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  1. Thank you for your insight. I think the KB is the way I am leaning for ease of use and I have been really happy with my ABS OTTK. I have no problems working with fiberglass but I know how brittle it can get and the last thing I want to be doing is repairing spider cracks all the time.
  2. Ukswrath has already provided me with some great information, Thanks Tony. Just looking for a few more opinions before I pull the trigger since I have given up on Anovos. I want to go TLJ FOTK and already have the boots, gloves and blaster and am looking at either the KB Props ABS kit or the Jimi Fiberglass kit. My experience level is I have built and Anovos ANH TK to EIB and am a couple steps from Centurion and an Anovos Shadow TK for my wife. I have done a lot of fiberglass work on jetskis and painted my own jetski and a car. I like the sharp details of the jimi but don't want to deal with constant cracking and painting if that is an issue. I am 6'3" and 199 lbs. Thanks for any and all input.
  3. I can interpret that last one for you..."negotiating to get our molds from our Chinese mfg" = We have no money to pay them so they will not give the molds to us for free.
  4. My uneducated guess is that Anovos is finally out of money. And guess what? Even big bad China isn’t going to give you product or bucks if you don’t pay your bills. As others have said all along Anovos is out of money and barely keeping a light on so there’s nothing to ship out. I also find it very interesting that Anovos can't ship out any TLJ helmets to paying customers but somehow someone in Texas just like Anovos has shipped 23 of them and has 4 more for immediate shipment. How can this be unless Anovos is....gasp...not telling the truth and selling our items out from under us? The worst part is that this thread is almost 3 years old now and we are absolutely no closer to getting our armor than when it was started but still being told the same lies.
  5. So let me get this straight........... First they were changing bucks, then they were in production and posted pictures of the rough pulls then they were on a ship, then they were stuck in customs, then they were in a container, then they were being inspected by Disney/LFL, then they were in the warehouse. And now the bucks are not being released from China and they will be made in Texas? Wake up fellow troopers!!!! When are you going to realize it is just one lie after another. Nothing they have ever said has been true so why should we believe them this time?
  6. So Anovos has a glorious product update for us...... Yes, all of you fortune tellers are correct, everything pushed to Q2 or even "Towards End Of" Q2. There has never been a bigger bunch of conmen and crooks than Anovos, they are the worst.
  7. It’s the end of Q1, everything must have shipped.
  8. And there we go......... the Anovos COVID-19 excust that we all knew was coming. I call B.S. on all of this. "small batches" my an impolite person. They have been touting the "large shipment " for years now that mysteriously never arrives. Charlie is, "Worried about the supply chain keeping their promises"? WTF Charlie! How about you and Anovos keeping YOUR promises!!!!
  9. Nope, even the Standard Line ones never shipped. Just to be clear Anovos hasn't shipped FOTK kits that I am aware of since Celebration 2019 which was 11 months ago. And yes, I too agree that the Corona Virus will be the next textbook Anovos excuse. But wait, weren't they already on a ship ready for delivery 12 months ago?
  10. I would bet some good money that their next newsletter will say that they are delayed until Q2 due to the Corona Virus in China.
  11. Well, it's been another month so I assume at this point everyone heard back from Anovos and their kits have shipped? Maybe I'm the only one that didn't get shipping notification, LOL.
  12. Did you "recently" get your Anovos kit directly from Anovos or a 3rd party? Would be nice to know if any are shipping at the moment.
  13. They are also shipping older items like the Kylo helmets and Solo jackets.
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