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  1. Just remember that the stencils have a left and right. The tips on the inside (closest to eyes) should naturally fall forward (toward vocoder). Hope that makes sense. And no further than a pencil width away from cheek mould line.
  2. Dip a toothpick in the thinner and pick away!
  3. That would be the RTMod armour your talking about. Consider that a starting point. Given your size, there are no “out of the box ready” armours available. That’s where you buy extra plastic and bridge the gaps with a process called shimming. Not all that hard to do. Build the kit to fit you.
  4. Hey Matt, welcome to the group. As a 200+lb trooper I can assure you that with the right kit choice, and a little bit of elbow grease you can build to Centurion level IF you build the kit to fit your body. Given the fact that you are in the Outer Rim, it only makes sense to contact Pandatrooper at RT-MOD and get the ball rolling. Maybe you can do a quick test fit with a some freshly pulled Ab and Kidney pieces to see how much you may need to shim. You can tell Aphinity to stick it, and challenge accepted.
  5. Following this for sure. Looks like a fun ride. The numbness and blister on your hand is a result of the quality abs that ATA provides. Give someone a hand trimming their Anovos and it’ll feel like you’re cutting a piece of paper. Looking forward to watching an ESB come together.
  6. Glad to hear it man. We have a few troopers in your neck of the woods for sure. Feel free to reach out if you need any hands on help. In the meantime... try your hand at the paint thinner/toothpick method to slightly reduce the ab button paint. That’ll nip it in the bud before Justjoseph asks you to do it for your EIB application. I’m pretty sure your headed in that direction?
  7. Your build is looking great so far! I noticed the Canucks glass a few posts back, are you in BC?
  8. I do believe your height is “Screen Accurate”.
  9. I was lucky enough to take part in the departure from Vancouver BC. A 3:30am troop that was worth every second of lost sleep. Troops like that are the reason I joined the 501st.
  10. I've done one of these before. Do yourself a favour (Canadian spelling) , and buy the Rubies 2piece kids FOTK Helmet. It takes way more effort to mod the bucket than it's worth.
  11. What a great weekend that was. It was nice to meet you Badlanders. Thanks for the update on Kallum. His Krennic was a hit for sure. Can't wait to see what he and his father choose to build for Dads approval. See you guys back there next year.
  12. The longer piece should be against the outside of the ankle.
  13. Glad to hear the freezer method worked for you.
  14. Do not use acetone or goof off (acetone based) as these products will MELT your plastic!!! Try placing the Armor into the freezer for 24hours. The freezing will cause the water base of the CA glue to micro fracture as it expands. This should be a good start, then follow up with a heat gun, (not too hot or this will also MELT your plastic) and a Razor knife along the edge basically cutting it free at that point. Good luck!!
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