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New member from Grand Junction requesting help

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Hi Jared,

So the Incinerator is based on ROTJ style armour. Regular ANH/ESB armour can often be modified to give the appearance of ROTJ armour I believe so I would suggest checking out this thread to begin with this. 
But be aware that separate butt and kidney plates are not allowed for this costume. 
I believe WTF: Walt’s Trooper Factory on Facebook makes his kits with the two plates connected, others could chime in here if I’m incorrect.

A good option though would be to go straight for ROTJ armour. This is where CFO (Cast From Original) could be a good match for you. They can be found on FB also. 
For the boots I would say try Imperial Boots

For all the other bits and pieces there are lots of sales threads here or at places like Trooperbay.


I hope this helps!



Also, don’t confuse this costume with a recent popular appearance as it is very different!

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If your interested in the Incinerator Trooper check out the specific build section on the forum for previously built armour, tips and tricks specific to this armour. Link below


And definitely follow the CRL.

Good luck and create your own build thread so we can follow your progress and advise help along the way.

And welcome to the wonderful world of white armour.

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Hello Jared,


Welcome to FISD.


As our fellow troopers indicated, it is desirable to purchase a ROTJ kit straight out. And you should aim to build it to Centurion spec (it is not that difficult if you aim for it right at the beginning).


The Force Unleashed Stromtrooper has a peculiar combination of parts, the body is of ROTJ construct but the helmet is in ANH form (at least for the details), but of course you can still use a ROTJ one and confirm it to the CRL. I am a also Force Unleashed Stromtrooper commander and I had mine made by order from Troopermaster to the specs.


I believe if you get in touch with any maker that makes ROTJ kit they can too tailor this for you.


Shoot at us if you have any question any time.

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Welcome to the FISD, Jared!  As Shaun mentioned, that costume is based on ROTJ armor, which differs slightly from ANH/ESB.  I would suggest getting in touch with Sskunky or TM who are 2 of our "vetted" sellers and make truly outstanding ROTJ kits.  You can PM Sskunky directly by clicking here:  @sskunky or TM here: @troopermaster

Avoid anything you see on ebay or the like.... trust me.

Always feel free to ask any questions you like, and know that we are here for you every step of the way!

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Welcome Jarred.
As you can see , yes it does sometimes get a touch confusing with forum names, real names and who they belong to along with what armour some of our members make ;b
But it’s all good because we have plenty of knowledgeable members and armour makers here to make sure you are always on the right path.
Good luck with your research and build.

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Welcome to the FISD!


Great to see another Force Unleashed Trooper coming up!:duim:


You have 3 makers to choose from

CFO, TM and WTF all make a kit you can use.


I used WTF for my commander. His back plate is already connected and he even had a 5 button ab plate pc. so I didn't have to make one.


CFO and TM make outstanding kits. I just went with WTF for the fact I can pick up in person.


Good Luck Future Trooper!:salute:

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Welcome to the FISD.  Looks like you are getting some great info (I love force unleashed stuff but know nothing about the specific trooper costumes :blush:).  I'm looking forward to your build.  Good luck!

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