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  1. I concur with rubber foam strips, I use it on my costume it does miracles, and helps keep everything in place and the foam actually grabs to the under suit and helps keep everything in place. Buy the weather strip rubber foam at home depot you just peel and stick in all around arms and legs.
  2. To be honest none look close to a stunt helmet, your designs actually look more like the Hasbro Black Series Toy helmet (not approvable) which has the right and left side mirrored, the movie helmet molds were hand sculpted, the left and right are very different in shape and assymetrical.
  3. The problem is, he removed 2" from total shin circumference making them really narrow at the ankle.
  4. We just finsihed a new batch of armors and have a few B grade helmets that I will offer at a great discount, they have very minor flaws hardly noticeable unless you look very closely. Mark (AP)
  5. By cutting the V on lower thigh legs like some of the movies suits will illiminate that problem. I will send you some pics, or apply heat with hair dryer and bend to make it flush.
  6. The strip looks off centered at the bottom because he overlaped the parts to test fit, once he removes equal material on each part strip will be perfectely centered.
  7. Just measure 2" from top edge and 2" from bottom edge and trim, strip should be vertically straight from up to down exactly like I built it originaly. Adam mentioned that your rear strip is not centered at the bottom but thats because you overlaped the parts and didn't trim them yet so it looks like your strip is off centered at the bottom, once trimmed and you glue the strip it will be centered.
  8. Code If you decide to trim legs down make sure to remove material equally on each side so ABS strip will be centered, example if your total removal is 5" remove 2.5" on each side, basically rear strip should line up with front strip as much as possible, if you need any extra ABS strips or rivets ect.. let me know. Mark (AP)
  9. I have ABS belts $25 + shipping, email me us at: authenticprops@hotmail.com
  10. Yes first glue all the strips on the outer part half of the biceps let dry 24 hours then you glue in the inner half part but one side at a time, its a 3 step process , 1st glue strips on outer half parts, 2nd glue one side of inner half part, 3rd glue the other side of inner part. I built many and they are flat no gaps ect... Remember when applying glue less is more, if you put too much glue it will take much longer to cure (chemical to evaporate) I just apply a small 3cm strip all along edge towards the inside so when you put part the glue won't sqeeze out all over the place, if done properly glue shouldnt squeeze out and if so very little.
  11. First glue the strips on the outer bicep parts let dry 24 hours then glue in the inner bicep part one side at a time, the shape is normal the original were like that, once you glue strips they will be fine. sending yu photos via email of the one I assembled
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