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  1. How about the Jimi kits he seems pretty reliable.
  2. It’s a small studio that with enough googling can be found with the Mandalorian but our actual set was a short distance off site in a vacant lot you wouldn’t even think twice about. True Hollywood magic.
  3. That would help but in an emergency isn’t necessary, LOL. It helps to be thin and flexible though.
  4. The best thing from this is how nice everyone was from the bottom to the top. Jon Favreau hit the nail on the head at the Mandalorian panel when he said he didn't know we knew nothing about why we were there and that we worked so hard. The first morning they jumped immediately into filming and most of us had no clue what to do and the crew seemed a little surprised. I think that it was Dave Filoni that told everyone we were 501st not extras then the crew realized we needed a little more direction than normal. From that point on I think our group nailed it and that we knew how to hold a blaster and move like a stormtrooper should as Jon said. The union extras kept having to be told by the crew to hold their blasters like the 501st. Towards the end of the first day we were doing some pretty involved work and one of the production assistants started to get a little frustrated with us since we were not catching her cues. Myself and a few other 501st said, "we have fans running and we can't hear you". She was surprised and asked, "what fans?", so we explained we had bucket fans so we can see. So from there she used hand signals for us and away we went. In the end I think we were in armor for well over 12 hours at a time, to the union extras it was just another paying job and no big deal to us it was a once in a lifetime experience. And yes, some of us now know how to use the restroom in full armor without making a mess.
  5. I’m not 100% sure but I think it was mentioned it might have been borrowed from Rogue One. It was thick and heavy and made of polyurethane. The buckets were heavy and the back strip and detonator was one piece like the FOTK. And lots of white tape.
  6. True but I’m sure the actors and extras unions wouldn’t go for that.
  7. The union workers were really cool. It turns out that the group that were troopers were military vets. They were pretty surprised how lite our armor was, we had fans in our buckets and couldn’t sit down.
  8. Yes, who would have thought being too accurate would have been a problem.
  9. I know I am excited for it and all the new stuff coming out like the Mandalorian. Should be a fun Fall/Winter. And Kyo gets a helmet again, he was more menacing with it in my opinion.
  10. I think it is best to play it safe at this point since they have been so great. We probably shouldn't say anything more than what is seen in this picture at this point. So OT TK obviously, E-11 blasters and no holsters. The guys in the background were the actual paid extras that had been filming before and after the 501st was invited. Basically the only reason there were no holsters was because at the last minute they saw we all had holsters but the actual actors you see in the background that were supplied by the prop department didn't have enough for all of them so we all had to remove them. It was a mad dash to get all the holsters removed and not delay filming.
  11. Yes, we were asked not to tell anything and it has been so hard to keep quiet but so rewarding. As more is released we will be able to share everything with our brothers and sisters but until then we have to respect what LFL and Disney asked of us. This picture is official now so I can at least say..... notice there aren't any holsters?
  12. I would agree. I am already thinking a nice aluminum backing plate with holes drilled and bonded to the underside with Plastic Welder 2. Just like a much larger and longer version of your shoulder bell bracket. We already know filling and paint are going to be needed no matter what. The same could be used for the sides.
  13. That isn't correct. The very first line says orders from now on. The Refund Issue This update reflects changes that pertain to orders placed on and after April 11, 2019.
  14. Wonder what gaskets will really ship? I just noticed the Pre-2019 orders shows the Latex gaskets but if you look at the Post 2019 pre-orders it says cloth gaskets. The cloth ones shown on the new pictures look horrible.
  15. So if I read that correctly they didn't have enough staff to get orders out before and they aren't going to add more staff to get shipments out and only ship on Monday and Wednesday so...... nothing is going to change? It still doesn't explain why something in stock should take 10-14 days to process even with a small staff only shipping on Monday and Wednesday, remember this is processing, not actually shipping it out the door. I especially like their fake comments by Anovos employees... Kevin T. Kolbe said: My experience with you guys has always been pretty good. One minor quibble (you didn’t put captains rank braids on a red velour female TOS dress), but it was an “Uhura” style anyway (and my wife doesn’t really care). So it wasn’t a big deal. Your shipping is usually pretty close to estimate, and your quality is about as good as it gets. There are a LOT of con artists out there (individuals AND companies with websites)-ANOVOS is NOT one of them! You guys are top notch! Really? When has their shipping ever been close to estimates? Not con artists like a lot of other companies? I sure hope they come through.
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