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  1. A member at thepropden.com used formula 409 to clean off yellowing under the brow trim on his TE ESB glossy helmet.He said it worked.Is your helmet painted or glossy plastic.Hell it's worth a try,good luck.
  2. Athough my helmets and armor are for display I do put the helmet on from time to time.The problem I have is my hair is usually in a pony tail and gets caught on the screws that hold the ears on whenI twist it on my head.Don't have it on long enough to know how hot it gets.
  3. Helmet looks great,excert there's no gaps around the ears. Just kidding, I guess I like them how they were on screen, gaps and all.
  4. I'm interested,I sent you a e-mail.
  5. Thanks for posting pictures of your armor John,always love seeing them.
  6. Thanks.It's been a while since I seen pictures of your armor.
  7. Hey John,Can you post some pictures of your ROTJ armor.
  8. If your talking about the notch in the lower corner of the kidney plate it's on my V1 Gino armor.
  9. Thanks for the email.I'll check the post office monday and see if they have them and let you know.Thanks,Dave
  10. Hey Matt,I PMed,posted&emailed you with no response.Can you please send me my ears or refund my money.It's been about 3 mounths and no ears yet.
  11. Don't think it's a copy off a AP,TE.There's no seperation line,grove between the ab and groin like the originals.
  12. Stunts had either 3,4,or 5 holes for the teeth cut out so it's up to you,most people cut out 4.I have seen GF helmets with the the foam circle helmet pads like in your picture so I would say you have a GF.Tip,when you put each piece together look at screen grabs for each piece to see how the originals were done.
  13. From what Gino has said his moulds are untouch,Steight for the helmet it was moulded from.His v2 is just thinner plastic and the bumpy cap/back.
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