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  1. Number 1 thing I wish before I started; A trooper's suit is never done. Never... Ne-ver... My tips next to all the above; Take your time, don't stress is. Measure twice (or more) and cut once. Check and re check reference at the CRL and books/websites. (Also be surprised how ugly the TK's actually were). You have a potential centurion in your brown boxes (highest level of accuracy) if possible; go for the closest to screen accurate as possible. It will be worth it. If you don't know what to do, can not find certain info; ask around! We've all been there and we
  2. I cut my suit for 90% with Lexan scissors (curved and normal). They are a breeze to work with, highly recommend!
  3. I agree with Giskard8 above. I own a doopydoos resin cast because I wanted to aim for an accurate blaster and also feel like I am holding 'something' in my hands and not a toy. But after a few years of trooping I would say; give the foam or 3D print a shot. The resin cast can become quite heavy holding it for a hour and more. Also in your holster it will swing a bit and pull some on the belt. Another pro about the 3D is that most of them are ready to add/install Blast FX. (I know 3Dprops NL does so) It all comes down to personal preference, and troop pattern indeed. If you give out
  4. TK 18212 requesting permission! https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=26658&costumeID=124
  5. Hi all, this is my first time into a TK build and I what a few questions regarding the forearm trimming. I am working with the RS propmasters kit and I have read some of the topics on this forum but a few things aren't quite clear to me yet, hope you guys can help me out: Do I need to cut the wrist end of the arms straight? (red line, but than ofcourse following the shape of the arm, not this very horizontal line in photoshop) Or leave them like it is now? I now followed the edge from the mold. I think that I should make a straight edge but I just want to be sure about this. Also; do I
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