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Imperial Attache Outstanding Achievement Award


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Imperial Attache Outstanding Achievement Award 




In order to recognize those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty as members of this program, the FISD would like to announce a new accolade: The Attached Outstanding Achievement Award ribbon, (as seen above) will be bestowed to those who consistently exemplify the meaning of Imperial Attaché, which will be added above their EIB or Centurion badge.

This distinction will go to those who are not only consistently assisting present Troopers but helping future Troopers on their white armor journey as well. This includes greeting first-time posters, offering advice and guidance, assisting with EIB and Centurion levels and staying active on the FISD and/or their local boards***. Recipients are considered on the basis of a combination of those contributions and been an Attaché for at least one full year. These recipients are awarded based on going above and beyond their Imperial Attaché duties. 

This Thread will be Pinned and Locked to display the recipients of this award and serve as a reminder to us all of their dedication and unquestioned loyalty to the FISD and our mission. Thank You, Attaches. :salute:


Joseph (justjoseph63) FLG

Awarded May 2017

 If anyone is deserving of this award the most it is him. A pioneer of the Attached program. Constantly on the FISD boards serving proudly on the Attaché Staff, FISD Staff and as a Deployment Officer. He offers a variety of items to help get your trooper to Centurion! One of the true Legends of this community. 


Glen (gmrhodes13) DSG

Awarded May 2017

What can I say... the guy is truly a legend here on the FISD, so no explanation necessary. To be honest, if we could only give out one ribbon, it would go to him.


Aaron (Pyrates) BG

Awarded May 2017

With almost 3000 posts in 18 months (and 1800+ "likes") his record speaks for itself. His informative and helpful posts have been an enormous assistance to many, especially in the Badlands Garrison.


Christoph (Ripper_L) GG

Awarded May 2017

Our "main guy" in the German Garrison has also moved up to Admin. status, he continues to do us and the GG proud as Attaché

A "Trooper's Trooper".


Chris (themaninthesuitcase) UKG

Awarded May 2017

Chris truly embodies the spirit of "Troopers helping Troopers". His participation and advice have helped hundreds, and both we and the UK Garrison are lucky to have him.


Kyle (Zarlon) GLG

Awarded May 2017

  Kyle is constantly on the FISD, greeting new posters, offering advice, and encouraging everyone. In my opinion one of our best.


Anthony (Redforce) ECG

Awarded May 2017

A mainstay on the FISD, he always takes the time to greet new folks, has sage advice and is happy to share it. A definite PLUS for this program.


Eric (Tolo) GFI

Awarded May 2017

Another legend here in the FISD also serving dual roles as Attaché and Admin. A plethora of information, he is always willing to help out anyone who needs it.


Christian (v7sg) PRG

Awarded May 2017

 Besides doing the I.A. patch run, he is a fountain of knowledge and is always there to help, especially for those going for FOTK.


Gary (flashpoint0214) FLG

Awarded May 2017

Gary is incredibly active on the FLG boards and very active in the Makaze Squad, also serving as the Charity Liaison. He (and his father, also a Centurion) hold frequent armor parties and have been responsible for countless basic, level 2 and 3 approvals for TKs in central FL.


Steve (starsaber25) ECG

Awarded May 2017

Although Steve has moved up to the Admin. staff, he also serves as one of our best Attaches and does an outstanding job in both roles.


Tony (ukswrath) GGG

Awarded June 2017

... Really? Ok. It's Tony. Probably helped you with your TK if you were on these boards. How many tutorials did this guy make? I mean seriously.. What can I say. Tony has been an extraordinary asset to the FISD and troopers around the world.  In addition to serving as one of our D.O.s and helping folks on a daily basis, Tony's build threads have been viewed over half a million times!  With over 8,000 posts to his credit, his contributions to the FISD are legendary.


Andrew (Sly11) RBG

Awarded June 2017

The "Wonder from Down Under" is also one of our D.O.s, and his knowledge of armor is simply amazing.  His white armor wisdom and sage advice have helped countless Troopers become members of the 501st and FISD as well as join the ranks of EIB and Centurion


Allan (allan1313) ECG

Awarded June 2017

Also a mainstay here and one of our best I.A.s by far, he exemplifies the "Troopers helping Troopers" motto.


Randy (magni) NEG

Awarded June 2017

Is always in the forefront of providing great information, greeting new folks and assisting future and approved TKs with advice and guidance.


Kalani (kman) SoCal G

Awarded September 2017

A member since January of 2016, Kalani has consistently been an exemplary team member of the I.A. program and has gone above and beyond in all aspects of the position, especially in the area of welcoming new folks.


Christian (Novak Dimon) GG

Awarded September 2017

As a member of our German Garrison, Christian has reached out to members of the FISD worldwide and used his knowledge to  help them on their white-armor journey.


Shane (Shanester) BAG

Awarded February 2018

Shane continues to amaze me with the amount of time and effort he puts into sharing his knowledge and making new folks feel at home here, exemplifying the spirit of "Troopers helping Troopers" He sets a pace that I hope all others will follow, and see bigger things in his future here at the home of shiny white armor


Sarah (Alay) CTG

Awarded June 2018

She has been serving with the FISD as an Attaché for well over a year. The most notable service is for her tiring and relentless efforts in the most recent FISD racing shirt run. This is a true labor of love, and we feel that is well deserving of this prestigious award.


Ben (Buttons) CG

Awarded July 2018

Ben has been serving with the FISD as an Attaché for well over a year! Ben is recognized for his continued efforts in the Attaché program, but most recently hosting and re-opening popular FISD ID Badges for the community. We love the new designs!



Daniel (TheSwede) NG

Awarded August 2018

Daniel has been on the front lines giving troopers extremely detailed advice. He is on the boards almost every day if NOT every day! You can see the passion in his posts. More Attaches can look to him as an example!


Luc (Lucnak) CCG

Awarded October 2018

Luc has been an extraordinary part of the I.A. team and is currently at the forefront of assisting new FO TKs. His experience and loyalty to the FISD are unquestionable with his great advice. We are honored to have him part of the team. 


Christine (Cricket) GG

Awarded October 2018

Christine has been an extraordinary part of the I.A. team! No doubt that you may have already seen her vertically challenged build threads that many troopers referenced. She is a valuable resource and we are very lucky to have her on the team. 


Brien (Harbinger) CCG

Awarded November 2018

Brien has earned this award for his countless contributions for the FISD & Attaché Program. Most merch that you have purchased, may have been designed by this trooper. His continued efforts on his graphic skills are something that should be celebrated and recognized. Today we salute you Brien!


Eric (Hoda) SGG

Awarded Augst 2020

Eric has received his award for the work he has been doing with the FISD trading cards. Today we salute you Eric!


Justin (TheRascalKing) SGG

Awarded June 2021

Justin did such a great job stepping up and keeping the pin run organized and running smoothly. The staff has all seen a lot of great comments on social media on how well this went. Today we salute you Justin


James (jsilvius) GT

Awarded October 2021

As we have in the past, I would like to officially award James the Attaché outstanding achievement award for exceptional service to the detachment for undertaking a  large scale merch run. He not only helmed the Anniversary coin run, but did it efficiently and shipped all coins out in record time. Brilliant job James, the staff are truly grateful, as I am sure the membership are also. You are a credit to FISD.











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