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  1. And if you get an inline fuse and buy new fans from amazon I'll put a new set together for you. It takes me 10 minutes or so to make the last time I did it. I might take a bit longer because I can't remember how they look but it's like riding a bike as soon as I see yours I'll know. Just need to find my iron. Can't find that bastard anywhere.
  2. I have 2 boxes of scrap, from the same run as you so colourmatch will be 100%. Come visit lol
  3. Oh! Is there a chance these got switched? If you put left on right and right on left for the straps that connect the back and chest would that make a difference?
  4. I say replace the bridges with white elastic and throw brown paint on the whole thing lol
  5. If you go sandy itll be just as bad. I cant move my neck at all, so much so that my black pauldron has a white streak on it. They take up a lot of space.<br><br> But youll solve all the other shoulder problems. Just not the helmet resting proble.
  6. Tolo! I saw you in the change room and went to say hi and you disappeared lol.
  7. When my feet work I can move amazingly fast in my armour. Now seeing everyone is a different story haha.<br><br> You nearly went full Hunter today and stayed in costume all day. I regret trying to go full Hunter yesterday. I think thats what did my feet in for today.<br><br> For non Canadians Hunter is an ARC Clone who goes all day everyday at cons in armour. Its amazing to see.
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