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  1. Welcome to the forum and can't wait to see the build. RS is a very accurate and vetted set of armor, but might be a little harder to assemble because of its awkward construction. As other have said, keep doing research because no matter how much you think you know, there is always something that can be learned to improve your build and the experience. It would also make mistakes less likely to happen if your are certain about what you are trying to do. Also, do you plan on going for EIB or Centurion? RS armor is very fitting for such because of it's lineage and of you bought the strapping kit then you would have centurion level straps where they are needed. Just a little something to improve the overall look of your trooper and be proud of what you've done, but what ever you aspire towards is up to you and what you want from your set. Good luck on this whole process, and just enjoy the twisted ride that will likely ensue.
  2. Congrats on the build and will second all welcomes.
  3. The most important thing is that you like your amor. So even if SDS is not the best objectively, as long as you're happy with what you have and think it looks good then that's what matters. You just might have to change stuff for approval and higher levels.
  4. Although I don't have the IB strap kit, it looks good and seems like a good little package of straps and snaps. Some people get mr nostripes brackets than just by the other parts independently. You can also just by individual straps, snaps, velcro, and other things and just make the internal strap setup yourself.
  5. TM is a fairly close color match to RS. Also, ESB armor is reused ANH, so the color would be pretty similar between the two.
  6. Doopydoos. Praetorian blasters. Others.
  7. Even when I typed "mini", I was just thinking, "This is an exaggeration and is gonna be taken the wrong way. Oh well." I agree with everything you said.
  8. The 501st only takes the accuracy on the outside of the Stormtrooper, not the inside. Only visible details and straps are put into the CRL, and slightly idealized to make joining an easier process. When people regard accuracy, most of the time they base it off of the projected view of their stormtrooper. That is one of the reasons there are different levels of approval, so people can build to the level of accuracy they wish to achieve and represent. Some examples of screen accurate things that are not typically common on 501st troopers are things like the rubber chemical gloves and brackets connecting the torso. Gloves are required for EIB and Centurion because they are visible on screen troopers, but not all Centurion troopers wear rubber gloves on troops because they are hot and impractical. Brackets are used by people who want thorough screen accuracy, but they aren't long term straps or durable so they aren't needed because they are not seen. When people regard the accuracy of the armor, they are usually talking about the armor. This is usually about accuracy in terms of dimensions in comparison to on screen armor, as well as the overall shape and appearance. So the most screen accurate armor would be smaller, as it was sized for mini british extras, but also retains a very similar appearance to the armkr on screen. Some armors are bigger, but are very similar in terms of shape, so they are still seen as accurate, just not as accurate.
  9. If you check out the Vetted Armor Sellers list in the getting started page ( https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/11538-the-various-types-of-armor-and-where-to-find-them/ ), it lists the armor sellers whose armor has been validated and good quality, and the sellers are reputable. Not all armors are at the same level of accuracy, and the differences are in the list. One of the major problems people have with SDS is that he has lied about his work and the origins of his armor. Also, it is not very accurate in terms of overall assembly and shape of armor. Once you look at screen used or very accurate armor enough, the many inaccuracies are very evident, just compare it to the CRL (https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_anh_stunt). To be approvable in the 501st, you have to accurately represent an original stormtrooper... to an extent. This doesn't mean you have to look like you walked off screen or are the same size as the originals (just look at aubmissions), but this is why there are levels past basic approval like EIB and Centurion. So as long as armor meets the basic requirements outlined in the CRL, the armor can be approved. In addition to meeting CRL standards, the armor also has to fit the wearer well and can't look out of place to be approved. So all in all, SDS can be approved if it meets the basic standards and fits you well, but more modifications would have to happen to reach higher levels of accuracy. This is part of the reason people build their armor feom kits instead of buying already completed armor. You get to choose armor based off of the level of accuracy you want to achieve, price you are willing to spend, and any other factors affecting you (like different size troopers buy different size armor). Building armor makes sure that the armoe is tailored to the builder and fits well and comfortably. The front of the belt is plastic and is riveted (I believe) to white canvas which wraps around and velcroes in the back. To reach basic approval, the back portion of the belt must be white canvas. In reference to you statement about color of armor, this varies and is taken in to account when people buy armor. Differences in color may be because of different material used by sellers for armor, but it is usually ABS. Some people prefer a cleaner look, and choose a brighter white set of armor, while others who like the screen accurate look choose a creamier, duller set. There are quite a few sellers that have an accurate color for their armor (TM for example), but in the end it is up to personal preference. If you are going for accuracy of assembly, armor, and color, as well as having the stormtrooper be completed already, then SDS is not one of the best choices for this. Check out the previously mentioned Vetted Sellers List and some people offer commisioned armor build. RS Prop Masters is one of the most (and arguably the most) accurate set of armor out their. It is cast from an original set of armor (what SDS claimsof their own, but has been proven false) and validated by the original sculptor of the armor (again, a claim that SDS made about themselves, but proven false) Brian Muir. It is one of the most accurate in terms of ABS color and assembly, and they offer completed armor sets built to the buyer's specifications. TM is a fan-sculpted armor set that is near identical to RS, but less of the beat up screen used look. It is also very accurate armor in terms of shape and color, and I believe they offer completed commisioned builds.
  10. 1.5 mm is more flexible (because it is thinner), while 2 mm would be slightly stronger. There would be that much of a difference. 2 mm would be slightly softer on sharp details because it is thicker. Just found this that could help:
  11. The one on the ground forgot his thermal detonator.
  12. While not personally having experience with RS, I have spent a great number of hours researching them as well as other vendors. RS is supposed to be really helpful when it comes to replacing armor. Also, there is no doubt that building armor will be cheaper than buying a completed set. I would recommend that if you build you armor, start a build page on here. This will bring outside commentary to your build, answer any of your questions, and just help you through the whole process. Just do research and ask a lot of questions, that's all you need. If you do accidentaly mess up you armor, use E6000 because it can be removed, and you can either replace it or repair it. They are many people here that can help you if you need to repair your armor, and one example of a technique is ABS paste. Also, RS Prop Masters has a youtube channel and they have started posting videos with tutorials on how to build armor, and this may be a big help to you. They also have a video on replacing armor. https://m.youtube.com/user/Officialrspropmaster/featured
  13. Also, no it is not frowned upon to buy a commisioned armor set. It is just more expensive and won't necessarily fit you perfectly and be approvable. Building armor is an experience that allows you to control the entire fit and mechanics of your armor.
  14. ESB stands for Empire Strikes Back and is nearly the same thing as ANH (A New Hope). The only real differences being frown, holster, handguards, and blaster. They are the same armor and helmet with varying small differences. For taller/larger people, it is less the movie or style but the vendor you buy from. Some armor is derived from screen used armor, but the original actors were not typically large (5'10" and 160-170 lbs), so it is smaller. Other armor is made larger for larger people to fit into comfortably. This doesn't mean that screen derived armoe wouldn't work for larger people, just that it would be more work and depend heavily on one's build. In the end it is all up to you because you are buying the armor, but if you build it you have more flexibility to get it to better fit your body. RS Prop Masters is a very reputable source and has probably the most accurate armor, being cast from an original suit. TM is a close second, and arguably first, for accuracy and is a fan-sculpt. It is very accurate and slightly more forgiving than RS, meant to resemble a production suit and not one built for an extra in the movies. Back on topic, RS is on the vetted sellers list and is a popular choice for armor, and they are based out of the UK.
  15. Definitely read the pinned forums in the Getting Started page as mentioned by Ukswrath, they are a great intro into this world and what you need, and also answering any questions you may have. One of these is the Vetted armor list, which is great for becoming aware of the good armor sellers and the differences between them. WTF is on this list so it is a good choice for armor if you go that route. I would also recommend that you sign up with your local garrison's site and introduce yourself. You find people nearby to help and also just become more aware of the world and local presence of the 501st. Just join and ask questions here and there. You are also able to find local armor parties, which would help you buul your armor, and if you don't have armor just accustom yourself with your fellow troopers, the process of building armor, and ask any other questions you have to a real life present person. https://www.mg501.com
  16. My only question is, was there ever a stormtrooper feud between the 501st Stormies and the paid extras? Like them being, "Who are these newcomers, dressing up as stormtroopers for fun?" And the 501st is like, "Yeah well, your ab buttons are painted slightly too large. HA!" Just kidding, but I imagine that it was an amazing experience and that only a few stormtroopers were put in the trash compactor.
  17. The gloves should be approvable to Centurion. They are chemical gloves and white latex handguards, which is what you need for centurion.
  18. I actually messaged him about his recasting before and he said, "I just recast the Anovos kit and will be offering it in high gloss ABS along with my other recast kits. I'll also have my original sculpt of the Rogue one kit as well as original sculpts of the Samurai trooper and Samurai Sandtrooper coming soon." I don't know what he means by "original", but MOT will never crease to recast.
  19. Glad I could help, and will agree that you should order larger (just so they are comfortable).
  20. You can probably trim and bring the return edge in on the shoulder bells a bit to fit them better around the biceps and make it look less like a football player. Also probably making them narrower. Screen references of shoulders and sizing: Although there are some troopers with larger return edges: (One big trooper one small trooper) (Trooper with one big shoulder one small shoulder) But in the end it is all your preference (and your gml's), but a smaller return edge will be less likely to crack. Sorry for the pic heavy post.
  21. Just looked it up and their exact words are, "We are very proud to be the European distributor for Imperial Boots. Real leather boots specifically made for trooping. These boots only ship to Europe separately, supplied with our complete commissions worldwide. To buy these boots separately outside of Europe please visit www.imperialboots.com".
  22. Well RS Prop Masters uses IB for their boots, so I am pretty sure that they kind of act like a UK distributer for IB. https://www.rspropmasters.com/store/stormtrooper/stormtrooper-accessories/boots/
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