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  1. Aradun


    “When The Walt Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm from George Lucas in October 2012, the archival collections held by Lucasfilm were divided. George Lucas retained the Lucasfilm Research Library and its collections while renaming it the Lucas Research Library. Lucas also kept what is now referred to as his private collection of props, costumes, and other materials related to Lucasfilm projects up to 2012. The materials that make up Lucas’s private collection will become the collection of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art set to open to the public in 2023.” “Disney, on the other hand, acquired the Lucasfilm Film Archive, which stores all the negatives, prints, original films, and production documents dating back to the beginning of Lucasfilm. These materials were once housed in their own building on Skywalker Ranch, but they have since been moved to the Presidio offices of Lucasfilm Ltd. located in San Francisco. As Lucasfilm Ltd. began to make new films and content the company generated materials for storage and preservation in an archive [located at the Presidio location].” Source: https://cdr.lib.unc.edu/downloads/j3860h34b It’s a unique relationship, but it would appear the most if the physical props from the original films remain with Lucas as part of his private collection while all of the images, and written documents, went to Disney.
  2. Aradun

    FISD Memes

    Spot on brother! Absolutely true!
  3. Yep it’s a beast! 48” in overall length! Thankfully it will only be a fraction of the 70.5 lb weight of the original with bipod! Can you imagine trooping with that weight?!
  4. Just FYI, that set up isn’t in the CRL for the ROTJ Scout either. If using the DLT-19X the bipod is omitted.
  5. I just want to give this a little bump having recently ordered an M19 Scope from Brian @Bulldog44 back in August for another project. The craftsmanship is excellent with each piece individually cast. Brian packages the scope in custom package that makes for an excellent presentation. A lot of thought, care, and detail clearly went into the development of this prop from start to finish. He maintained great communication from start to finish, and threw in a few little extras when he shipped it out to me from Japan. The cost is very reasonable, and much cheaper than options available from other vendors, All in all I am very pleased with this scope and the fact that you can add a blastfx scope display is a great feature. I highly recommend Bulldog Props if anyone is looking for an M19 or M38 scope.
  6. #6 Warrington, PA - Shop with a Cop Photo: Brian Shapiro Photo: Juan Carlos Colamarco
  7. It’s not surprising though. There’s definitely been some laziness with regard to production for these shows. TBs with knee armor incorrectly worn. Shores with visible gaffer tape holding things together.
  8. #5 Port Richmond, Phila - Neighborhood Trunk or Treat Event 2022/10/22
  9. Welcome Brad. Your passion for Star Wars and ability to overcome adversity and work through your loss is inspiring. You’ll make an excellent trooper! Welcome to the Shiny Whites!
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