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  1. Homework homework homework...

  2. Looks like you're on the right track, good luck!
  3. Nice! Can't wait to see the finished product
  4. I have the same problem. Unfortunately (in my opinion) being anything above 6', as i am 6'2", seems to have a bit of a toll on how much the kidney/back will cover and there isn't much to do about it unless you got a larger piece from another seller who makes them on the larger size.
  5. Looks nice and dirty to me! Are you going for a more greaser type look or a basalt environment scenario?
  6. As a millenial, who was introduced to star wars through the prequels at first, my favorite scene and what i consider to be the epitome of wars far far away has to be the clone invasion on geonosis, episode II
  7. The little metal button on the back would also need to be removed. Can't tell if thats a button or a tag or something
  8. There actually IS an approval for this armor, not sure if you posted in unapproved by accident or not, but theres an entire forum for spec ops armor like shadow troopers and they are 501st approvable. Look into it! I got an anovos shadow as well and i'm still working on it
  9. Run away and never go back. Ebay is the cancer of armor buying
  10. 1) Yes. You are a mesomorph body type and thats what they're made for. 2) Might as well just mod the anovos gaskets anyways, you're already getting them with the armor. Do what you feel will be best for your approval level goal 3) Imperialboots is quite well known and you'll probably be fine with ordering your size. They're professionals, but check their website extensively first, maybe even email them. 4) The standard line lenses should be fine. Echo's can be avoided if you place your mic and fans away from each other or if you have padding to soak up the sound. Fans, mic, audio box. 5) Check ukswrath's thread http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/34011-ukswraths-first-order-heavy-gunner-flyye-vest-modification/ Hope this helped!
  11. I would say that magnet attaching as a whole isn't very practical for larger areas like what you're talking about, especially if you're twisting and turning a lot which could separate the magnets without any stretching. If you must though, always go with round or circular cuts; rectangle/sharp edges on abs is always more likely to succum to cracking and breaking.
  12. Ahh i've seen several blog posts with WIP's of these. Been wanting to do one for a while for my niece, looks like a fun build!
  13. I personally think they look pretty cool on any TK, but to each his own.
  14. Good on ya, boys. Very touching indeed
  15. RIP to this wonderful person, she will be missed.
  16. Looks pretty decent thus far, keep up the good work!
  17. I know they were just following the whole candidness of the franchise by making literally every tk in R1 eat it, but jeez, let the death troopers live at least
  18. Usually something like this would go in off topic, so i'll just assume a moderator will move it there soon. But to answer your question, the FISD and 501st don't base their costuming criteria for the average stormtrooper on video games, rather actual screen used armor, so you can see why the lore in TFU doesn't really apply with the legion's ANH TK reference. Now for the TK commander (which i think is what you're refering to) which has blue stripes and such, the legion does base their costume criteria for that character on TFU; but if we're talking about the same thing, it isn't jedi armor, it's essentially either ANH or ESB or some other variation with the color added to denote rank.
  19. I used this when painting my TK. I suggest that if you are considering taking it to a paint shop to print out the colors so that they can scan it, because evidentally the color scanners can't do it off your phone
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