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  1. Perfect Will...Thank you for the quick response and the quality of the photos!!! Everything looks great. Unfortunately, to move along, we need a little "clean up" in the tooth area (as per the CRL for Basic approval, the "Frown is painted gray and does not leave the teeth area".) All you need is a non acetone paint remover(I used some 96º alcohol), and a toothpick and a few cotton swabs to remove the the excess of paint. Thanks again, Will.
  2. Hi Will I'm the D.O. assigned to your review . Thank you for the effort you have made to put all the photos in the right way... The quality in some of them is a bit low, I will try my best to make the review as soon as possible. While I continue with the review, I would like you to send me a photo (viewed from the front) of the teeth, since the quality of the photo does not allow me to see clearly if there is any paint that we should remove...Something like this... Reference image -I also need a detailed photo of this areas: -And this one too: -Inside photo of the ammo belt rivets: And as a last favor, I would also like a picture of the 6 rivets on the left side(no need to put on the armor), with the two sides lined up. Something like this: Thank you for your patience, Will. The armor looks great.
  3. Awesome Jeffry!!! Welcome to FISD!!!
  4. Hi Will... This thread may be helpful https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/48799-posting-photos-using-imgur-101/
  5. Hi Marek...I am glad to see your application... Unfortunately, before applying for Centurion, you must first submit the EIB application .
  6. Looks great Chris...Keep up the good work!!!
  7. Hello Doctor! Welcome to the FISD!
  8. Welcome to FISD Arvin!!! There is no doubt, RS is a good choice. Their customer service is outstanding. I am sure the Centurion badge will be under your name soon. Totally agree Arvin...And as Joseph rightly says, we are here to help!!!
  9. Hello "G", welcome to the FISD!!!
  10. Hello Dimitri... Welcome aboard!!!
  11. Congratulations Mike!!! Welcome to the ranks!!!
  12. Welcome aboard Chris!!! I look forward to your progress.
  13. Hello Mark!!! You can cover that small hole with some "sugru" or ABS paste. These threads can help you...
  14. Hi Mark!!! Yes, I think you can sand the big plate a little more (those buttons look great!!!). Reference images Regarding the other one, I think that trimming the bottom part a little will solve the problem. Reference images You’re doing a really good job!!!
  15. Welcome to the FISD, Jason!!! Good luck with your build
  16. I got a 4-day pass...We will see what happens a year from now....
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