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  1. Yeah I'm in agreeance too. The WTF didn't have too much guidance on where to cut here other than following the back of the shell's line. Glad I'm not crazing when I thought I saw it dipping on the sides there. Thanks!
  2. Good tip. I successfully drilled out the rivet. This time I kept that spacing in mind when aligning the parts and I feel like it helped. I think the results are much better this time around. I also learned my lesson and used a screw to hold them together before I rivet.
  3. Okay, so I got the two parts together in a way I found pleasing, and fitting to the tubes. I gripped them together with magnets and clamps and drilled the holes for the rivets. But when it all came out... The holes I drilled went in higher than I thought I was drilling. And when riveted, the tubes aren't matching up. Looks like I'm drilling them out
  4. Yeah I was struggling with this for a while. I started figuring this out late into the glue process haha. If I have to rip them apart for some reason I'm definitely trying that. I've put it off for a while now, but I'm feeling brave enough to start on my bucket. I found a few good guides listed below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqpMGao2_xw So here is my is my bucket so far after I've trimmed and sanded everything: The left side of where the brow sits is a little forward set due to the mold, but also looking at
  5. Update on several things that have been drying in the background! Here's the sniper knee attached to the shin now: My flexible hand guards came in, and I glued them to my gloves. I also followed Ukswrath's ANOVOS build on straps between the forearms and biceps. All together:
  6. Good idea, mine is a little slippy. So I contacted trooperbay, and thank the maker, they sent me some slightly bigger washers! Great service. These fit through a lot better, but were slightly thicker too. I was able to get them to work for me. While I waited, I applied the sniper knee to the left shin. Special thanks to big bertha clamp.
  7. I think I'm gonna go the ABS paste route. It's about time I watch something melt. Yeah good eye, it was sticking up a bit. For my weekend project I decided to tackle the thigh ammo pack. And I felt like I was making good progress too. I trimmed it out. Drilled some holes. Then placed the first rivet. However I've hit a weird snag. NONE of the other washers will fit over the rivets. Even if I close them a little, they seem to get wider at the base than at the end. I ordered these off of trooperbay. Has anyone else run into this problem? I'm looki
  8. Update on the assembly. I've so far completed the Forearms, Biceps, and Thighs. Currently finishing the last of the front covers for the shins. Forearms Biceps Thighs
  9. I'm getting better at this gluing. I've done the left biceps now and have the right biceps going too.
  10. It's so cold in my basement, I've been giving it several days to set enough. Came back to my left forearms and got...this. I think a clip slipped and started doing some weird stuff under the tape. Oh well. I'll rip this one apart and redo it. Meanwhile, I'm gluing the right bicep: Putting on the cover strips first. Then I'll wait a few hours for it to set a bit, enough for me to at least do the other half of the butt connection.
  11. Okay, I've started using E6000 to glue the forearms together. It was a bit more difficult than I thought, but I eventually figured it out (with some minor overspill in places). I couldn't keep the thing together to glue it all at once, so I settled with gluing the coverstrips first, and then one side at a time. After having to redo the front strip several times, I finally got into a workable hold.
  12. Okay guys, I've figured this mostly out, and I think I'm just a dumbass ha. I consulted some others and I think I'm just wearing them too high. I clasped them on over the boot this time and let them sit lower, and instantly felt much better. Now feeling confident, I went ahead and did the other shin as well. Yeah they're a little loose the back still and misaligned, but that'll fix when I put the cover strip on. On a side note, anyone have a good way of using imgur to shrink uploaded images? I've tried
  13. Okay, so I think I have them sorted out for each side. I decided to measure the top and bottom of my right shin then halved the circumference measurements to measure back on each half of the shin armor. I added about an inch space just in case of over trimming. That wasn't enough haha. I'm glad I left some, but when I tried it on, it didn't meet at the back anymore. Uh-oh. Remembering some info from a return edge guide, I trimmed off some of the return edge at the top and that really helped bring them back together in the back. It's still very tight, and I'm
  14. Working on the lower legs now and uh, I don't know if I'm drinking dumb dumb juice here. I don't know if I have these matched correctly. I can't search any answers either on which part goes to which leg. But the bottoms don't seem to match up? I didn't trim the other two just in case I screwed up these yet, but just eyeballing them, the other two seem to match fine length-wise. Also another silly question just for confirmation. It seems like in most builds, the cover strip will not cover the top entirely as the return edge flares out a bit. No ma
  15. Both of your tips helped a lot I feel. I did some sizing and fitting and think I've reached a good cut on the thighs. I left a little bit of space in both. Enough to fit a finger between. Left side: Right side:
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