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  1. I didn’t notice to other group of photos showing the teeth holes added. Coming along nicely. Keep it up!!
  2. I love my Aker 1506 (10 Watt) voice booster amp, combined with the Icomm. Get lots of compliments on how it sounds. I have however had to replace my Icomm battery 3 times over the past 4 years.
  3. Trooperbay can set you up with the paints too
  4. Freezer for sure. The gist of it is that the “water” based molecules expand when frozen and cause lots of tiny micro fractures. Follow up using your razor knife and a new blade.
  5. Well done trooper! I’ve enjoyed following your build.
  6. If you could remove “all” of that forearm return edge (wrist side) then you won’t be asked to do it later when you apply for Centurion.
  7. I’ve always used brush on model paint for the tube stripes, and have had the same results you had there. Paint bleed. Some people brush on a white paint first, then follow up with the blue. Reason being that the white will bleed through first, being less noticeable. That being said, you need to clean up those stripes. Get some paint thinner and strong sharp toothpicks. Dip the toothpick in the thinner and start removing the excess. I hope the Rust-Oleum lifts off as nice as Testors does.
  8. That snap you have in the Cod should actually be a Split Rivet. Doesn’t need to be functional. You can use the same hole, just drill out the inside (not seen) part of the snap, it’ll split apart. Then glue a snap plate over top, or just in front of the split rivet.
  9. Looks good. Going to make a WORLD of difference for you! Hello stairs!!
  10. That’s a great feeling to be done trimming for sure. Have you given consideration to the level of accuracy you’re shooting for with your build?
  11. You have come a long way. Looks so much better!!! Only suggestion I would make is to see if you can raise your thighs up a bit.
  12. I noticed you still have a lot of return edge on the forearm. The rule is “none” at the wrist side. Also as a note about the shins before you get to them. Be sure to test fit with your boots and undersuit on. The left shin from ATA has been known to fit a little snug. Looking great so far.
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