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  1. Shoulders are a bit far out in the first photo, it does happen when trooping but make sure it looks perfect for the submission photos. And be careful for your knee guard to not get caught under the thigh.. not a fun repair. I don’t see any problem getting basic approval aslong as you take your time to get the photos well. Good luck!
  2. Welcome. I seen your intro over on Spec Ops but this area is very good too. the jet trooper definitely WILL NOT end up on FISD but that’s alright, people here are still very knowledgeable of hard armor costumes.
  3. TX-34219 requesting membership access https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=32094
  4. Ah alright. Still good for the price. I may be able to make modifications
  5. I got this ANH e11 blaster from a Facebook maker https://www.facebook.com/RoadToDreamsByPV/ with lights and sound for less than 100$. I usually carry a DLT19 and holster the e11 but with the electronics, It so much better. The maker also makes them out of wood pieces so its nice and realistic weight. By far the best priced blaster I’ve seen around with light and sound.
  6. Welcome trooper. Your armor has a couple dark spots, you must have been out with the muddies?
  7. Welcome sergeant. Looking forwards to seeing your armor
  8. I meant as like « as you said » I agree with you. That’s why I said the word “also” meaning “too / aswell” sorry if I said it wrong, I am from France :/
  9. I also have confirmation that it is not e6000 as @troopermastersaid. I have a full commission from rs too and mine was pretty great measurements, if you sent the correct measurements and it’s too small then it must be a part on their end. Andrea might be able to send another pair, they did that with me for hand guards.
  10. Welcome. I bought my stormtrooper armor when I was 18, no need to worry about being young haha. Make sure to do your research and ask questions before buying. Hard armor is expensive so if you are looking to dip your toes into the 501st before spending lots of cash, I recommend checking out an officer costume. Many people use a more affordable costume to get in touch with local troopers and be part of the 501st before committing to a long project, that might be the best case for you. My staff officer costed about 200$. There is another detachment Fourm for that costume group or just message me for details.
  11. You can take the ends off and cut them there. No need to wrestle the whole thing back on
  12. I noticed that your brow also is a bit long. That’s typical for rs. I’d cut the brow back a little, it shouldn’t keep you from basic but still want to be as accurate as possible.
  13. Welcome. I would recommend going for new hope tk. Rs is the best for that set since they cast directly from a screen used new hope TK.
  14. I may try to print one of the pictures above. I’m sure I can try a couple times to get the sizing right. I appreciate those photos!
  15. Welcome. Research is the best as said before. The link in the first response is a list of the only vendors you should consider! Also: you should ask any questions regarding the kit you want to go with or about a buyer here on FISD. Everything a stormtrooper ever needs to know is here goodluck
  16. The leg pieces seem long to me. Your sniper knee was tucked under in a few photos (was said by @Aizenoso) I recommend pulling them all down away from the cod piece. goodluck
  17. it converts but I recommend looking up the price in USD. I didn’t realise how different the value was until AFTER I sent the money. Haha
  18. If you were to go with 850 then I recommend you buy from their site. There are many more options there. I’ve seen 850 look great, is certainly is approvable if done right. https://850armorworks.com
  19. Definitely approached it at light speed. It’s good to take great deals as that come btw nice staff officer, I get mine complete next week.
  20. Make sure you start up a build thread to show your progress. People will follow and know more of what’s going on when you run into problems. Make sure to ask questions during the build process. Also keep in mind everything else you’ll need to top off the build: Blaster Blaster decals Helmet padding Gloves (possibly rubber and nomex) Flexible hand guards Undersuit Storage bin Helmet fans Voice amp Hearing assist Thats all I can think of for now but a lot of bits and bobs to add on. Not all are needed but many are great to have. Hope to see that build thread soon
  21. Anovos is great when you don’t have to deal with them directly
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