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Hello! I am in the process of ordering a kit from Dave’s Darkside Depot! I am super excited about becoming a Stormtrooper and would love some tips for first time armor builders! Anything you wish you would have known when you started out!? Thanks and I look forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts!! :)

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Hello and welcome aboard, check out some other build threads as well as EIB and Centurion applications, also use the reference gallery, don't forget the CRL's (costume reference library) great images you can refer back to while building. There is also the Reference Image Depository here


Here is a great supply list: 


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Welcome to FISD Katie, looking fordward to see your BBB day photos. ! :jc_doublethumbup:


Meanwhile you can search and read the Forum sections quoted by Glen  and you can ask whatever you need , there will be always someone to assist you.



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Hello Katie,


Welcome to FISD.


As mentioned above, do check out the build threads section on the forum, you will find them very helpful when you start your own build. And remember to start you own build thread when you receive your kit, we will be able to make advise and useful tips there.

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Welcome to the FISD, Katie!  The supply list Glen gave will help you get all your build items in place before you start your build.  Having them on hand during your build will assure thaat you don't have to stop because you need a particular item.

He also mentioned the CRLs.  I have a thread that will help with a lot of those details here, and there are some tutorials at the bottom of my post that will answer more questions for ya'.


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Welcome! You’ve gotten some good advice. Measure multiple times and cut once. Make smaller cuts and do lots of sizing in between. You can always cut more off its time consuming but it’ll be worth it. Make a build thread and ask lots of questions. We are all here to help.

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Make sure you start up a build thread to show your progress. People will follow and know more of what’s going on when you run into problems. Make sure to ask questions during the build process. 

Also keep in mind everything else you’ll need to top off the build:


Blaster decals 

Helmet padding

Gloves (possibly rubber and nomex) 

Flexible hand guards


Storage bin

Helmet fans

Voice amp

Hearing assist

Thats all I can think of for now but a lot of bits and bobs to add on. Not all are needed but many are great to have. Hope to see that build thread soon :) 

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Number 1 thing I wish before I started; A trooper's suit is never done.

Never... Ne-ver... :P


My tips next to all the above; Take your time, don't stress is. Measure twice (or more) and cut once.

Check and re check reference at the CRL and books/websites. (Also be surprised how ugly the TK's actually were). You have a potential centurion in your brown boxes (highest level of accuracy) if possible; go for the closest to screen accurate as possible. It will be worth it.


If you don't know what to do, can not find certain info; ask around! We've all been there and we all love to help. 


First time; use E6000. Very easy to apply and to correct mistakes in the first few minutes. Also if you really made a big error E6000 is easy to clean off.

Also if you cut 90 degrees corners (leg armor, knee armor plate, some parts of kidney etc) always round it off. Maybe drill first and cut towards that, straight edges are easy to crack/will crack. 


But most of all; enjoy the build! After this it will only be sweating, not bending and kicking against things below your waist :P

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