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  1. Thank you for letting me know, I’ll be sending a PM. Yea I thought about whether that will be an issue. I’ll just have to wait and see once I begin the conversion. I think i also may have retained some fabric from my belt I had cut off. I also have a question regarding removing paint from my helmet if you guys can help me out. Do you guys know any alternatives to the testors enamel thinner to remove paint from helmet? I’ve heard that mineral spirits seem to work too although I’m not sure? Would it be the type you could probably get at Home Depot?
  2. Thank you guys so much for the help and the hand guard diagram as well! Great to know that I don't have to do many alterations to my kit. I'll definitely look into trooperbay's decals and most likely post a WTB ad for the hand guards. As for the gloves, I'll try to find some kind of cloth glove. Doing a quick search shows that perhaps silk gloves aren't to good as they seem to get caught in velcro and I fear they would get caught in the belt. For the belt I'm thinking of using my current ANH style belt and flipping everything, getting a new holster with loops, and adding some velcro to the back of the belt and the inner back of the loops so it doesn't move around and expose the rivet holes. It seems the holster sits in the same place as it would on the ANH belt just opposite.
  3. Hey everyone! I have an Anovos kit that I'm looking to convert from ANH to ESB. From some research I've done on here it seems that apart from getting a new holster, I'll have to change out the decals and repaint the frown on my Anovos Helmet. I also read that they used some kind of silk/cloth gloves with the clamshell ABS hand guards. Now I'm not sure if this is the correct subforum to ask, but I'd like to know if anyone could help me out to as to where I could possibly find some decals that would fit my Anovos helmet as well where I can find screen accurate gloves and handguards.
  4. Thanks for the input Daniel! I'll definitely fix the thighs cover strip and fill in the other thighs gap as best as I can as well as fix the drop boxes. I'll also see if I can fix the TD clips to make them slightly more accurate.
  5. Hey y’all! Can’t believe it’s been close to three years since I’ve lasted posted or updated on here. Feels great to be back! After my last post I finished my armor and it’s been in storage since only wearing it about 5 or 6 times within the past 3 years. Fast forward to today, for the past month I’ve been making some progress such as installing screen accurate strapping and re sewing some of my previous strapping to be more durable. I’ve also fixed some mistakes I’ve might’ve made. In all honesty the Anovos armor is great, but the strapping that was included is horrible. The Velcro kept falling off the armor and the armor didn’t sit right on me. Plus I also trimmed some parts down as I didn’t like how wide some pieces fit as well as due to me losing a ton of weight. I’ve done both the biceps and forearms so far. I’m planning on taking in the shins and thighs a bit next. Since starting back up it’s been fun and can’t wait to hopefully due some trooping someday. Sorry for the long read. But anyways here’s my armor as it is now. Any suggestions or criticism is appreciated! Plus sorry I wasn’t able to include a pic of the armor being worn, but I wasn’t able to get a good one at the moment. Also at the moment my place holder blaster is a Disney Rebels blaster that I never got around to finish the paint on. I’m hoping to get a doopydoos in the very near future and finish this whole build by the end of the month. Also does anyone know where I can get some good screen accurate rubber gloves? It seems the Anovos one just started to dry rot when I checked up on them.
  6. Can you guys help me figure out which shin is which? I'm really confused as to which is right and which is left?
  7. Alright I'll take that into consideration Chris, thanks.
  8. Thanks guys, I seemed to have made duplicate threads
  9. Thanks Steve, I also just brought more accurate screws for the ears too. Also do you know what I could use to fix the scratches on my armor?<br> Thanks again
  10. Would these screws be good to use for replacement ear screws? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Stormtrooper-Helmet-Screws-1-/152186638057?hash=item236f07cee9:g:fjEAAOSw5IJWcpuI
  11. Would these screws be good to use for replacement ear screws? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Stormtrooper-Helmet-Screws-1-/152186638057?hash=item236f07cee9:g:fjEAAOSw5IJWcpuI
  12. Hey guys, its been a couple of months since i've posted, and its mostly due to being busy with school. I finally made a bit more progress, I filled in the wrongly drilled holes, repainted the arms and done a bit of the arms so far. I wanna try to finish it before the month ends too. Heres some pics: Also a couple questions: 1. Is the frown paint job acceptable for Centurion? 2. Also my armor has some mysterious scratches from being in the box, and you can see some in the pic with the holes that were filled in. Thanks
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