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  1. Nice! This is build I started with as well for my first armor in the 501st. I learned a lot. I'm sure I will build another one of these down the road.
  2. Nice work so far! Glad you tested the yolk with magnets first for fitment-I did the same thing so I could get a feel for it. I think that overlap on the yolk will be fine. I had a butt joint on mine however, it was a 3 piece set-up from WTF. I used Devcon and then Proflex to blend the joint.
  3. @daryldoak The yoke looks pretty good with the overlap in your photo-you want a couple inches for strength AND for the side wings to be able to velcro to the back part of the yoke.
  4. Welcome @Teach-. I'm in VT so we are neighbors. Have you checked out the NE Garrison forums yet? https://www.501neg.com/?_fromLogin=1 The Granite State Squad is starting up in NH as well so that will help you be more in tune with the member in your state.
  5. Oh the things we do to play with these kits! . I love that the FOTK forearms and thighs are one piece in this kit!
  6. Nice! I usually trace the cut lines with pencil before I start trimming. This kit looks so much easier to put together than mine with the numbers and all.
  7. Looking good @Shiri! Nice to see more builds-keep up the good work. I found I was gung ho for like 4 months, then lost steam, then picked it up again after a month long build break. I got mine done in 6 months. Depending on your head/noggin size, most of us are unable to get through the provided neck opening. You will want to trim the neckline as close as you can then sand those edges to allow for more max clearance. You may even have to cut away some of the "front chest interior" for your head to fit through. Its hard to explain but I usually put my head through in the front chest, then pull my neck back into the opening, then attach the chest plate to cover that opening. (My pics below) Mine is still very tight and I brush my nose each time I don and doff it!
  8. Make A Wish event - Shelburne, VT 10.27.22
  9. Happy to start my troop thread here! I give permission for FISD to repost my photos on social media in an appropriate fashion Make A Wish event - Shelburne, VT 10.27.22 (Galactic Starcruiser wish reveal)
  10. Thanks Glen for all your support through my build! It meant a lot knowing people were looking at it and there guiding. Did not know there was that option for more access so thanks for the link. I have my request in.
  11. Hi there. I'd like to request more forum access: https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=33460 Thank you.
  12. Hi team. I’m in! There are a few things I want to take care of to make it better. I’m adding white felt to the back of the belt boxes so they don’t rub off the paint on my right thigh. Same with the insides of my shoulder bells on my biceps. I also want to get a better spat set up. Also currently working on the heavy F11D, pistol and shield.
  13. Hey thanks Glen @gmrhodes13 and Mario @TKSpartan for the feedback and encouragement. Yeah the biceps have to be adjusted for sure. Will make sure I make sure they are in line next time I push them up and attach them to the Velcro on the bells (my wife helped attach those for me) The TD, yes, I had forgotten to place the double thickness Velcro after painting on there to keep it attached to the ab section. I have since added it and it will keep it down now. The right chest plate side wing, I agree and will make sure I get that straight next time.
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