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  1. Yeah, that used to confuse me too. I think they were already stationed at a Garrison on Tatooine. It just seems like they came from Darth Vader's Star Destroyer.
  2. They finally released the HD version!
  3. Great list! Thanks for sharing! I usually bring a pre threaded needle in case any sew on Velcro or Snaps come loose.
  4. It's not a R1/Solo helmet though. Differently shaped eyes, tears and traps don't appear to be a separate pieces and the mouth looks more like an anh one to me.
  5. Yeah, regardless of the knee plate, I'm still really excited to see a Scout Trooper on screen again! I was surprised when they didn't use them in rogue one!
  6. Or just have some reference pictures of the original costumes on hand, so they can make sure they are suiting the actors up correctly!
  7. The new teaser trailer for the Mandalorian released recently and confirmed that there was scout troopers in it! Upon closer inspection of the trailer, I noticed that the scout troopers were having a bit of a malfunction... You can't see the rest of the costume, but the upside down knee pads are pretty noticeable. The costume that I'm assuming was from the Mandalorian was displayed at SDCC. You can see the upside down knee pads in the first picture, as well a few other "malfunctions". The knee pads were fixed in the second picture,
  8. Troop #2: Halloween Trick-or-treat 10/31/19 Had a wonderful Halloween. I just walked around the neighborhood, getting stopped by Trick-or-treaters for pictures! I also got some pictures in better lighting! This is me and my brother, who was dressed as a ghost from Ninjago. The people handing out candy at the houses got a kick out of seeing me coming up to their door! It was freezing out! plus it was super windy! It was the first time that I didn't sweat in costume!
  9. Looks like a crack to me. Plus, the TK's he's killing outside look cleaner than the ones inside.
  10. Thank you! I finished the field pack and pauldron! The pack was a lot lighter than I thought it would be and doesn't do any damage to the armor like I was afraid it was going to do! Here's the pack The top box has a removable panel on it, so I can carry whatever in it. The Antenna is removable for easier storage and so I can make through small doorways. I also bought some dishwashing gloves today. There nice and long, so I don't have worry about any of my wrist showing! I took it all out for a t
  11. Second Trailer dropped today! I'm definitely looking forward to November 12!
  12. Ah, okay. That makes sense. I guess we'll wait and see.
  13. So, will there be a new CRL made for the super weathered TK's once the show comes out?
  14. Thanks! I'm almost ready to paint my pack, but I wanted to figure out strapping first. I plan on making backpack style straps. Does anyone know of a way to keep them from slipping of my shoulders? Here is the pack's frame. And here is the 1 1/2" webbing I got for it!
  15. I finished my T-21! It's lightweight and has an adjustable strap. I honestly never realized how big T-21's were and I was surprised when it started coming together! Here it is! I'm having a few problems with the way my pauldron is laying, but I should be able to fix it. The pack is getting closer to being finished too! I just need to add a few details! Here's what I have so far.
  16. I agree. I'm not sure how accurate the figure is, but the all white legs are not very appealing. I guess we'll see how they look on-screen!
  17. That's an awesome weapon! I agree with all your points! But even if it isn't added to the CRL for an HWT, you could always use it on unofficial troops!
  18. Thanks! I finished my updated TD. The first on I made was far too small, but the new one looks much better on my belt! Here's a size comparison!
  19. Here's a link to a child's EVA foam armor build thread!
  20. Troop #1: Cincinnati Comic Expo 8/21/19 The Cincinnati Comic expo was the debut of my costume! I wore it for nine hours and it was surprisingly comfortable! I know that sounds really weird, but comfort in a costume for me is not having to worry about anything falling of, or slipping down. I also installed fans in my helmet, so it was actually cooler with it on, than off! It was SUPER crowded there and I was stuck in the con floor with people crammed in all around me. I was a little bit worried that people would get mad at me if I stayed in character and I wasn't su
  21. I bought an ESB Stormtrooper/Snowtrooper hand plate at a con this weekend for my Mando kit. It's roughly trimmed, but I'm not exactly sure how much more I should trim it, or how how I should sand it. Should I use a dremel, or should I just use sandpaper?
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