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  1. Yes first glue all the strips on the outer part half of the biceps let dry 24 hours then you glue in the inner half part but one side at a time, its a 3 step process , 1st glue strips on outer half parts, 2nd glue one side of inner half part, 3rd glue the other side of inner part. I built many and they are flat no gaps ect... Remember when applying glue less is more, if you put too much glue it will take much longer to cure (chemical to evaporate) I just apply a small 3cm strip all along edge towards the inside so when you put part the glue won't sqeeze out all over the place, if done properly glue shouldnt squeeze out and if so very little.
  2. First glue the strips on the outer bicep parts let dry 24 hours then glue in the inner bicep part one side at a time, the shape is normal the original were like that, once you glue strips they will be fine. sending yu photos via email of the one I assembled
  3. Welcome Ruben! Thank you for trusting AP I hope you enjoy your armor Mark (AP)
  4. The AP kits come with 8mm rivets Mark (AP)
  5. We are talking about white plastic not painted, most makers including me use white gloss ABS plastic to make armors its not painted, not sure what acetone vapor polish process is but I know as a fact that Acetone on ABS plastic will ruin finish. Mark (AP)
  6. WHAT! not sure were you got that from NEVER use acetone base products on plastic will ruin finish, just simple car polish. Mark (AP)
  7. The movie suits were paper thin and small elastics would help keep back closed to a certain degree, but .80 gauge ABS theres way too much resistance elastics will be useless, keep it as is , you can see in then movie the back just opens up. Mark (AP)
  8. Instead of adding a clearcoat just polish the ABS using car buffing products, anything painted on ABS armor will eventually chip/flake off
  9. Per movie original you need to completely trim off the raised edges on both sides, the AP biceps are purposely made much bigger than the movie original to fit most, look at movie suit biceps they have pratically the same circumference as top of forearms.
  10. Your bicep look too big they should fit snug around biceps this will also help shoulder bells sit properly, AP biceps are bigger then original to accomodate most but to be movie size accurate you need to completely trim the raised areas on both sides and reapply strips of course if they will fit you that way but thats teh accurate look. Mark (AP)
  11. Those Td clips are way to wide and you can make frown hole on helmet bigger
  12. no need to trim, by looking at the gap at knee they look perfect
  13. I dont think you will need to trim top of thighs unless your under 5.8"
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