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  1. Sorry for delaying trooper. fortunately we the D.O. are not alone having such amazing group of people willing to help and make real our moto "Troopers Helping Troopers" Glad the recommended solutions made the deal !!
  2. Hi Jonatan . As Glen suggested you could trim a little the ends of the plastic belt to match better the cloth one.
  3. Hi Georgia We apologize for the delay in reviewing your Centurion application, but unfortunately we cannot proceed and get that Centurion badge under your name until all the L3 requirements are met. Please post up the updated photos and we will get right on it! These are the things (as listed in your E.I. review) that need to be corrected so that we can move along.... 1. The corners of the plastic ammo belt shall be trimmed at a 45 degree angle that that meets the outer edge of the cloth belt. Also, drop boxes should be vertically aligned with the end of the ammo belt with minimal gap between belt and box. Reference images 2. The top of the ABS ammo belt should sit at or just above the bottom of the central and vertical abdomen button panels. Reference images 3. The back was overlapping your kidney quite a bit, so it looks like you have lowered the kidney. This has caused the back plate to go too low, covering the upper thighs. The bottom of the back needs to be trimmed (no return edge, like Luke's,). Thus, the back plate can be raised a little and everything will return to its correct place. E.I. app Centurion app Reference image No return edge(Luke´s) 4. In your E.I. app the cover strips on the thighs were perfect. However, in the new app the right one is facing to the side. We need new photos where the cover strip is correctly positioned... E.I. app Centurion app Reference image 5. We also need you to include an updated close-up photo of the of the ab/kidney connection (no belt, and without overlapping ). Something like this... That's all Georgia...We know it's a little extra work, but we're confident that you'll be able to make all these fixes, and thus get the Centurion badge under your name.
  4. Hi Kris, Great to see your Centurion App. One of us will be with you shortly. Added to the processing line.
  5. Hi again, Jessie! After discussion among the D.O. staff, and because of the lapse (3 years) we need a favor to move you along and get that Centurion badge under your name. Please set aside an hour or so and take all new photos (you can post them on this thread). An updated list of the ones we will need can be found here. The sizes of the ones you posted in 2018 are PERFECT . Many thanks, and we look forward to seeing the new pics so we can get started.
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