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  1. The first episode sure got the blood pumping and the hype for tomorrow's episode building. Can't wait to see you all in one of these episodes.
  2. Technically FX would be screen accurate to that one set in the show, similar identifying the no stripes in the original, and you could replicate it if you want, but that doesn't mean it is CRL approved. Once is random, twice is a coincidence, and three times is also a coincidence. Once it gets into the 10's or 20's it becomes recognized as the standard and the baseline for the CRL, but even that's still up to chance.
  3. Maybe your stormtrooper has some extended universe background of doing squats?
  4. Well, it's true that they're not the same... Because they actually exist.
  5. Aight so with I quick look at I'd say that the tops of the shoulder bells could be brought in closer to the chest and the thighs can be pulled up.
  6. Also, if the return edge is uncomfortable, then take off some more, because nobody wants to troop and be pinched the whole time. But, if you want to keep the look of the return edge, then just remove the return on the back side of the armor.
  7. I've seen a lot of people double joint the front of the shins to handle the stress of putting in on many repeated times. You could also try putting on the boots first, then opening the top of the shins enough to fit over the narrowest part of your ankle and sliding it up onto your shin. That would make it so you don't have to open all of it enough to fit over your entire shin, and would probably reduce stress.
  8. Welcome to the forum and can't wait to see the build. RS is a very accurate and vetted set of armor, but might be a little harder to assemble because of its awkward construction. As other have said, keep doing research because no matter how much you think you know, there is always something that can be learned to improve your build and the experience. It would also make mistakes less likely to happen if your are certain about what you are trying to do. Also, do you plan on going for EIB or Centurion? RS armor is very fitting for such because of it's lineage and of you bought the strapping kit then you would have centurion level straps where they are needed. Just a little something to improve the overall look of your trooper and be proud of what you've done, but what ever you aspire towards is up to you and what you want from your set. Good luck on this whole process, and just enjoy the twisted ride that will likely ensue.
  9. Congrats on the build and will second all welcomes.
  10. The most important thing is that you like your amor. So even if SDS is not the best objectively, as long as you're happy with what you have and think it looks good then that's what matters. You just might have to change stuff for approval and higher levels.
  11. Although I don't have the IB strap kit, it looks good and seems like a good little package of straps and snaps. Some people get mr nostripes brackets than just by the other parts independently. You can also just by individual straps, snaps, velcro, and other things and just make the internal strap setup yourself.
  12. TM is a fairly close color match to RS. Also, ESB armor is reused ANH, so the color would be pretty similar between the two.
  13. Even when I typed "mini", I was just thinking, "This is an exaggeration and is gonna be taken the wrong way. Oh well." I agree with everything you said.
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