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  1. It's just the plan we have so far, there are many options. Using a snap could also work. I am having the issue that the shin does rotate on my legs, but I am a skinny guy. We haven't put the padding inside the shins quite yet, as we are waiting for our belts. Armour making has slowed down a bit as we are trying to get stuff organised due to the virus. Pretty keen to get stuck back into it, as it's not long now until we finish my armour and go onto our 2nd armour. Mainly we got the idea here from RS Propmasters, at 3:30 mark:
  2. Hey Joseph, just got back from the armour maker, he said it was fine to use the handplates as moulds. Shouldn't be an issue! Glad you asked! might as well do a round up on things that need doing! Neckseal- The neckseal I made had ribs made from grey doortrim painted black, the paint is cracking horribly, just need to redo them with black doortrim. Helmet- Need to attach s-trim, add paint to the vocoder, put in the strapping and the frown inside mesh. Shoulder bells- Need to add elastic inner strap. Ab Plate- Need to add the button plates as well as attachments for the belt to go on. Thermal detonator- Needs to be repainted (wrong colour), and assembled. Belt- Still haven't recived my soft belt back yet, so belt needs to be started. Thighs- Need to add inside padding. Calves- Need to add inside padding as well as elastic straps that go under my feet. Handplates- Need to create the laytex handplates for cert 3. (using the hard pandplates as moulds as mentioned above) Boots- Might need to get new ones. I painted them white but the paint is cracking, also the left boots keeps making a squeaking sound every thime I walk. Buttplate- Need to add a new silver snap at the groin next to the other one. Everything else is finished and ready to go. Once I have it all mostly fitted though I can do some fine adjustments to make it fit together perferctly!
  3. Would like an opinion! We noticed that most people make their hand plates by making molds. Would it be possible to use one of the hard ABS hand plates as a mold? Down below is on of my hand plates, sorry about the strap, but you can see how it does concave and has the shape inside. I was just wondering if it would be possible, and/or viable, as in the laytex wouldn't work with the ABS or something like that. Thanks!
  4. Hello everyone. This virus has slowed everything down for us which is a shame. I'm sure everyone here has been affected already. The person we gave our belts to has taken around 3 weeks and counting on putting our threading on our belts. Apparently she's resstarted a few times, which is a bit annoying. We've finished everything else at this point on my armour, just waiting for the belt to be finished so we can do a full armour fitting and get to editing before approval. Some questions about the ears, are these gaps fine as they are?: Also where do the belt boxes sit in relationship with the end of the hard-belt? 1, 2 or 3? Thanks all. Stay safe and healthy out on the field troops! 1 2 3
  5. Oh sorry! I meant left mic tip!! In the photos, do you think the left mic tip shouldd be fixed in comparison to the one on the right?
  6. Will do this! Thank you. Your videos helped alot, hats off to you. I must ask, do you think the left vocoder is sitter too upwards? thanks!
  7. Hey all. pretty much finished my helmet! Big step forward. All it needs done it putting on the s-trim/mesh and putting in the head mount. It also needs to have a clean wipe to get all of the grime off of it. Photos here: What do you think needs to be touched up / fixed / adjusted? Go as hard as you want, I want this thing to be done and dusted for approval! Thank you
  8. Hey eeveryone, what way does the S-Trim go on the helmet?
  9. Any ideas on how to fix these up? One of them I stuffed up a bit bad, stincils pretty much tore when I peeled them off.
  10. Update time! We get our belts on monday, so my armour should be finished in around a week or so. Very excited. Shame I can't wear it around much at events due to the virus . Dad got his armour! Very happy man! I've been painting my helmet for the past few days: The left side lines need to come up a bit though in this picture. They need to be detailed a bit more too, remove the leak marks. Pictures of the frown, with the ghost tooth! The cheek pieces that also need to fix the leaks: Voccoder, need to fix up the bottom right: After careful prying, we removed the wires from the mic tips: Inside the helmet, now painted black: New paint brushes, make detailing much easier: And finally pictures of my cat sneaking around the new armour! We might make her a member one day...
  11. Hello all, are these eye holes good? Going to put in the visor piece once the painting is done in a couple of days, will sand them down a bit but just wanna check I didn't leave too much of a lip:
  12. Hello all, small update, my father should be returning tomorrow from his trip, as I'm waiting for him to return since I'd rather do the armour building with him! I seperated the two halves of the helmet and painted the inside. I don't know if I should start painting the decals yet, since the brush set I have is quite cheap, might not do the best job plus be harder to paint with, we will see! Have to do some digging around to see if I can find more.
  13. Wow! these are actually super helpful! thank you
  14. Are there any good painting guides that use the common stencils on the helmet? I just split my helmet in two to make it easier to paint the inside plus the details. I actually removed the vocoder paint since it was not well done. Just put in the mic tips to see how they'd go!
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