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  1. Congratulations Daniel!!! Only a pair of adjustments to the armor and you will have centurion level...You got it!!! Welcome to the EI ranks!!!
  2. Amazing job Justin...Best wishes to you from Spain. A big hug and a lot of strength !!!
  3. Well Chris...Do not worry, rest a little and then you will see things better...The 2 tutorials are great...If you have any questions, ask again, no problem ...You're doing a great job... When you have your EIB and Centurion, you will not remember these little stressful moments. Regards.
  4. Very, very, very good job... You are an artist...
  5. Yes, your wife is a much better painter than you are ... You are working hard with the armor, very good Job Caleb.
  6. Well done!!! ... And remember, ask before cutting!!!... Waiting is the worst of all...
  7. Hola Victor. Se ve espectacular esa armadura...Una pena lo de los pouches, pero la verdad es que si son muy diferentes...Lo malo es que ahora, con el virus, es un poco más complicado conseguir cualquier cosa...Ánimo, ya está hecho... Hello Victor. That armor looks spectacular ... A pity about the pouches, but the truth is that if they are very different ... The bad thing is that now, with the virus, it is a little more complicated to get anything ... Cheer up, It is done...
  8. Hi Echota!!! Welcome to FISD...
  9. https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_anh_stunt https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_anh_hero
  10. Very, very easy Sir... On the other hand, looking at the effort you've put into the armor, you should reach EIB and then Centurion. That rebel scum will envy the brilliance of your armor ...
  11. I like to hear that you want to reach Centurion with your armor!!!. Some minor adjustments and you got it!!!
  12. If you have survived 4 daughters, armor is not a problem for you .... Just kidding... Welcome to FISD ... Here, you will find all the help you need and more...
  13. It looks great Brandon...Only one suggestion...Have you thought about putting cover strips here? They are just my suggestions. Surely someone with more level than me can help you better ... But overall, your armor looks spectacular ... Let's go for EIB and then Centurion Brandon !!!
  14. Hi Brandom...The two gloves are the same? One seems to shine more than the other (perhaps the light in the photo has that effect ...)....
  15. CRL ANH HERO "Ear bars have three bumps only, not four." "Ears shall have two screws per side, one above the ear bar and one at the base of the helmet."
  16. In some parts, I think so. But, with help it's more fun
  17. Hi Cameron. Good choice of armor...Help us to remove all Rebel scum
  18. Hello Peter...There are easier things and more difficult things, but with the help of everyone in Whitearmor, you can get it... I don't consider myself very skilful, but I got it, it wasn't as difficult as I thought. Always keep in mind, before cutting anything, always ask... The decision is yours... Here we are for what you need...
  19. My wife helps as support in all the events she can ... This is how she began to love the world of Star Wars...
  20. The first layer should be very, very light ... Wait 10 or 15 minutes between layers... I gave it about 5 layers I think ... Shake the plastidip well before using it and spray about 20 cm from the helmet. When finished, spray face down until no more plastidip comes out.
  21. Welcome to FISD. Here in Spain, at 8:00 p.m., all the people go out to the window to applaud all the health personnel like you, who are risking their lives for us ... Thank you very much for your daily work ... A very big hug ... Thank you
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