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  1. Sandies are just stuck on 1 planet, where Heavies can and do go anywhere. lol
  2. Did the German garrison say why you have not been approved? Did they provide you with documentation of what needs to be fixed?
  3. For my shoulder ammo pouch, I run the left strap pf my backpack through the strap on the ammo pouch and to hold it up in position, I put the shoulder bell-shoulder strap nylon through it. that keeps it from sliding down the backpack strap and works great for me.
  4. It will be dirty, once I decide if I decide if I am going to go for regular stormtrooper approval. Leaning towards not going for it, but not definite yet.
  5. With the MP40 pouches, I'm going to use rubbing alcohol and a fine grade of sandpaper. I am going to start getting mine dirty soon. Less is more. I have seen some that were a little overboard.
  6. Thank you. I have been thinking about it. Was considering getting approved as just a storm trooper first, to give me another option.
  7. My pack is on my back. Looks like they photoshopped the antenna out of the picture for the card. My pauldron is reversible, so went with the black for the day.
  8. Looks awesome! I didn't even think about finding a way to not have it wipe off. I'l try that when I'm ready to go for EIB and Centurion.
  9. Been approved since the beginning of March and have already trooped a bunch. Just a little delayed in posting it here though lol.
  10. Approved March 1st. So glad to be part of this great organization.
  11. Any idea how to add pictures to a post using a laptop? I go under my media, but it doesn't give me the option to upload images.
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