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  1. For me putting the foam in the bucket was what made the fitment perfect. Very personalized process imo
  2. Feels like something that will have to be made one off.
  3. The longer you toss the idea around the more time wasted haha
  4. I didn’t go for centurion but mine passed basic with hardly an edge at all, I didn’t trim it myself however I had it built for me.
  5. Congrats TK! Great work on the build up and the paint looks impeccable
  6. Welcome and good luck on your adventure! There was a recent approval that was a good build to follow with a lot of useful information. I’m sure one of the better seasoned members can post the link.
  7. Just spilled my coffee on myself seeing this
  8. Dude, incredible work! You have to have a deep love for this to push through all that and you’re very talented.
  9. Why isn’t this on the national news, what a great story. Good kid who apparently had great people to learn from. Such a good way to honor him.
  10. I’ll be honest, with the electronics and all I’m easily close to $2k. More than I wanted to spend but you only live once right……I’ve spent more on worse lol
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