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  1. I think it depends on your build also. I am 6'3" and 200 lbs but thin and the Anovos fits me just fine.
  2. Hello Justin. I am 6'3" and 200lbs with the Anovos kit also. You should be able to make it fit so let me know if you need any pictures.
  3. So we had one of those guys that hits neighborhoods this week come through and try to paint house numbers on the curbs. Ours was looking pretty faded and my wife was interested in having it done. Hold the phone! I am self admitted cheap so I said I’ll do it myself. Now the guy did good work and it was pretty cool. Here’s our neighbors. So not to be outdone I got to thinking.... and found an image on google and a StarWars font and made a template. And ultimately had to represent my fellow TK’s.
  4. Their BS story of separate supply chains is one thing but the more Disney ones I see the more it makes me mad at Anovos considering all we do is wait and they keep lying to us.
  5. I was just being sarcastic. Waiting and waiting........
  6. Pretty sure I am the only one still waiting since Anovos said that almost all would be delivered by Celebration 2019. Guess I'm just not lucky.
  7. Sounds like their timeline is a bunch of crap as usual. So Disney has been waiting for years? Disney pre ordered before the Alpha and Beta kits and are being delivered something that’s TLJ and completely different? Oh wait, that’s the regular customers. The other big difference is that Disney is actually receiving product. There’s no way Disney was in the order pipeline before us.
  8. That's great news! So now there are exactly 3 confirmed and shipped suits out of the 50 "shipped" months ago?
  9. Maybe customers wouldn’t keep emailing if the just shipped some DAMN products!!!
  10. I have only seen two people that actually received them. I think it might have been a PR stunt before Celebration to take a little heat off them. Even those weren’t complete kits. There’s actually a build thread above in this section.
  11. More like the Mouse doesn't care as long as they get their license fees and stock for Galaxy's Edge.
  12. I know, I was just wondering if this was the same armor that the pre-orders are getting. Sounds like it is according to Tony.
  13. At that price it should be the completed premium version. The real question is does it have the shoulder and side seams that aren’t 501st approved? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. As far as the helmets at Galaxy's Edge, I got a response from Anovos and LFL that the helmets at the parks are from a different supply chain than the Anovos ones. This would explain the liners, stands and different pricing. While this doesn't help me get my helmet my guess is that all of the Anovos resources went to making sure that Disney had product for the opening of GE and put us on the back burner. Although I don't agree with it I can understand it and hopefully now that GE is open they put all of their resources back to those of us in the community that actually got them started. I know it is very far fetched but I still hope they can ship us our crap.
  15. I am not sure how truthful the guy was that supposedly walked in and got a FOTK helmet so I would be a little suspicious. Form what I am hearing it is a pre-order with delivery in 6-8 weeks. Either way though that is a pretty big slap in the face to all of us that have them on order. I think we need one of our members to actually verify what the in-park terms are. I think it will be really ugly at ComiCon for Anovos if you can get them at the park but we are still waiting. It would be interesting to see if they have any legal obligations to us or if at this point Disney is giving them so much money they are just going to screw all of us.
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