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  1. I went out and bought the 3 step Novus kit. Thanks @Sly11
  2. Hey everyone I am currently waiting for my rspropmasters armor to ship out this next month. I ordered a full commission but wanted to gloss it to give an extra shine or gloss in between troops. I ordered my armor in ABS plastic and am wondering if it’s painted white or if it’s cut white. As in will i be able to spray a clear gloss over it or do I risk ruining the paint underneath? thanks
  3. Although the lines would have to be redone. They are too straight
  4. Looks good. 3 screws, 4 humps and looks like s liner. good purchase
  5. Welcome. I also am waiting for BBB from RS. I ordered a while ago so shipping date is early January. Shouldn’t be long after that for me to start trooping. I also am involved in the Florida Garrison too, more on the forums than anything else
  6. Is the jet trooper likely to stay in FISD or go to Spec Ops?
  7. We are in the same garrison. I seen your welcome page today. I will pm you on the wigarrison forums for information about where to send your pictures
  8. I looked at a few YouTube videos but the results in the comments are sometimes horror stories and I’d rather not ruin Armor the price of my first car. What is the best method to shining abs Armor? I see that mine has gone dull overtime, especially my TX shadow Armor. Someone help! Thanks
  9. I’ve heard DDD Armor is pretty nice. Should be easy approval for you
  10. Welcome! There are plenty of reputable vendors that you can buy kits from that are listed on here as said before. I would stick to those or even go to the pre-approval area and check out those that have bought from all kind of different vendors that will make it to approval. Personally I wonder which part of Wisconsin are you from? I am a soon to be TX for Bloodmoon Squad! https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/193-request-tk-pre-approval/
  11. Oh ok congratulations! I sent you a message, hoping to connect you with the rest of the garrison! All for the glory of the Empire!
  12. Yes it is more screen accurate. The rs full commissioned can be modified for better accuracy but I’ve never seen the brow stop anyone from basic approval
  13. Hope is goes well for you! Remember to post pictures
  14. Im not sure if anyone said anything yet but the brow from rs is longer than it should be and the one you are looking at is cut in the right place. If it was rs then surely not full commissioned
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