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  1. Do you need any special tools to secure the split rivets, or do you just use needle nose pliers or something like that to bend the arms down once the rivet is in place?
  2. Haven't fixed it yet. Tried to do some heavy duty velcro to hold it for the troop the next day, but it didn't quite make it. Looking online, it looks like I need to order a split rivet. Does anyone know what size I'll need? Also, I'm guessing I'll need to paint the new rivet. Suggestions on paint color and type would be appreciated! While I'm at it, some of the blue paint on the buttons on the front abdomen have chipped a bit, so if anyone has suggestions for that paint color and type, I'd appreciate hearing those as well. Thanks everyone!
  3. The rivet in my crotch broke, and I have a troop tomorrow. Any suggestion on how to repair or replace it? It's an RS Hero outfit and I've only worn it a few times. This is the rivet that holds the elastic for the crotch strap in place. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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