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  1. Did you "recently" get your Anovos kit directly from Anovos or a 3rd party? Would be nice to know if any are shipping at the moment.
  2. They are also shipping older items like the Kylo helmets and Solo jackets.
  3. It's very obvious the Anovos stuff is going to Galaxy's edge since it has the Anovos tag right on it, the Kylo Helmet, FOTK helmet and armor kit despite them claiming it was from a different supply chain which is just a bunch of crap It is also obvious our FOTK kits were used on the Rise of the Resistance animatronics. So a very big YES, Anovos sent our pre-orders to the parks and left us hanging. One interesting thing though was that on Sunday I was at Disneyland and there was no price sign on the Kylo helmet like before but I did not ask if they had any or not but to my surprise when I got home on Monday I had a shipping notice for my Kylo helmet that had been on order for over a year. And yesterday it arrived.
  4. I know nothing about the legal stuff but I don’t understand how the defendants have done absolutely nothing to fix the situation but keep asking the judge to dismiss the case.
  5. Agreed, my son is the best thing that has happened to me and changed my life in a great way. He’s also the reason I became a storm trooper and joined the 501st. And now he is over StarWars and likes Marvel so go figure, LOL.
  6. Agreed, it is cool to have screen used armor but I am still trooping in mine. At some point it will go in a bin with all my documentation for my son to do whatever he wants with it but I’ll never part with it. All the studio supplied armor was from Rogue One/Solo that they had on loan from LFL. The 501st armor was all our personal suits so they were all previously approved under the existing CRL so there will not be any reason to update the CRL or create a new one. The only thing we did was remove our holsters.
  7. Got an email last night that my Kylo Ren helmet shipped yesterday. Hopefully they are actually starting to ship things for a change.
  8. I'll try to remain hopeful but seeing is believing at this point. Going to Galaxy's Edge on sunday so at least I'll get to see my two helmets that may or may not ever ship.
  9. Well, that’s great but did Stanley say that they would ever be using your updated shipping address for anything in the next 5 years? Their “Newsletter” is about as full of crap as their shipping estimates. What a freaking joke.... even their updated Kylo helmet ship date is now 6 months long. Is it really that difficult to estimate your product deliveries when I can walk into Disneyland and buy the exact same helmet tomorrow? WTF Anovos! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. As Justin said, we will tell you all we can which should be pretty much everything after the final episode as far as costuming goes. I would just like to add that we should not discuss any of the story or plot points since this has not been released in all markets and I would hate to ruin the story for our international brothers and sisters.
  11. Not exactly. We were standard TK’s so we have to meet all of the standard CRL requirements and since we are standard TK’s that are already 501st approved there is no reason to have a redundant CRL. There were difference between us and makers of our armor and basic to Centurion approved. So we would just be like Mr. No stripes. The only real variance is just like all the episodes that have aired there are no holsters.
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