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  1. yes trim more at the elbow so the arch is wider Mark (AP)
  2. This is sad news!!!! wasn't there a debate between Gino and Paul regarding TM Stunt helmet? I remember Paul claiming he had sculpted his Stunt helmet but Gino was convinced he had recasted a TE way too many tells to be a original sculpt Mark (AP)
  3. Thats because he sharpened those section therefore the pulls are sharper, this reminds me of the GF vs AFX armor recast debate, thank fully GF was able to prove AFX had recasted his suit because GF had used a Canadian coin as a tell on the belt deatil which were present on all AFX suits.
  4. the problem is the ATA ab buttons are way too big and too close togheter so you need to cheat quite a bit on the paint to make they look smaller
  5. Honestely never studied the ROTJ suits I don't like them at all, I said "I think" since I was referring at the fact that they had more spacing and thinner end caps like the ROTJ compared to most ANH screenshots I'm used in seeing.
  6. Looks perfect now, the refference Glen used I think is a ROTJ TD completely different , ANH TD have less gaps and the end caps are thicker, to be safe only use ANH refference photos
  7. I disagree on the belly buttons they are in proportion and look perfect! making them smaller would look off, look at the spacing between each button almost same as the original you posted, your basing yourself on the tiny exposed bump, also no two were painted the same , your comparisation photo actually proves his button are correct size when you compare the spacing between each button ect... Mark (AP)
  8. Unless he made new molds you can' t make hero helmet with ATA kit without major rework which would involve sanding, resculpt, putty and full repaint, unless you have correct hero ears, hero smooth back/cap, correct 6 hole frown and grey bubble lenses, his helmet as lineage from stunt helmet but I assume you knew that, if you wanted a hero you should have gone the TM route. Mark (AP)
  9. welcome!! you can only do ANH or ESB version with ATA the ROTJ suit is completely different
  10. What boots are those? Looks like theres no left or right shape is identical for both looks odd, also shoulder bells look too big IMHO
  11. his waist is only 31" at belly button level basicalIy 8" short, It's trimmed to movie size couldnt make it any smaller which would have affected the AB and kidney alignment, I recomended to add some foam on front of AB plate and in the kidney plate to keep the integrity of the movie look. Mark (AP)
  12. isnt that rivet on the thigh ammo too much on the corner edge?
  13. its not a question of making the hole bigger, regardless the size of the bit because of the high heat created when drilling out the rivet the plastic area around the rivet will just melt. Mark (AP)
  14. But should be specified because someone who never did it assumes you just drill out without consequences, even small drill bit creates enough heat to melt plastic especially if plastic is thin. Mark (AP)
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