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  1. Good to know thank you, hopefully will be ready to submit pre-approval photos tomorrow night
  2. I don't know how much of an issue this will be, but i've been sick for the past few days as it is Winter here in Aus right now. I was going over some of the measurements of the TD and realised the maker of my armour cut my TD body peice too short, will this be a problem for cert 3? Mine is roughly 105mm when it should be 121mm.
  3. All I need to do now is: -Finish Thermal Detonator -Do boot strapping -Paint rivets white VERY close, feels weird look back in older posts seeing how far i've come!
  4. We are planning on getting more Hombrol White Enamel paint soon. Hopefully the model shop guy is open. For some reason he has the huge tower of Hombrol paints near a heater.... So we got our paints all fine, but the white one somehow seperated, soo there is a huge gloob of white paint. I've tried mixing it but it just does not want to mix together, it comes out as a cream colour. Thanks for the heads up, I'm not super familar with all the different paint types. Also thank you @Sly11 on the final strech now for basic, then onto Ex-Inf and eventually Centurion! Hopefully wont have to make huge changes and only minor ones, time will tell!
  5. Okay thanks, this is what they look like, by your description this should be a good height:
  6. I don't know why I didn't think of doing that in the first place. I sanded it down and repainted it just then. That also raised another issue. I have installed the 6 Ab/Kidney rivets and the ammo knee rivets already. I didn't actually sand them, and after attempting to paint them (our Hombrol enamel paint ran out so we used a type of house paint) the paint just scratches off super easy. any soultions? Or do you think it's best to remove them then sand them down? To add, around about how high should my shin sit on my boots?
  7. Having some issues with the paint for the TD, as it keeps coming off. Trying to put multiple coats on now
  8. My new snapping system is and boy, these new snaps are strong. To the point were my thumb is ever so slightly bruised from trying to get them to snap together! I'm sure they'll get a bit looser over time though!
  9. Just checked, the top of them is roughly 6mm accross, is that good?
  10. Praise be! Many of you wouldn't know I live in a rural area, about 30 minute drive to the nearest big city, so to get supplies for the TK it takes a small trip. I thought we had the correct screws for the TD but as you saw this was not the case as I had the ones for a phillips head screw not a flat head. But after digging around in dad's shed (it's a maze I'm surprised I didn't get lost) at the bottom of a bucket I found these! So I put them in CLR (rust eater/cleaner) for the night. Saved up a trip and like 40 cents lol.
  11. Thank you @TheSwede only those little screws that we are uncertain about, everything else we hope is going well so far. These are all the snaps/straps that I'm replacing on my armour, a heap!
  12. Undertstandable! I just need to find some of the correct screws for my TD
  13. Hello all, my hands hurt from hammering snaps all night! As I said previously I was having issues with some of my cheap snaps coming loose so I'll give you a better idea of what is happening: We snapped up my entire suit, in the usual positions as most people do, took awhile to measure them out and get them right. But after lots of tries of me getting in and out of the armour, some would unsnap. So then I'd have to take the section off, snap it back up, repeat. Got annoying pretty quick! We don't have any issues with the legs or the arm snaps though, since it is the elastic that is being bent and twisted. So the main issues was the snaps within the torso. The shoulders were playing up and some of the many back snaps came loose, not to mention the chest to ab plate snaps broke as soon as I turned my body 0.01 degrees. We got said snaps from a place called Spotlight, which is a popular store in Australia for crafts and sewing matierials. These snaps of course, which I should have done better research, were meant for cloth and regular clothes. So of course unsnapping everywere. So eventually I decided to get some proper snaps (stainless steel ones meant for snapping boat tarps), I looked around and found a place in my state that does quotes. Recived them today like I said, they were the real deal, very happy with them. We got 100 pairs of them. So tonight I counted up the snaps I needed to replace, 26 in total, leaving 74 sets for my Dad to use for his armour. Even though they sometime unsnap when they come off, I decided not to replace the rivet/snaps on the rivet side of the torso, you know the 6 rivets to paint white? So after a bit of experimenting I found that using the new female snaps on the old male ones seemed to be a bit stronger, so I will replace those rivet/snap stra[s with the new snaps, but not the actual rivet snaps themselves. It's a bit weird to understand but I'm sure you will. So tonight I measured all of the straps that will also need replacing and them made up the exact number of male snaps needed seen below. I also made a small blueprint with all of the ones that need replacing. I also hope above that the paint for the TD is correct, since once that is done and I paint the rivets it's finally time to go for basic! Oh yeah also above I have a pic of the screws for the TD, which are apparently incorrect, yet the CRL states Clips shall be attached with slotted type, flat or dome top style screws, and be black (two per clip) yet has nothing in red for Centurion, do I have to use 'pan' style screws for cert 3? If so that should be written there!
  14. Hello friends, I've painted most of my TD, just running into some dripping paint issues but I have that sorted. I just wanted to ask if this is the right paint, as it is 'reflective' like the grey paint on the helmet and tummy buttons? EDIT: Also how long should I cut the metal strips before I bend them?
  15. Hello all, my new snaps arrived! They are super strong and I am happy with them, shipped super quick too. I’m going to replace most if not all of the snaps on my torso so it will never come apart easy again
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