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  1. Thanks @CableGuy. I think I went back and forth on which side was which for about 2-3 hours looking at pictures and such. I guess I did not "choose wisely". I may try to re-position, but I'm not sure how easily the small vinyl will come-up. I think I may order another set of decals as I had the one tear under the eye as well.
  2. @TKSpartan- I haven't tried a hairdryer, but it's so small I'm not sure if I can work it out without tearing it more. I may try and see what happens. Worst case I order another set of stickers.
  3. Well this COVID-19 thing has given me sometime to work on my bucket. Pretty happy with my progress, but have a few questions and looking for feedback. Vocoder - I'm having a hard time painting it and think I got it. The various pictures of other helmets show a bit of variation . Hovi tips - Just confirming I need to paint the outer ring on each one white? Sadly while applying the left tear decal I had a small tear. I tried to smooth is out, but that's as good as I could get it. Do I need to replaced it or will it pass? Tube Stripes - I applied the decal
  4. Thanks Q - (Glen). Totally missed the gaping on the and caps and the plate. I trimmed the plate to open the gap a bit more and I think it does look better now. More proportional. I'll make sure to not have coffee before I put the stickers on the bucket - - LOL
  5. OK, I know its been a while, but life got a bit crazy and then this whole COVID-19 thing came along I have been working on things so here is a bit of an update. Thermal Detonator assembled: I have also painted the inside of the bucket and started on the frown. Looking to start the vocoder next and then the stickers for the traps and tears. Also going to Sugru the lens and mesh in place. QUESTION: Any tips and trick for getting the stickers plac
  6. OK, have finally been able to make some more progress and happy to report I'm comfortable with the way the helmet fits and I can actually get it on and off reasonably with out too much cussing New opening sizes : Front to Back - approx 18cm Ear to Ear - approx 23.5cm I know not a lot, but i made a difference for me. I'll see how it goes and might consider taking a bit more. Question: I've put the neck seal AP sends and I've snugged it under the ears to help hold it in place. I haven't been able to find any sp
  7. Thanks @wook1138. I measured mine without my trim on, so we're about the same size on the opening. Funny you mention that you couldn't put your helmet back on. I had the same thing test fitting. I think I was getting hot and frustrated which likely caused a bit of swelling. I looked at re-drilling the holes by using my magnet clamps to hold the bucket without screws. I realized that because of the top cap and the way it fits you end up only being able to pivot the bottom apart a bit. This does make the helmet look a little wonky. Holding the helmet up to a strong l
  8. @Greg - would you be able to measure your helmet opening for me? Trying to gauge how much "extra" I might have to play with when trimming. I have : Front to Back - approx 17.5cm (6 5/8") Ear to Ear - approx 23cm (~9") I've trimmed about 3mm (1/8th") all around and I'm finding it the same to get my helmet on especially testing with the rubber trim. I nicked my forehead on one of the screws trying different was of putting on the helmet. *sigh*
  9. Thanks Wook1138. - I was thinking about the rubber trim as well. I’ll be doing a slooowwwwww sand/trim to make the head hole a bit bigger. At least get it to the same size once the rubber trim is on.
  10. Started going through all the pieces and parts. I decided to test assemble the bucket. One of my fears (and realities) has come into play - I have a larger than typical trooper head. Getting the bucket on my head is a bit of a struggle even starting sideways and rotating it. My eyes are just at the eye openings without any padding yet. Oh, and will definitely have to look at cooling fans - gets warm pretty quick. Looking at the head opening I noticed that there may be a couple places I can get some "extra" size, but don't want to jeopardize my approval.
  11. Finally started un-boxing, inventorying and test fitting the armor pieces yesterday. I thought what better day to start than on "501st Day" (meant to post this yesterday, but became consumed with all the parts and wanting to see that "smile/frown" - ) Will be posting pics as soon as I get my Imgur account setup. Seems PhotoBucket is not the "preferred" choice due to their new pay model. Does anyone use a different photo-hosting service that may be easier/better/etc? Bit of a pain having to upload to one site and then link it in each post. I understand the limitatio
  12. Hello to everyone, Seeing ANH in ‘77 has stuck with me and have always been a fan of Star Wars ever since. After many years of thought I think my meeting members of the 501st Canadian Garrison today at our local ComiCon in Kitchener @ Bingeman’s, I think I’m ready to get a bit more serious about a set of ANH Armour for myself. A big thank you to those I spoke to, my apologies for only getting Chris’s name, but I hope to be bugging you all with questions soon. Look forward to reading about and hopefully corresponding with members all throughout the FISD and the 501st.
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