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The MANDALORIAN Trailer #1

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Looks like a new trailer dropped today.


If you look closely, it looks like they used a handful of Black Series helmets for the piked helmets in the opening shot. 


Unlike in the R1TK helmets which have the assymetrical eyes (this was confirmed by Glen Dillon on his TWITTER, designer/modeler of the R1TK), the impaled helmets are 100% symmetrical, have the high brows, and the teeth have no mesh. 



It's also worth mentioning that the Anthology TK's now have ANH helmet's combined with their R1TK suits. 

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4 hours ago, Thrawndike bar said:

Does this mean that an you'll be allowed to wear ANH helmets with your Anthology armor?

Probably not, it's a bit like seeing "Mr Nostripes" in ANH, it's not approvable.


CRL's are made with consistency in mind and the general look is used, if the majority is Anthology that's what the CRL will be made up of.


It will be a bit odd having a series after ROTJ using pre ANH armor but then the mouse doesn't care what costumers think. 

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There will be a mix on the Mandalorian.

Keep in mind that this is actually a TV series not a feature film. So Dave F. and John F. didn't have the huge budget per episode but wanted to make the most of what they had to work with to give us the best they could. At the last minuet John F. wanted "a lot more troopers" for a few scenes and they only way they could make it happen cheap and fast  was to call on the 501st so that is why we got to be there.


I am sure they used other cost saving methods like buying off the shelf props like the Spike buckets as their prop department was working hard also.


Either way, it's going to be awesome with some really cool new characters and costumes. Exciting times! I know at Celebration they told us this was going to be a much grittier and harder series than classic SW. In their words it was going to be like the old western gunslinger movies but set in SW universe.

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Much more will come to light when the show airs and we are able to share! There are some details that will help make everythingggggg make more sense and should make any CRL concerns pretty straightforward. For now, everyone please understand that we SHOULD NOT be sharing many details from set!

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I’m just stoked that
1. 501st real troopers were used.
2. J Fav is involved.
3. Finally, we are getting the live action Star Wars TV show we had been promised for years.

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12 hours ago, Thrawndike bar said:

So, will there be a new CRL made for the super weathered TK's once the show comes out?

Unless there are multiple instances of some very obvious and strong differences between the Rogue One Tk's and what we will see across the series, the simple answer is no.

Considering they used R1 armour kits and of course a few scenes with Legion members, those CRL's are in place.

Weathering is only a variation that may be added as an option.

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