars, or venues with no apparent reason to feature Star Wars characters.

In the coming weeks and months, we may send out a list of ‘preferred' retailers from certain regions who would welcome fans to participate at their venues within these event windows, but you are all still welcome to make plans with appropriate retailers or venue hosts of your choice regardless of whether or not they appear on the list.

Thanks everyone, and thanks for all you do!"

"Please note that retail locations should not include restaurants, bars, or venues with no apparent reason to feature Star Wars characters. If the retail location does not stock Star Wars products you should NOT be attending."

*Please Note* Always follow your garrison/squad's guidelines when in comes to organising Disney/LFL promotional troops, only command staff can deal direct with LFL.




New LFL Backdrop Images


I'm not sure how many of you would have seen the backdrop thread over on the 501st forum, these have been available to legion approved members since 2012 https://www.501st.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=67849 but images had been a little outdated, this is the first image relese since I joined back in 2012.


I had a conversation with Pete from LFL in 2020 as to any new images which may be available, he said he would talk to Disney Legal as to when we may see some new era images, well after pestering Pete again yesterday he sent me this info:


Hi Glen -- yes, we do actually have some new imagery. I've attached the new list of thumbnails along with a request form.

Fyi, Alex Vargas is the new Head of Fan Relations and will be handling these requests from now on (he's cc'd as fanrelations@lucasfilm.com).


Here are those images (click to enlarge) 

LFL images.png


More info in this thread





For a full list of FISD awards programs head here.




fL3cX9a.jpg.7aee908189b2401e68bfb093f293328f.jpg   a0ZxLdv.jpg.2fe2922acc3b027a05233c0d39ec8ee0.jpg


*Now Available in Swedish*

Want to spread the word about FISD?, you can with our FISD Tri-Fold Brochure.

Originally these were done in a limited run by the member who created them, but nowadays, we have moved this to a print your own service making them accessible to all countries around the globe.

Files are available to all full 501st members on request by contacting our DL Andrew @Sly11 , you can find more info here 


Currently Available languages:  English - Spanish - German - Swedish





Are you new to the FISD and wondering what the heck all those abbreviations and strange sounding terms mean?  To help you @justjoseph63 has started a list of the most commonly used ones that will give you some insight.  If you have ANY questions about a particular term that is not listed or suggestions for new ones please contact Joseph. You can find the list here.





Pre Approval Forum allows future Troopers the opportunity to submit photos of their completed build to be reviewed by the Staff, Imperial Attaches and others in preparation for forwarding it to their GML for approval.  Any and all advice/suggestions given will be specific, constructive, helpful and respectful. Please note that this program will NOT take the place of your local GML, as Detachments are not chartered for costume approval and can not override a GMLs decision, but is instead a peer review program designed to help you look your best and offer guidance and positive feedback.  For more information on this program, please visit the link here.




Don't forget to visit our 3D section when next surfing the FISD forums, there is plenty of useful information to potentially help you on your next TK adventure. You might be feeling may generous and share with our community a new TK related 3D file and maybe win yourself a 3D contributors award DGx4MwQ.png  DjQ8bJi.png so check out the details below and be part of the in house 3D community.  Here is a link to the FISD 3D Contributor program.






Don't forget to create a troop log here on FISD and get awarded for your adventures The list of accomplished troopers keeps growing, so get on board and register your troops today Simply start (or update!) your troop log, keep the running total in the title, and post (at least!) a date and name for the official 501st event where you wore your TK! Once you've hit a milestone count, go over to the "Field Exercise Awards -- Post your milestones here" thread to request your profile be updated!  Simple, right? Also if you would like your troop photos shared on our social media channels please add the following to the first post of your FISD troop log: I give permission for FISD to repost my photos on social media in an appropriate fashion.

Award Recipients February - March

 troopaward10.png TK-96004 "Doggydoc" Gerald  - - - - -   troopaward25.png TK-21518 "Novak Dimon" Christian  - - - - -  






Are you an approved TK that spends more time on the boards than the average Trooper?  Do you enjoy using your knowledge to help out future and existing Troopers?  If so, we would like to invite you to join the Imperial Attaché program! Members of the I.A. team are chosen to help out not only those here on the boards, but on a local level as well.  Our aim is to have at least one in each and every Garrison, Squad and Outpost in the entire legion to be the eyes and ears of the FISD on a local level. For a complete list of Imperial Attaches, go here.

Some of the benefits:  Access to exclusive Attaché merch., including patches, IA patch 6PLrnxJ.png,       IA Rocker  dPN7mwd.png


You may also be in the running for an Imperial Attaché Award   7UlPmRQ.png  Imperial Attaché Award for those attaché's who have gone above and beyond [minimum 1 year of service]. You can find a list of prior recipients here.


Attaché Ambassador  

Attention all Attachés! If you haven't already seen it, please take a moment to review the 2023 Attaché Announcements and Kickoff thread. It contains what I hope is helpful information for all of you, as well as a reminder to sound off on the current Check-In thread if you haven't already done so. A reminder, too, that we are always looking for new attachés, especially for units currently without one (or two) as shown on THIS LIST. If you know of a trooper who you think would serve the post well, encourage them to apply for Attaché status HERE!



On behalf of the Command Staff, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce and welcome our newest Imperial Attachés! Make us proud both here on the forum and within your local units!


Brandon "elwessbrandon" (TK-10492) - Dewback Ridge Garrison (New Mexico)

Gerald "Doggydoc" (TK-96004) - Canadian Garrison



With Unquestioned Loyalty

Caleb Mask 

TK-73692 "MaskedVengeance"

Attache Ambassador




The FISD Master Armorer program is an optional, detachment only incentive award to recognize individuals who have directly helped another 501st stormtrooper to achieve Expert Infantry status. Some people spend countless hours helping others, and want to reward their results as well as incentivizing new people to help as well.


To register a “win” in the program, the assistance must have provided hands-on help trimming, building, and/or fitting of said armor for the person who was awarded Expert Infantry status. More information can be found here






Want to setup a "Fire Team?  the Fire Team program is completely optional, and is intended to help form a common identity and spirit of camaraderie among 501st Legion Stormtroopers in the same geographic area/garrison that troop together. Fire Teams are not officially recognized by the 501st Legion nor the FISD, although they will be able to access a Fire Team sub-forum on the detachment website. You can find more information here. 

For those interested here is the original discussion on the creation of Fire teams here



With Unquestioned Loyalty

Mark Ryner

TK-4584 "captsafe66"

Fire Team Relations



So what exactly are kKf6hGu.png and QrRRhuF.png levels?

These programs were designed for those who choose to take their armor above and beyond the minimum requirements for basic 501st Legion approval.  It gives you the chance to show a level of dedication and pride that takes your armor closer to being as "screen accurate" as possible, without as much extra work as you may realize! You can find more information on the programs here.


For those unaware it is possible to achieve extra awards at Expert Infantry for each additional version costume you have approved, additional awards are not issued with another Expert Infantry number (you are only issued 1 Expert Infantry number) but you will see a star above the award on your profile and the thread title will show [APPROVED] 2nd, [APPROVED] 3rd, [APPROVED] 4th and so on. Multiple EIB award recipients and info here


NOTE If you are approved with a "2nd Version" of a particular costume that you are already approved with you do not receive an additional award, there is only 1 award issued for each costume version ie: only 1 x Hero, 1 x Stunt, 1 x HWT, 1 x ESB, 1 x TFA and so on. If you have a second/additional version costume approved you will see "2nd Version" and [APPROVED] added to the thread title, no additional profile stars (more info on profile awards here)




For those of you who have a particular issue (or issues) before or after submitting for Expert Infantry / Centurion level approval, in order to get you an answer faster you can now privately contact the entire Deployment Officer team at one time!  


Questions about fitting, repairs, CRL standards/requirements or anything pertaining to reaching Levels 2 and 3 are not only welcomed, but encouraged.  Keep in mind that no question is too small, and that your queries will only be seen by the D.O. Staff.


We are here to help in any way we can, so please feel free to send us a message by clicking on this link: @Deployment Officer Team and we will get back to you A.S.A.P.!



This area lists all those who have gone above and beyond basic approval toward screen accuracy and obtained EIB or Centurion or both.  FOR  February - March the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment would like to congratulate the following.

Expert Infantry Badge Award:


Dave "HardcaseNZ TK17278 EIB 1057

Tiffany  "rabbitiff TK92230 EIB 1058


GREAT job on your approval, now on to Level 3!  :salute:

Request your free EIB certificate here.

You can find a list of multiple award recipients here.

Multiple EIB award info here

Expert Infantry Honor Gallery here



Centurion Badge Award:


None this period - - -


Request your free Centurion certificate here.  

You can find a list of multiple award recipients here.


If you see any of these Troopers around your Garrison or Squad, be sure to congratulate them!




There's a new platform for the FISD Membership to enjoy.


This has been a long time coming and I’m proud to announce that we can finally share this project with all of you 


FISD Discord Server


If you’re looking for a casual and relaxed space to chat with your fellow TK’s, this is for you. Yes, even if you’re new to the Forums. We would be honored, if you would join us.


With Unquestioned Loyalty

Luca Hahn

TK-66744 "Morgi"

Social Media Relations





Another bumper issue, if you have any interesting articles or stories please reach out to me.

For anyone interested in having a look through any of the older newsletters they can find be found here.





With Unquestioned Loyalty

Glen "Q" Rhodes

TK-85421 "gmrhodes13"

PRO, Newsletter



Detachment Leader (DL): Andrew Franke (Sly11) TK-11469

Detachment Executive Officer (DXO): Joseph Pedigo justjoseph63 TK-10963 

Chief Deployment Officer (DCA): Mario Reyes (TKSpartan) TK-48117

Deployment Officer (DCA): José Mª Sánchez  (Chemi) TK-30173

Deployment Officer (DCA): Tony Jobe (ukswrath) TK-10116

Provost Marshall (DCoG): Steven Sheades (starsaber25) TK-10466

Provost Marshall (DCoG): Tim Waychoff (DarkCMF) TK-51878

Provost Marshall (DCoG): Chris Pearson (themaninthesuitcase) TK-10911

Provost Marshall (DCoG): Dan Branton (Cableguy) TK-42911

Special Unit Director-Valkyries (DCoG): Teresa Nuthall (Soulart) TK-41307

Provost Marshal SM Platforms  (DCoG): Christoph (Danny) Lauber (Ripper_L) TK-55550

Fire Team Relations(DCoG): Mark Ryner (captsafe66) TK-4584

Merchandise and Brand Officer (DMBO): James Silvius (jsilvius) TK-12953

Trading Card Specialist (DMBO): Eric Ho (Hoda) TK-77520

Personnel Officer (DPER): AC (NoVATie) TK-5597

Content Editor Support (DPRO): Adam Wolf (Revlimiter) TK-89400

Content Editor Support (DPRO): Jeff Salt (Wingnut65) TK-50297  NEW TO STAFF

Content Editor Support (DPRO): Jonatan Östling (Nairy) TK-23592  NEW TO STAFF

Content Editor Support (DPRO): Vicky Mandlmaier (Vicky_Velocipanda) TK-50893  NEW TO STAFF

Social Media Relations (DPRO): Luca Hahn (Morgi) TK-66744   NEW TO STAFF

Newsletter Publisher (DPRO): Glen Rhodes (gmrhodes13) TK-85421

Attache Ambassador (DPRO): Caleb Mask  (MaskedVengeance) TK-73692   NEW TO STAFF

Systems Administrator (DWM): Eric Brager (Darth Aloha) TK-9674

Systems Administrator (DWM): Mathias (Locitus) TK-2959

Detachment Founder (DF): Paul Hoeffer (Daetrin) TK-8020 




dnvsyYa.png  Facebook: www.facebook.com/whitearmor  Facebook Group: 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment (FISD) Official
 hydvAKP.png  Twitter: www.twitter.com/FISD501st or @FISD501st   QoCzxCK.png  Instagram: www.instagram.com/fisd501st

QoCzxCK.png.20bf30de5fb727d7e1d269484a692a2c.png  Discord: https://discord.gg/FmQZ2qW8gx




On behalf of the 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment Command Staff and the Imperial Propaganda Department




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I'm very excited to see what this month will bring in form of entries to the banner competition as well as some nice chats on the Discord server! Thank you everyone for all the hard work!

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EXTENDED to 31st March  (not that I'm partial to the one we have ;) ) 


If anyone missed the link in the newsletter here it is again


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7 hours ago, masterx244 said:

you got "sniped" by the latest news. there is a changing room arrangement now for celebration.

I wasn't privy to the info when the newsletter was finalized, change room info now added

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