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  1. Great job in general but what stands out are those strips on front of the leg parts, the strips should be 20mm wide and you should cover the flat surface were strips sit on, there's way too much material showing on each side of the strips, at 140lbs I doubt the legs are too small Mark (AP)
  2. ABS80

    TK armor for freaks?

    Main concern are especially your thigh size Biceps: 18" Thighs: 28" Calves: 18"
  3. ABS80

    New Member From Utah With a Question.

    AP (Authenticprops) also offers ready to wear 501st approved!
  4. ABS80

    First Build - ANH TK

    not a big deal and many do it but the corners shouldn't be rounded off
  5. ABS80

    TK armor for freaks?

    So many would love to be in your shoes and be Vader
  6. ABS80

    TK armor for freaks?

    VADER!!!!!!! way too big for stormtrooper
  7. Put a claim threw paypal hopefully you paid as "goods/service" Mark (AP)
  8. Beautiful build! It doesnt affect approval but I just find your belt cap covers too big, you can trim down square around circle a bit more.
  9. I would suggest you put two abs strips at the hinge area, this will add strenght and prevent plastic to split in time. Mark (AP)
  10. Awesome job congratulations!!!
  11. ABS80

    MandalorianHelm First TK Build (AP)

    Great job congratulations!!! Mark (AP)
  12. you might want to trim down those ears, way too thick!
  13. Alot of things are invisible from 10 feet away lol! you did a good job if its not visible within 3 feet, but like other have suggested go 1200-1500 then polish using any car polish. good luck!
  14. ABS80

    Digz Graavz First Build - ANH Stunt from AP

    he is reffering to the fabric neck seal not the rubber trim Mark (AP)