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  1. Cheers for that. I’ll have to see how my popper snaps go. I’ll probably either replace them or perhaps do what you did.
  2. Thanks Stephen. I didn’t get any strapping or snaps or anything from RS, just the hard harmour, so I’ve been sourcing it all myself. I got the Tandy snaps which seem extremely strong (as everyone says) but I did cheap out a little with the poppers for the belt. They aren’t too strong at all so I might have to redo them at some point. Oh yes the two identical shins. When the kit first arrived I feared I’d been sent the wrong parts. But it didn’t take much searching to find that it was normal. I haven’t trimmed my shins yet but I assume people try to reshape the ankle curves to be symmetrical? Or do they leave it as is? To me it looks as though it would be easiest to make both sides of each shin the same rather than try and replicate the two different curves.
  3. Thanks Rob. The Black plate hadn’t actually concerned me at all until I saw that EIB submission the other day. I love the accuracy of the RS kit (it’s why I chose them) so I won’t let it concern me any longer. Wth the shoulder straps, I have only added reinforcements under the bumps which will be glued to the chest plate, this is to create maximum surface area for the glue to adhere to when I glue them down. The straps themselves remain flexible.
  4. Well overdue for an update I know but I moved house a couple of weeks ago and as I've pretty much finished unpacking I'm all out of excuses.Anyhow... Torso!I finished trimming all the back pieces and marked out the positions for the brackets. After I had drilled the initial holes I added some extra material to give the brackets a bit of reinforcement. Then, when the glue was fairly dry, drilled through the support material to the required size hole.Then it was a matter of coutersinking the holes and installing the brackets. After a chat with Sith Lord at my place yesterday we agreed that I'd left a bit too much return edge on the bottom of the chest plate. I removed a fair bit and think it looks much better now. I'll paint the screws another day. Don't you just love the RS wonkiness? I sure do.The brackets are a bit fiddley to install but not hard at all - provided you drilled all your holes in the right places, which luckily I had done.Another quirk of the RS kit (well its a quirk if you're on the tall side) is the curvature of the back plate near the shoulders.It tapers in very sharply with makes it sit very high on your back.This is something that was commented on in Mr. V's EIB application as something to possibly look at for Centurion. Not entirely sure what I'm going to do; a hot water bath perhaps? But I'll address that later.Next up I plan to measure and trim the sides to make them sit nice and flush, then add the strapping to connect the two halves of the clamshell. From there will be the elastic shoulder straps on the inside and the plastic straps on the outside. But that's for another day.
  5. Well done mate! Loved watching your build both here and at home. Hopefully I’m not too far behind you!
  6. Mine is the same. RS is a warts and all kit. That is to say it’s accurate to the screen used armour they acquired
  7. I had a go at making up a thigh garter this morning. For the belt I used a simple luggage belt that I had originally bought for the base for a FOTK belt - way before JAFO came along with his Belts of the First Order. Incidentally, I had previously used the other one (they came in pairs) to make the waist belt and bandolier for my Tusken. It was meant to be. Anyhow, I trimmed off a fair bit of excess material, melted the end to stop fraying and resewed it. Next I sewed loops into some 3inch wide black elastic (dammit that’s not metric!) and pulled the belt through. Simple. I’m till not great at using a sewing machine but it was way quicker than doing it my hand. I fully expect to need to sew the elastic into the belt to keep the thigh pieces in place. Hopefully in the next couple of days I’ll be ready test it out. I haven’t decided if I’ll use glue or snaps to attach the elastic to the thighs yet.
  8. Nice build. It’s great to see Tom’s helmets out in the wild
  9. Nice, thanks. I haven’t put any of the back pieces together yet so I’ll see how it all fits together before attaching them.
  10. They actually come curved from RS. I believe they’re pulled that way unlike other makers. Thanks man, it ‘feels’ right there [emoji4] Edit: not all makers but I’ve certainly seen flat ones out there
  11. Thanks mate. Here’s a question for the masses: how far down the chest plate should I mount the shoulder straps? I was thinking of aligning the edge of the first bump to the angled area as shown here...
  12. Awesome stuff. Just trying to be helpful, you’re well ahead of me though!
  13. Great application mate! It’s a little hard to see in the pic but I assume the sniper knee plate is aligned with the shin ridges? It looks to be so disregard if so! Not sure if the TD clips are meant to overlap the control panel. That might just be my OCD though. Do you have black elastic holding the shoulder bells in place? Again it’s probably the pics. Are you planning on going onwards to Centurion? Looking great though. I’m sure you’ve got this.
  14. Congrats mate! Looking sharp. Now onwards to centurion!
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