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  1. Oh, don't worry, the spares are non-existent too so they should match perfectly.
  2. You want to be careful with products not made for plastic as they can make them brittle and/or yellow as the lubricants that suspend the abrasive particles can be different for paint, gelcoat and plastics.
  3. Also remember that they are doing this with a much smaller budget than a feature film and using new techniques in filming and editing so that they can immediately see the shots. Because of this the filming is at a much faster pace and less time for the continuity checkers to do their work. Just be glad that John and Dave are giving us back some of the most iconic OT characters that we have all been asking for. How cool is it that they actually used a scout regardless if he has a knee plate wrong?
  4. I would love to order the Mandalorian helmet and especially if it does ship but I just am not willing to spend another dime with them until they send my other items that they have failed over and over to deliver.
  5. Important plot points that we can't discuss at this time but the "dirty" troopers are Rogue one used armor as you can see in the clips posted above.
  6. Absolutely no chance we will have them by the premier.
  7. To answer your question, they have only done 1 official run and it has never shipped except for a a couple kits a few months ago. Unofficially they did a few Alpha and Beta runs back in 2015 of only a few kits for PR that were only available to a few 501st members. Given that they still have not delivered orders from back in 2016 and that is supposed to be the first people that get them chances are slim to none at this point. As far as if you were to order today as part of the new 2019 pre-order we can only guess at this point but a best guess would be that you would receive it anywhere from next year to never. In all honesty there is no reason to spend a dime with them until they can actually prove that they are shipping items. You are much better of going with a maker from here that is actually shipping armor reliably like Jimmiroquai.
  8. I don't have a picture of it but last night we were watching the Free Form Galaxy's Edge special and we noticed when they were talking to John Boyega about the Rise of the Resistance ride and filming his part there is a clip that is supposed to be of him and the FOTK's but it is actually a clip of OTTK's. Even my 9yo noticed and laughed about it.
  9. This is not a new order opening up. They are just selling the spots of the people that have canceled out of the first run. This is still the first and only run that they are doing of this costume. Yes, I am just as pissed since I still have one on order but this isn't bumping me or anyone that is still waiting, just selling the slots that have gone vacant.
  10. There really isn't a signup as they are asking for coverage of all customers of Anovos that did not receive the items ordered however, now it is only customers in those 4 states. The compensation is only to have the items ordered delivered or your payments refunded. Having said that, and being part of another class action the bad thing is the general customers are the last to receive any money and that is only of any money remaining. So if they win the class action there is no guarantee there will be any money to return to the customers so it could range anywhere from a full refund to nothing.
  11. Just got an update on the class action lawsuit and due to the judges decisions the only states that will be covered at this time are California, Florida, New York and Washington.
  12. How does this explain why the kits aren't shipping when the few kits that did ship a few months ago did not have gaskets or helmets? If they were shipping them before without gaskets why did they stop? Show me proof that a single kit was shipped with gaskets. And WTF why would they have more kits than gaskets when they have had years now and countless delays to get the same number of gaskets as kits, is it that hard to count? I am sorry but even though I have supported Anovos from the start and held out hope at this point with another missed deadline and more excuses this is straight up fraud. I hope the class action goes forward and they lose their asses. In no way, shape or form should this company be allowed to continue. At his point I really don't care if I get my stuff I just want them to be shut down so they stop screwing people. This will now be the 3rd halloween that I do not have my Kylo Ren from Anovos and at this point my son has moved on and isn't even into Star Wars anymore and that I will never be able to get back. So yes I have gone from an Anovos cheerleader to being very bitter towards them and will do all I can to help others avoid them.
  13. All I was saying is that the BSP ones are just arriving so let’s see how they are before telling everyone to go buy them. Not that anyone is saying that.
  14. Still waiting to see more of the BSP kits as there is already some chatter on FB that parts are not accurate and will not pass 501st but we still need more pictures and information.
  15. I think there is pretty strong evidence that's exactly where our kits went. You can see the Anovos forearm cutout pretty clearly in the picture. And if you count both parks that is a pretty good chunk of kits. First it is a theory but then when there is actual proof, looks like we were all taken by Anovos to support Disney. The signature Anovos 90 degree forearm cutout.... Then we have the Rise of the Resistance pictures.... Add this evidence to the fact that Anovos is supplying the shops in Galaxy's Edge and there you have the trail of our missing kits.
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