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  1. ABS80


    The ears are too thick (common mistake by many) especially the hook shape area and from front view the ear have a weird angle, you need to sand the circle section flush all around so ear sit nice straight as much as possible, from what I see you left more material on top section of the circle.
  2. ABS80

    Mayo's ANH Stunt (AP) build

    Did you use the supplied screws for the ears? somehow the head look smaller which are inaccurate, the supplied screws are the correct size
  3. ABS80

    Mayo's ANH Stunt (AP) build

    Looks much much better, great job!
  4. ABS80

    Mayo's ANH Stunt (AP) build

    what happened is that you drilled bottom holes based on all the extra material you left so your bottom holes were off after you correctly trimmed the ears, If you ever decide to get new ears pieces let me know, I can even trim them for you, Mark (AP)
  5. ABS80

    Mayo's ANH Stunt (AP) build

    No it won't leave more gaps if you trim following the trim line, even so will still look better with a little gap than those huge return edges which you don't see on any movie helmets. Mark (AP)
  6. ABS80

    Mayo's ANH Stunt (AP) build

    You have to trim alot more material around the ears, that raised lip all around shouldn't be visible at all. Mark (AP)
  7. ABS80

    Fieldmarshall build

    WOW!!!!!! Mark (AP)
  8. ABS80

    Armor Questions

    AP also offers full build to your specs actually its one of the few armor on the market that can fit most waist size without shimming for a movie like seamless finish, check our current discount offer. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/45623-ap-trooper-kits-discount-offer/ Mark (AP)
  9. BTW for the strips the glossier white should be face up, you will notice one side is off white, less shiny and has little dimples so that side should be glued face down. Mark (AP)
  10. Like stated if the bicep parts will fit without the raised ridges you should completely trim them off to match movie original and overall look, on many the biceps look too big they should flow with the forearms. Mark (AP)
  11. ABS80

    1977 Stormtrooper toy

    Photos would help
  12. Great job!!!!! the only thing I see is you should narrow down the biceps, to be movie accurate trim off completely the raised edges were abs strip is glued on and reglue strip, the biceps are made a bit bigger to fit the average person, if you look closely at the original movie biceps they had no raised edges like the forearms, thighs and calves. Mark (AP)
  13. HAHAHA no fortunately it wasn't me in the armor
  14. Cool and the main actors are wearing AP (Authenticprops) trooper armors Mark (AP)