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  1. PhilBobTheFish

    Hello from Manitoba!

    I with second (third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eigth, ninth, tenth, eleventh... too many people) all comments above me and say hello and welcome!
  2. PhilBobTheFish

    TB 8308 Soon to be TK!

  3. PhilBobTheFish

    Hello from Louisiana

    Welcome! The key to this hobby is research, and it seems you have that down. So I guess just ask plenty of questions, because you can never be to sure of something and someone will always have the answer you are looking for. Good luck on becoming a TK.
  4. PhilBobTheFish

    Lorelei's 5'4" ATA ANH-S Centurion-Hopeful Build

    Glad to see this back up and running! The left ear is looking great, can't wait to see this finished helmet. Keep up the good work, and as Frank said, take your time. You don't want to make any mistakes, because that is just a pain, and will add a lot of time onto your build. Good luck on the road following!
  5. PhilBobTheFish

    Star Wars Resistance

    I have watched shows in that style, so it personally does not bother me. But I can see why some don't like it, it takes some getting used to. But still, the FO helmet though...
  6. PhilBobTheFish

    Star Wars Resistance

    The only thing I don't like about the animation is the First Order helmet. It looks like it was sat on and then smelled a bad fart. Oh well, at least the Stormie helmet looks fine.
  7. PhilBobTheFish

    Any info on this?

  8. PhilBobTheFish

    Star Wars Resistance

    Yeah, it is definitely a kid's show. But hey, Star Wars is Star Wars.
  9. PhilBobTheFish

    Officialy Hello from VA

    I welcome you to the FISD... Officially of course. I officially welcome you. You should sign up for the Garrison Tyranus forums if you haven't already.
  10. PhilBobTheFish

    Greetings and questions from Latvia

    Nice new profile picture!
  11. PhilBobTheFish

    Greetings and questions from Latvia

    Yup! It is approvable. Also, Altair's is a good build. I have followed it. I would also check out the FISD Blaster Reference. It is very helpful on tips for building and modifying the blaster to make it stable and more accurate (you don't have to do everything, just what you want to).
  12. PhilBobTheFish

    New Member From Virginia

    Lieutenant achieved!
  13. PhilBobTheFish

    Greetings and questions from Latvia

    A modified Hasbro E-11 would work for basic and EIB. But a really good E-11 kit would be from doopydoos. They are cast from an original sterling (well, two actually) and is much more accurate then the aforementioned Hasbro one. It is also cheaper then hyperfirm and some other, since it is a kit. I have a doopydoos and it looks great, just takes a little while to ship (but then again, I live in the US and customs takes forever). https://www.doopydoos.com/stormtrooper-e-11-complete-anh-e-11-blaster-kit-offer-2685-p.asp
  14. As Daniel said, RS Props is the most accurate armor out there right now. If you want to save a lot of money, then buy a kit. It is cheaper and you build it specifically for you. RS has a sale right now for a stormie kit, but (again as stated above) they have their full commission build Link to sale: http://www.rspropmasters.com/product/armor-only-kit-option/
  15. PhilBobTheFish

    TK armor for freaks?

    You could try RT-Mod, they make bigger armor, but I don't know if it is big enough. You could always try to find somebody that 3D prints armor and have them adjust it for your size. An example: https://www.etsy.com/listing/591266422/anh-stormtrooper-raw-armor-3d-printed?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=stormtrooper armor&ref=sr_gallery-1-10&organic_search_click=1