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  1. This view from the back really shows the battery compartment as well as the lines for the speaker. As good a deal as this is, these two features alone will probably keep me from purchasing it for trooping purposes. -----------
  2. I used to play a Japanese video game with my friend. One of the characters would yell out something that sounded like "boo-hickey". I liked it and tried to make it my username at a website and it was already taken so I thought "what sounds like boo.... blue!" Thus Bluehickey was born and amazingly enough, it's always available at any site I sign up at!
  3. Did you also notice the new type of fabric on the undersuit in the above pic?
  4. I'll be interested to know if they keep their form while trooping. I have just regular foam padding in my helmet. As I troop and get hotter the padding compresses and my helmet shifts down on my face a bit which is annoying.
  5. Wow! Wish I could have been a part of that!
  6. Welcome, glad your armor arrived! Make sure to sign up on our garrison's board: alpinegarrison.com. I am located in Orem.
  7. I agree, the voice sounded really good.
  8. This is the reason I don't do school carnival's anymore. When kids are unsupervised they act up. The gang mentality kicks in and they do things they wouldn't do if they were with their parents or if they were alone.
  9. I was at a high school dance, we had a backdrop and were taking photos with all of the students. The kids would come up in groups and do silly poses with us. On girl couldn't think of how to pose. She was looking at me, so I said, "here try this pose". I grabbed her by her shoulders and turned her around so that she was facing the camera. She then turned around quickly at looked at me in horror, she was holding her hand over her breast and had a mad expression and said "hey!" Apparently because I couldn't see out of my helmet well, one of my hands grabbed her breast instead of her shoulder! I apologized and said that I didn't mean to, it's just hard to see out of the helmet. She quickly forgave me. That explained why one of her shoulders was all squishy and felt like it was missing bones. It actually grossed me out at the time. Plus I was wearing gloves anyways so I could barely feel what was going on anyhow. Needless to say, I was very embarrassed and was so glad she couldn't see who I really was under the helmet!
  10. Edmund, I quickly put together some images so you can compare an accurate TFA helmet vs. the eBay inaccurate helmet (in green).
  11. I just need to point out how needless this conversation is... yes, we see the differences in the armor, but do you honestly think the average Joe will notice any difference whatsoever? The things we are discussing are so minor, even microscopic that there is really no need to panic or worry.
  12. I'm guessing that with the boots, they were simply reusing the dozens and dozens of pairs of white boots left over after filming the Force Awakens.
  13. I've seen it 3 times now (twice for free for trooping beforehand). What I loved: -So awesome to see an example of who the stormtroopers really are behind the mask. What a fun thing to explore! -Finally the Stormtroopers kick butt (hopefully no more jokes about not being able to hit anything) -The Stormtroopers using riot shields and batons that can repel a lightsaber... genius!!! -The moment Rey activates the lightsaber to prepare to fight Ren... gives me goose bumps every time! -Kylo Ren's voice is so awesome, I love how menacing it sounds. -Really enjoyed seeing how immature he was by throwing tantrums... it showed how weak he still is even though he wants to be like Vader who was more seasoned and mature. -Having Fin in the same gunner cockpit in the Falcon as Luke used with the same graphics was so great! What I liked: -The humor really worked and was helpful at breaking tension. - It was impressive that the Tie Fighters didn't just crash every time Rey made a quick getaway turn, but were able to stay on top of her in the Falcon, unlike in ESB where they weren't able to dodge asteroids. Seems like they are better pilots now or better trained. -BB-8 was great and most times I'd just stare at him in awe knowing that he wasn't CGI, but an actual robot. So impressive. -It was great how the lightsabers blue and/or red glow was on the characters unlike in the previous movies where the lightsaber effects were added afterwords. -The design of the First Order ships and bases looked like they evolved from the design of the OT. What I disliked: -Too many similar plot points as ANH: droid has the plans, death star being blown up, loner from a desert planet becomes the hero, cantina with weird aliens. Hux is Tarkin and Kylo is Vader, Snoke is the Emperor. -The 3 CGI characters just stood out too much and took me out of the film whenever I was looking at them. Maz, Snoke and the guy on Jakku who handed out the rations... all disappointing and not needed to be computer generated at all. -Fin should not have been able to last as long as he did in a saber fight against Kylo Ren let alone get a hit on his shoulder. -Rey using the jedi mind trick doesn't make sense because she has no prior knowledge of it or has seen it in use. Seems like this was only in the movie because we as an audience knew about it therefore it was plausible. -If Kylo Ren can stop a laser blast in mid air, can hold Rey's arm behind her so that she can't fire her blaster and later throw her into a tree all by using the force, then why doesn't he do it when he is saberfighting? It makes no sense that someone who is evil enough to kill his own father doesn't play dirty when saberfighting and freeze his opponent in one place in order to strike them down. Huge plot hole for me.
  14. That is soo cool! Do you know if she got screen credit for her voice work?
  15. I've seen the movie twice now and near the end as Kylo Ren is walking through the hallways a trooper stops him and gives him some information. As he listens the camera is on Kylo with the trooper on the left of the screen, but it seems to me to be very clearly a female voice talking to him. Did anyone else notice this yet?
  16. get a squirrel fan. I use one and aim it up into my mouth/nose area for constant fresh air. Plus it keeps the lenses from fogging up. When my battery dies while I'm trooping it quickly gets hot and humid and I start sweating and the lenses fog up.
  17. I heard that wiping your lenses with baby wipes does the job too.
  18. I've worn thermal underwear under my spandex and still ended up freezing. I trooped out in the cold with a garrison mate who was wearing the cold weather under armor and he was still super cold. I guess it depends on how cold of weather you are wearing it in. Here in Utah we do the Salvation Army bell ringing outside and it's around 30 degrees. I gave up trying to fight the cold and just bought a used Biker scout costume so that I can really bundle up and stay much warmer. That way I can still troop when it's cold and not have to miss great trooping opportunities.
  19. What the video didn't show was the boy wearing the helmet, that is what I really wanted to see!
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