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  1. Hi Glen. Are you administrator here or can you refer me to one?

  2. Hi. I'm back after 10 years and i'm building ANH stunt armor . The canvas belt folds left or right behind the detonator? thanks
  3. Hi. What is accurate for a Stunt build? Also, cut in the middle of the Detonator or on the side?
  4. I'm building a doopydoo but i don't have the Bayonet lug. Anyone can help? I wish i didn't have to make one.
  5. thanks for the info. I just received my imperial boots !!!!!!!
  6. Thanks , so Imperialboots are great quality and accurate?
  7. Where do i get cool boots? Are TKboots still available ? Other sources? Thanks
  8. No a fat guy took the pics not a sexy babe. This suit was made to leave on a mannequin as display but building TK suits gave me experience to rework this one to fit me comfortably. Had to put thick foam on my shoulders to support all this weight. More fun with a TK suit but more photos from tourists with this knight suit.
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