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  1. I got a larger pair of the same gloves to use with my build. I got more than one pair, and used one of them for hot water baths and they worked well. So yours should work for hot water baths as well, and as Cricket said, only a bit of heat comes through after extended exposure (but it's not hot). I've never tried them with a heat gun, so I don't know how they would work, but they do provide at least some protection to hot water. Good luck!
  2. Here are some size small rubber gloves: https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Marigold-Industrial-Rubber-Insulating-Black-Glove-Size-Small-30-mil-flock/322167592127?hash=item4b02af54bf:g:1jIAAMXQlgtS1IsV The grip on these looks fairly accurate, and have the fingertip texture too.
  3. According to the description, the armor is from DA props, and there are Stormtroopers approved all the way to centurion with DA armor. So, in that regard, you should be fine for approval, but I would still check out Spec Ops for guidance on ways to improve it. Good luck
  4. You have the link to the original listing? Also, as long as the armor meets the requirements and fits you well, it should be approvable. I would recommend checking out the Spec Ops detachment forums, as shadow troopers are their domain, so they would be able to help you more. http://specops501st.com/forum/
  5. What that means is that the handle of the blaster and T-tracks on the front shouldn't be weathered. This is because on the original blasters both those parts were not metal. The handle was plastic, I believe, and the t tracks rubber or plastic. All in all, nice build!
  6. If you did a 40 mm cover strip on the front, it would match the armor, and then you could use a 40mm cover strip in the back, and leave some space in the armor of you need it.
  7. This image shows some beat up helmets from the show, so they could either be for troopers or pikes. But either way, that don't look like black series (although I could be wrong, as I haven't extensively studying those). So, definitely Rogue One style helmets used. They would definitely have used the RO style armor because that's what they've got on hand. My guess would be that for the ANH helmets, they got them from Anovos, because the details are so sharp, and also because Disney has deals with Anovos already.
  8. It's weird, because the helmets on Pike's in the town were all rogue one helmets. So I guess the troopers all traded out for a better model
  9. You can always do multiple baths to slowly work the piece into the new shape, as it usually won't go fully in one bath. Just dip it for a little bit, shape it, cool it, and you can do that again to shape it more. It'll also help it keep it's new shape better, as pieces sometimes revert back a bit to there original shape.
  10. "( " Yeah, as others have said, a water bath is probably you best bet at getting it flat. And although that extra plastic isn't listed in the crl, the safest way to be sure would be to talk with your gml on what they need. You have two, so if they say you don't need it (and you are fine with it), then use the trimmed one. And you can always try and flatten the other untouched one if you do want it.
  11. I can't wait to see the build thread! The main difference that I can note between stunt and hero for basic approval is the number of teeth on the helmet, and the number of rivets or the like on the holster to belt connection (hero's have 4; stunts have 2). Then as Mario said, there are more slight differences in higher levels. Good luck!
  12. I'd say the best place to ask would be over on https://501stclonetroopers.com/. That's the detachment for Clone Troopers, whereas the FISD is more geared towards Stormtroopers, so they will be better able to help you.
  13. For the sizing of your ears, I'm not so sure. That's more up to you, but I'll leave it to others to advise you in any way there. As for the placement, there are some things you can do for it to be more screen accurate. Those helmets had the ear screws aligned with the front traps, and your left ear is fairly spot on, the right one should be aligned to match though.
  14. Definitely check out Spec Ops, and also good job on your build. The main thing to note is, maybe lower the chest so that it overlaps the ab plate more, and maybe being the shoulder bells in a bit, just to complete that look. Good luck on approval, and nice job.
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