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  1. He gave a basic reason why it's at 5.0 now. He said the only change was the color of the plastic between 4.5 and 5.0 but the rest of the changes up to 4.5 I'd love to know too!
  2. Well it's helpful plagiarism lol
  3. Really Mark I can't belive how helpful this build has been for me. Stuff I didn't even think of is being covered.
  4. Looking amazing so far. Im just in the beginning phases of mine but Ill be watching yours closely to see any tips I can pick up!
  5. Now it looks like I have a friend who wants to join and I promised her if she buys it, I'll build it. As well as a different friend who wants me to build them an AM helmet. Let's hope I'm good at this haha.
  6. That is a really cool patch to have
  7. Navajo Bros build of the 2.0 suit looks like it will be the most help so far. I think Dave changed the helmet from a 3 piece to a 2 piece recently but I'm sure it's almost the same build.
  8. Yeah having built most of the AP kit alone was a nice achievement. I do want the experience of building a whole kit on my own. The part I'm mostly questioning is the helmet. It looks like the build "might include" electronics but it's unclear if it's an extra cost or not. Im sure if I want them I can figure it out myself as well. I am an electrician hahaha
  9. Here's a question. Is there value in getting Dave to build it. It'd be $500 more usd and comes with a bunch of electronics. Half the fun of this is building but if I'm spending just as much to build it myself in supplies should I not consider just pawning it off to him?
  10. Yeah I think UK will be my main reference. Thanks buddy!
  11. There are a lot of 2.0 and 1.0 builds but Dave is saying he's at version 4.5 now. Does anyone know a good 4.5 build?
  12. Looks like Darkside Dave wins the race. I just got a message asking for a deposit for this week. I'm so excited. I'm even more excited to share the journey with you all. I forgot about this feeling of happiness when you're building a new costume. Thinking about all the kids you can help and all the fun times you can have in it.
  13. I learned a valuable lesson about not buying unless they do a shipping quote first. He produced the receipt and was a guy off of here so I trust he didn't take me for any money, just higher than either of us expected it would ever be lol. Yeah I'm pretty happy with both. I got the 8 ounce leather holster. It's built so well.
  14. I just got Darmans Holster today. I got this stand from Questdesigncanada too! Im excited for my new E-11 to come in now
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