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  1. Finished the thighs tonight. To date, aside from the helmet ears, was the thigh ammo/battery pack has been the WORST. Had to heat it up a few times and kind of mold it around the lower thigh section. Still has some spacing issues but its the best I could do. Got a slight tilt upward to cover the seam but not sure the angle is right. Something just doesn't look right. I have what may be an obvious question...again. I am going to trim and fit the ab to kidney plate connection. I have some pretty good overlap. Would I trim from the ab section only? It appears that if I started trimming the kidney it would lend to also trimming the butt plate. I looked through the treads but couldn't find anything on trimming. Just the placement of the riviets and the nylon webbing to the left side. Thanks, Joe
  2. Ok....So one of the exteme/deep angles will be on the outside left leg and one on the inside right leg? Is that what im tracking? You the man! Thanks!
  3. So my question is which side goes to the outside/inside. Thanks, Joe
  4. This is the two sides next to each other. The one at which I am pointing is the side that points down more. In this photo the two sides are assembled. I am pointing at the one that is sits lower. Does that make sense or am I nuts?
  5. Yep. Solid copy. I too have that in front. and am attempting the same. But I was reading some old treads where they talked about a built in overlap in the back for the velcro or clasps. If you look at the chunky trim around the top edge. On when you assemble the two sides there is one chunk of trim that kind of points more down (terrible English) than the other one which is pointed yet more flat. I will attempt to send picture. Or I may just be loosing my mind....
  6. I'm jumping around a bit but want to get a good understanding of the overall build. I have AM armor. How do I tell the difference between the right and left calf/shin on AM armor? There is one angle on the upper side cuff that dips lower than the other. looks like a lot of the threads are old in the tutorials. My AM doesn't have the calve return edge built in. THanks!
  7. https://i.imgur.com/tfDNt5V.jpg[/img ] Here is first flight of the helmet. I have some concerns with the brow band termination point, Teeth (just in general), ear screw placement, and the ear gaps between the helmet. Also one of the HOVI tips looks a little boogered. I can replace the brow band fairly easily...I think. The mesh on the mouth is velcroed on in case I need to work the teeth more. Not sure if I can fix the HOI placement. And the ear screws might be a bridge too far. Any input is greatly appreciated!
  8. Never mind. Found it in the tutorials.
  9. Thanks everyone. So, I stared at the helmet pieces for about 3 hours before actually starting the build. How do I go about posting a photo? Keeps telling me the file is too large.
  10. Guys, Thanks so much. Making more sense to me. Sorry for the bad questions.
  11. Thanks! Looking at the picture are the split rivets actually holding anything together or is it to represent screen accuracy? It looks like they have snaps affixed to the inside that actually connect the clam shell. Is there some type of tutorial as to best way to cut the ab plate to size. Or just the standard measure 4 times then slice?
  12. Hey thanks, Yep, I see how it goes together now. My initial thought was that it could just close however. But after looking at the reference pics I see now. Is that one snap on the right side enough to hold the side together? Does the belt help with securing it? T
  13. Hello, First time attempt at building anything like this so please forgive the questions if they seem a bit naïve or uninformed. I'm getting a little ahead of myself but had a question regarding overlapping ab and kidney piece. If I have the room to do so could I overlap them. Secure one side with rivets (not sure of the induced stress on the armor that this would cause) and the other with a velcro strapping set up similar to actual body armor? Not sure how this would look as an endstate product but it is very neat and clean when it is tapped up. Instead of rivets on one side I could do both with a tac velco set up. I was shooting for basic 501st approval this go. Thanks in advance for any assistance and advice you can provide.
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